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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-081.3 μm submilliamp threshold quantum dot micro-lasers on Si정대환; YATING WAN; Justin Norman; Qiang Li; M. J. KENNEDY; DI LIANG; CHONG ZHANG; DUANNI HUANG; ZEYU ZHANG; ALAN Y. LIU; ALFREDO TORRES; ARTHUR C. GOSSARD; EVELYN L. HU; KEI MAY LAU; JOHN E. BOWERS
2019-031.3-μm Reflection Insensitive InAs/GaAs Quantum Dot Lasers Directly Grown on Silicon정대환; Jianan Duan; Heming Huang; Bozhang Dong; Justin C. Norman; John E. Bowers; Frederic Grillot
2019-0516.8%-Efficient n+/p GaAs Solar Cells on Si With High Short-Circuit Current Density정대환; Shizhao Fan; Yukun Sun; Brian D. Li; Diego Martin-Martin; Minjoo L. Lee
2020-0640 Gbit/s waveguide photodiode using III-V on silicon heteroepitaxy정대환; Keye Sun; Junyi Gao; John Bowers; Andreas Beling
2018-04490 fs pulse generation from passively mode-locked single section quantum dot laser directly grown on on-axis GaP/Si정대환; Songtao Liu; Justin C. Norman; M. J. Kennedy; Arthur C. Gossard; John E. Bowers
2019-04A review of high-performance quantum dot lasers on silicon정대환; Justin C. Norman; Zeyu Zhang; Yating Wan; Songtao Liu; Chen Shang; Robert W. Herrick; Weng W. Chow; Arthur C. Gossard; John E. Bowers
2018-11Analysis of the optical feedback dynamics in InAs/GaAs quantum dot lasers directly grown on silicon정대환; Heming Huang; Jianan Duan; Alan Liu; Zeyu Zhang; Justin Norman; John Bowers; Frederic Grillot
2019-03Bright Mid-Infrared Photoluminescence from Thin-Film Black Phosphorus정대환; Chen Chen; Feng Chen; Bingchen Deng; Brendan Eng; Qiushi Guo; Shaofan Yuan; Kenji Watanabe; Takashi Taniguchi; Minjoo L. Lee; Fengnian Xia; Xiaolong Chen
2021-02Comparative Study of Metamorphic InAs Layers Grown on GaAs and Si for Mid-Infrared Photodetectors최원준; 한재훈; 정대환; 강수석; 류근환; 라파엘 추
2019-04Defect characterization of InAs/InGaAs quantum dot pin photodetector grown on GaAs-on-V-grooved-Si substrate정대환; Jian Huang; Yating Wan; Justin Norman; Chen Shang; Qiang Li; Kei May Lau; Arthur C. Gossard; John E. Bowers; Baile Chen
2020-09Defect filtering for thermal expansion induced dislocations in III?V lasers on silicon정대환; Jennifer Selvidge; Justin Norman; Eamonn Hughes; Chen Shang; Aidan Taylor; MJ Kennedy; Robert Herrick; John Bowers; Kunal Mukherjee
2021-02Degradation of 1.3 μm InAs Quantum-Dot Laser Diodes: Impact of Dislocation Density and Number of Quantum Dot Layers정대환; Matteo Buffolo; Lorenzo Rovere; Carlo De Santi; Justin Norman; John Bowers; Robert Herrick; Gaudenzio Meneghesso; Enrico Zanoni
2019-01Design and growth of multi-functional InAsP metamorphic buffers for mid-infrared quantum well lasers on InP정대환; Lan Yu; Sukrith Dev; Daniel Wasserman; Minjoo Larry Lee
2018-08Direct observation of recombination-enhanced dislocation glide in heteroepitaxial GaAs on silicon정대환; Patrick Callahan; Brian Haidet; Gareth Seward; Kunal Mukherjee
2018-03Directly modulated 1.3 μm quantum dot lasers epitaxially grown on silicon정대환; Daisuke Inoue; Justin Norman; Yating Wan; Nobuhiko Nishiyama; Arthur Gossard; John Bowers
2018-08Directly modulated quantum dot lasers on silicon with a milliampere threshold and high temperature stability정대환; Yating Wan; Daisuke Inoue; Justin Norman; Chen Shang; Arthur Gossard; John Bowers
2018-05Effect of growth interruption in 1.55 μm InAs/InAlGaAs quantum dots on InP grown by molecular beam epitaxy정대환; Daniel Ironside; Seth Bank; Arthur Gossard; John Bowers
2020-09Effect of p-doping on the intensity noise of epitaxial quantum dot lasers on silicon정대환; Jianan Duan; Yueguang Zhou; Bozhang Dong; Heming Huang; Justin Norman; Zeyu Zhang; Cheng Wang; John Bowers; Frederic Grillot
2018-08Effects of modulation p doping in InAs quantum dot lasers on silicon정대환; Zeyu Zhang; Justin Norman; Pari Patel; Weng Chow; John Bowers
2017-01Electrically pumped continuous-wave 1.3 μm quantum-dot lasers epitaxially grown on on-axis (001) GaP/Si정대환; ALAN Y. LIU; JON PETERS; XUE HUANG; JUSTIN NORMAN; MINJOO L. LEE; ARTHUR C. GOSSARD; JOHN E. BOWERS
2020-01Epitaxial quantum dot lasers on silicon with high thermal stability and strong resistance to optical feedback정대환; Heming Huang; Jianan Duan; B. Dong; J. Norman; J. Bowers; F. Grillot
2020-11Flexible GaAs photodetector arrays hetero-epitaxially grown on GaP/Si for a low-cost III-V wearable photonics platform최원준; 한재훈; 정대환; 강수석; 류근환; 홍남기; 라파엘 추; Ki Jun Yu
2021-02Flexible GaAs Photodetectors with Ultrathin Thermally Grown Silicon Dioxide as a Long­Lived Barrier for Chronic Biomedical Implants최원준; 한재훈; 정대환; 류근환; 홍남기; 금대명; 김태수; 안승엽; 김상현; 유기준
2022-01Growth and Fabrication of GaAs Thin-Film Solar Cells on a Si Substrate via Hetero Epitaxial Lift-Off최원준; 한재훈; 정대환; 류근환; 홍남기; 라파엘 추; 우승완; 김태수; 배진호; 김지현; 이인환
2017-09Growth rate and surfactant-assisted enhancements of rare-earth arsenide InGaAs nanocomposites for terahertz generation정대환; R. Salas; S. Guchhait; S.D. Sifferman; K. M. McNicholas; V. D. Dasika; E. M. Krivoy; M. L. Lee; S. R. Bank
2017-09High efficiency low threshold current 1.3 μm InAs quantum dot lasers on on-axis (001) GaP/Si정대환; Justin Norman; M. J. Kennedy; Chen Shang; Bongki Shin; Yating Wan; Arthur C. Gossard; John E. Bowers
2019-02High-channel-count 20 GHz passively mode-locked quantum dot laser directly grown on Si with 4.1 Tbit/s transmission capacity정대환; Xinru Wu; Justin C. Norman; M.J. Kennedy; Hon K. Tsang; Arthur C. Gossard; John E. Bowers; Songtao Liu
2016-10High-efficiency AlGaInP solar cells grown by molecular beam epitaxy정대환; J. Faucher; Y. Sun; D. Martin; T. Masuda; M.L. Lee
2021-11High-Performance Flexible InAs Thin-Film Photodetector Arrays with Heteroepitaxial Growth Using an Abruptly Graded InxAl1?xAs Buffer최원준; 한재훈; 정대환; 라파엘 추; 우승완; 류근환; 강수석; 김태수; 홍남기; 이인환
2019-10High-Performance O-Band Quantum-Dot Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers Directly Grown on a CMOS Compatible Silicon Substrate정대환; Songtao Liu; Justin Norman; Mario Dumont; Alfredo Torres; Arthur C. Gossard; John E. Bowers