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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-0516S rRNA 기법을 이용한 해수에서의 미생물 군집 구조 비교분석김희선; 배효관; 정성필; 홍승관; 이석헌
2018-11A study on Offitial Development Assistance (ODA) in Science and Technology in Korea정성필; 조익현; 독고석; 김용수; 문지현; 윤제용
2009-11A Study on the Operation of Drinking Water Treatment Using Ceramic Membrane서선근; 박준희; 최관호; 정성필; 이석헌
2019-11An analysis of technology needs for environmental issues in developing countries정성필; 손정민; 김준영; 황지연; 독고석; 최영균
2021-06Analysis of SEWB Activities on Appropriate Technology in Korea and in Developing Countries Including Cambodia정성필; 이수정; 최윤정; 박상희; 김용수
2016-10Application of three different water treatment technologies to shale gas produced water정성필; Eunyoung Jang; Eunhyea Chung
2019-12Assimilable organic carbon removal in simulated aquifer storage and recovery system정성필; 최재우; 조경진; 김영재; 히엔 티 뉴옌
2020-12Assimilable organic carbon removal strategy for aquifer storage and recovery applications정성필; 최재우; 조경진; 김영재; 히엔 티 뉴옌
2021-02Bibliometric analysis of twenty-year research trend in desalination technologies during 2000-2020정성필; 부찬희; 김혜원; 이경훈; 백영빈; 곽노균; 김춘수
2019-12Bioremediation stretegy for petroleum-contaminated soil in Mongolia정성필; Buyan Chuluun; Ninjbadgar Batkhuyag; Urantulkhuur Battumur
2008-10Ceramic membrane filtration coupled with non-contact UV irradiation for small potable water treatment정성필; 오성모; 김두일; 정승훈; 손진식; 이석헌
2009-07Challenges and innovations: SWRO pre-treatment이석헌; 정성필; 김승현; 손진식
2011-06Changes in the relative abundance of biofilm-forming bacteria by conventional sand-filtration and microfiltration as pretreatments for seawater reverse osmosis desalination배효관; 김희선; 정성필; 이석헌
2017-05Characteristics of membrane foulants at different degrees of SWRO brine concentration by membrane distillation이석헌; 정성필; NGUYEN QUYNH MAI
2010-10Coagulant optimization test for the membrane pre-treatment process in desalination정성필; 박용해; 이석헌
2013-08Comparison of coagulation and roughing filter as a pre-filter for the of pressurized MF/UF process in pilot scale (200 m3/d)정성필; 임환규; 신용철; 이석헌
2021-01Controllable porous membrane actuator by gradient infiltration of conducting polymers정성필; 변지혜; 이승헌; 임주은; K. A. I. Zhang
2021-07Cost analysis and scheduling of the desalination vessel using reverse osmosis technology정성필; 조경진; 히엔 티 뉴옌; 장암
2018-07Cost analysis of small scale SWRO plants정성필; 히엔 티 뉴옌; 박주영
2020-02Cost analysis of water supply and development of desalination vessel as a drought response정성필; 양하연; 구재욱; 황태문
2015-10Current technologies on ultrapure water production: based on the patent survey정성필; 배효관; 조경진; 최민규; 양승헌; 정다운; 윤택근; 구헌철; 이석헌
2019-10Degradation of organic matters during the aquifer storage and recovery홍석원; 정성필; 이승학; 최재우; 김은주; 조경진
2018-06Development of desalination process based on the membrane distillation정성필
2019-07Development of floating-type MD system using solar energy정성필
2008-12Development of simple continuous flow measurement method for the accurate monitoring of erratic and gas-containing membrane permeate flux이영행; 이상협; 이석헌; 김두일; 정성필
2019-11Development of small-scale desalination process for Mekong delta area, Vietnam송경근; 정성필; 조경진; 변지혜; 김현호; 김영재; 김혜원; 히엔 티 뉴옌; 베르카이 우멋 에실다글리; 양하연; 윤현욱; 임주은
2016-08Dewatering of source-separated human urine for nitrogen recovery by membrane distillation이석헌; 배효관; 정성필; 정다운; 조경진; Lat Lat Tun
2009-05Effect of dechlorination by UV irradiation in desalination process최관호; 정성필; 김희선; 김두일; 이석헌
2012-04Effect of membrane characteristics to the performance of membrane distillation정성필; 이성복; 안소연; 이석헌
2016-05Effect of organic foulants on membrane distillation for SWRO brine이석헌; 정성필; NGUYEN QUYNH MAI