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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006-09A study on cathode structure and water transport in air-breathing PEM fuel cells정성욱; 조은애; 김형준; 임태훈; 오인환; 김성현
2004-06A Study on Hydorgen Generation from Alkaline NaBH4 Solution Using Co-B Catalysts정성욱; 조은애; 오인환; 홍성안; 김성현; 남석우
2005-06A Study on Hydrogen Generation from NaBH4 Solution Using the High-Performance Co-B Catalyst정성욱; 김라경; 조은애; 김형준; 남석우; 오인환; 홍성안; 김성현
2003-06A study on the catalysts for hydrogen generation reaction using NaBH₄solution정성욱; 조은애; 오인환; 홍성안; 김성현; 서용교
2005-06Acid doped polybenzimidazole (PBI) as a catalyst binder for high temperature polymer electrolyte fuel cell operations김정희; 정성욱; 김형준; 조은애; 하흥용; 임태훈; 오인환; 홍성안; 이호인
2004-05Characteristic of Air-Blowing PEMFC for Portable Application조은애; 정성욱; 홍성안; 김성현; 오인환
2004-10Characteristics of Co-B catalysts for hydrogen generation from alkaline NaBH4 solution정성욱; 조은애; 홍성안; 오인환; 김성현; 남석우
2011-05Compact and Stable Quantum Dots with Positive, Negative, or Zwitterionic Surface: Specific Cell Interactions and Non-Specific Adsorptions by the Surface Charges박준혁; 남주택; 원나연; 진호; 정성호; 정성욱; 조소혜; 김성지
2004-11Development of a Miniaturized Passive Air-Breathing PEMFC Stack Using the Hydrogen Generated from Alkaline NaBH4 Solution정성욱; 조은애; 김형준; 남석우; 홍성안; 오인환
2003-11Development of Hydrogen Generator Using NaBH4 Solution for Feeding a Miniaturized PEMFC정성욱; 김라경; 조은애; 하흥용; 홍성안; 오인환; 김성현
2005-10Effect of Cathode Window Size and Humidity on Performance of Air Breathing Fuel Cells정성욱; 김성현; 조은애; 김형준; 임태훈; 오인환; 홍성안
2006-03Effects of cathode open area and relative humidity on the performance of air-breathing polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells정성욱; 조은애; 김형준; 임태훈; 오인환; 김성현
2005-10Effects of Cathode Structure and Air Humidity on the Performance of Air-Breathing Fuel Cells정성욱; 조은애; 김형준; 오인환; 임태훈; 김성현
2006-06Operation of a proton-exchange membrane fuel cell under non-humidified conditions using thin cast Nafion membranes with different gas-diffusion mediaS. Vengatesan; 김형준; 조은애; 정성욱; 하흥용; 오인환; 홍성안; 임태훈
2013-04pH-Responsive Assembly of Gold Nanoparticles and "Spatiotemporally Concerted" Drug Release for Synergistic Cancer Therapy남주택; 나완근; 황세규; 하영수; 박노경; 원나연; 정성욱; 방숙호; 마윤지; 조영민; 진민; 한진; 신정연; 왕은경; 김상결; 조소혜; 유정수; 김병수; 김성지
2005-09Recycling of metaborate to borohydride fuel I: Electrochemical synthesis of borax from metaborate박은희; 정성욱; 정운호; 김성현; 이재영; 남석우
2007-09Recycling of sodium metaborate to borax박은희; 정성욱; 정은호; 김성현; 이재영; 남석우; 임태훈; 박영준; 유용호
2005-04-02알칼리 붕소수소화물 용액을 이용한 수소 방출 반응용코발트-붕소 촉매 및 그 제조 방법김형준; 남석우; 오인환; 윤성필; 이상엽; 이재영; 임태훈; 정성욱; 조은애; 하흥용; 한종희; 함형철; 홍성안