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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-04A novel neural interface for peripheral nerve of medium-sized animal김진석; 김옥철; 정우현; 최원석; 정선영; 박형달
2018-01Bidirectional Neural Electrode with Multi-channel and High Selectivity김진석; 김옥철; 정우현; 최원석; 정선영; 박형달; 정예림
2017-04Development of 32-channel neural device with high porosity for nerve regeneration오상록; 김진석; 김옥철; 정진우; 정우현; 최원석; 정선영; 박형달
2016-04Double-Layer-Structured Neural Electrode with High Channel Density for Peripheral Nerve Interface오상록; 김진석; 윤인찬; 김기훈; 정진우; 정우현; 정선영; 추준욱; 박종웅
2017-04Fabrication of micro-channel structure neural electrode for peripheral nerve김진석; 김옥철; 정우현; 최원석; 정선영; 박형달
2015-11Flexible Neural Electrodes with Hydrogel Scaffolds for Artificial Neural Networking of Injured Spinal Cord정진우; 최원석; 정선영; 정우현; 박형달; 한성민; 윤인찬; 서준교; 김진석
2015-08Functional Improvement of Differentiated Human Neural Stem Cells of 3D Culture System장지은; 최원석; 김옥철; 정선영; Yu-Shik Hwang; Seung-Woo Cho; 김진석
2018-04Functional Improvement of hNSC through 3D Microwell Culture System김진석; 김옥철; 최원석; 정선영
2018-08Matrix property-mediated therapeutic compounds in extracellular vesicles from mesenchymal stem cells김진석; 정선영; 김태희; 신은경; 성지희; 김은희; 오미정; 방오영; 차재민
2017-07MEMS Fabrication of Neural electrode with Microchannel using Photosensitive Polyimide김진석; 김옥철; 정우현; 최원석; 정선영; 박형달; Seok Chung
2009-08Nanostructured photoelectrode consisting of TiO2 hollow spheres for non-volatile electrolyte-based dye-sensitized solar cells박종혁; 정선영; 김래현; 박남규; 김준경; 이상수
2018-04Neural Electrode with Artificial Conduit for Chronic Signal Recording김진석; 손동희; 김옥철; 정우현; 최원석; 정선영; 박형달
2017-07Neural Interface for Regeneration of Nerve and Recovery of Motor Function김진석; 김옥철; 정우현; 최원석; 정선영; 박형달; Jong Woong Park
2017-07Novel Neural Interface Electrode Array for the Peripheral Nerve김진석; 김옥철; 정우현; 최원석; 정선영; 박형달; Jong Woong Park
2007-10Preparation of nanostructure electrode using AAO template and its application to Dye-sensitized Solar Cells정선영; 김우년; 박종혁; 김준경; 이상수
2008-08Preparation of TiO2 Hollow Spheres and Their Application to Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells박종혁; 정선영; 김래현; 김준경; 이상수
2018-05Regulation of therapeutic compounds in extracellular vesicles by 3D-organizing different physical interactions between mesenchymal stem cells and culture matrices김진석; 정선영; 김태희; 배호재; 방오영; 차재민
2020-08Spirally Arrayed Electrode for Spatially Selective and Minimally Displacive Peripheral Nerve Interface김진석; 최원석; 박형달; 김옥철; 정우현; 정선영; 정진우; 추준욱; 박종웅
2009-03TiO2 Hollow Spheres and Their Implication for Non-volatile Electrolyte-Based Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells박종혁; 정선영; 김래현; 김준경; 이상수
2011-08TiO2 hollow spheres as effective additives in oligomer electrolytes for dye-sensitized solar cells박종혁; 정선영; 유아림; 이상수
2019-03Wire Electrodes Embedded in Artificial Conduit for Long-term Monitoring of the Peripheral Nerve Signal김진석; 손동희; 김옥철; 정우현; 최원석; 정선영; 박형달; 정석