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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-03Bench scale catalytic fast pyrolysis of empty fruit bunches over low cost catalysts and HZSM-5 using a fixed bed reactor제정호; 노동훈; 김영민; 이인구; 정상철; 김상채; 박영권
2017-12Catalytic co-pyrolysis of biomass carbohydrates with LLDPE over Al-SBA-15 and mesoporous ZSM-5제정호; 정경빈; 김영민; 이형원; 정상철; Atsushi Watanabe; 박영권
2017-12Catalytic co-pyrolysis of epoxy-printed circuit board and plastics over HZSM-5 and HY제정호; 김영민; 한태욱; 김승도; 전종기; 정상철; 박영권
2017-10Catalytic co-pyrolysis of torrefied yellow poplar and high-density polyethylene using microporous HZSM-5 and mesoporous Al-MCM-41 catalysts제정호; 김영민; 김범식; 홍여진; 정상철; 박영권
2016-03Catalytic Copyrolysis of Cellulose and Thermoplastics over HZSM-5 and HY제정호; 김범식; 김영민; 이형원; 김도희; 정상철; Chuichi Watanabe; 박영권
2018-01Catalytic copyrolysis of cork oak and bio-oil distillation residue제정호; 이예진; 오대준; 김영민; 정상철; 전종기; 김상채; 박영권
2016-06Catalytic Hydrodeoxygenation of Bio-oil Model Compounds over Pt/HY Catalyst제정호; 이희진; 김한나; 유미진; 고창현; 전종기; 박성훈; 정상철; 박영권
2018-02Catalytic hydrodeoxygenation of Geodae-Uksae pyrolysis oil over Ni/desilicated HZSM-5제정호; 정경빈; 이희진; 김영민; 정상철; 전종기; 박영권
2016-11Catalytic pyrolysis of lignin using a two-stage fixed bed reactor comprised of in-situ natural zeolite and ex-situ HZSM-5제정호; 이형원; 김영민; 성봉현; 정상철; 김상채; 전종기; 박영권
2011-04Controlled release of drug eluting STENT of the sirolimus-loaded biodegradable polymers정상철; 배영찬; 박귀덕; 한동근
2017-11In-situ catalytic co-pyrolysis of yellow poplar and high-density polyethylene over mesoporous catalysts제정호; Pouya Sirous Rezaei; 오대준; 홍여진; Young-Min Kim; 정상철; 전종기; 박영권
2017-09In-situ catalytic copyrolysis of cellulose and polypropylene over desilicated ZSM-5제정호; 홍여진; 이예진; Pouya Sirous Rezaei; 김범식; 전종기; 정상철; 김상채; 박영권
2017-10In-situ catalytic pyrolysis of lignin in a bench-scale fixed bed pyrolyzer제정호; Beom-Sik Kim; Hoda Shafaghat; Pouya Sirous Rezaei; 노동훈; 정상철; 성봉현; 박영권
2016-12Production of aromatic hydrocarbons via catalytic co-pyrolysis of torrefied cellulose and polypropylene제정호; 이형원; 김영민; 전종기; 정상철; 김상채; 박영권
2015-10Pyrolysis and catalytic upgrading of Citrus unshiu peel김범식; 김영민; 제정호; Chuichi Watanabe; 김승도; 정상철; 김상채; 박영권
2011-04The effect of solubility on controlled release of drug eluting STENT of the biodegradable polymers정상철; 박귀덕; 한동근
2019-09Upcycling of lignin waste to activated carbon for supercapacitor electrode and organic adsorbent이성호; 이윤기; 정상철; 황상엽; 엄광섭; 홍성빈; 박관규; 김병주; 이정준; 조한익