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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-053D Printed Porous Methacrylate/Silica Hybrid Scaffold for Bone Substitution정영미; 정지홍; 류진; 김태희; 이수진; Sum Brian S. T.; Li Siwei; Li Zhenlun; Stevens Molly M.; Georgiou Theoni K.; Jones Julian R.
2013-03A biocompatible tissue scaffold produced by supercritical fluid processing for cartilage tissue engineering김수현; 정영미; 김수희
2012-12A dynamically cultured collagen/cells-incorporated elastic scaffold for small-diameter vascular grafts박인수; 김영하; 정영미; 김수현; 김상헌
2015-05A Faster approach for the stereocomplex formation of high molecular weight polylactide using supercritical Dimethyl etherGULNAZ BIBI; 정영미; 임종주; 김수현
2016-04A next generation technology for renewable energy production from wastewater treatment by porous ceramic membranes이상협; 박찬혁; 정영미
2010-03A novel seamless elastic scaffold for vascular tissue engineering김상헌; 정은나; 김상훈; 정영미; 김영하; 김수현
2005-09A poly(lactic acid)/calcium metaphosphate composite for bone tissue engineering정영미; 김상수; 김영하; 김상헌; 김병수; 김석영; 최차용; 김수현
2012-05Adhesion and differentiation of adipose-derived stem cells on a substrate with immobilized fibroblast growth factor강정미; 한 민; 박인수; 정영미; 김수현; 김상헌
2013-03An Advanced Class of Bio-Hybrid Materials: Bionanocomposites of Inorganic Clays and Organic Stereocomplex PolylactidesPurba Purnama; 정영미; 김수현
2020-10Anti-cancer potential of persimmon (Diospyros kaki) leaves via the PDGFR-Rac-JNK pathway정상훈; 김진철; 김현수; 서정수; 장윤관; 안상현; Ganesan Raja; 정영미; 김태진
2006-08Apparatus and Method for Preparation of Tubular Porous Fibrous Scaffold for Vascular Tissue Engineering김상헌; 정은나; 고영건; 정영미; 김수현; 김영하
2008-08Application of an elastic biodegradable poly(L-lactide-co-ε-caprolactone) scaffold for cartilage tissue regeneration정영미; 김수현; 유희진; 김상헌; 김영하; 민병구
2020-11Augmented Peripheral Nerve Regeneration Through Elastic Nerve Guidance Conduits Prepared using Porous PLCL Membrane with 3D Printed Collagen Hydrogel김수현; 정영미; 정지홍; 류진; 전은영; 박지헌; 권영우; 최인철; 남재준; 이현수; 이강원; 박종웅
2014-02Behavior and Differentiation Studies of hASCs and rBMSCs by the γ-ray Irradiation김지은; 김수현; 정재훈; 지영훈; 정영미
2015-03Bi-layered PLCL/(PLGA/β-TCP) composite scaffold for osteochondral tissue engineering김수희; 김수현; 정영미
2020-01Biocompatible and Biodegradable Organic Transistors Using a Solid-State Electrolyte Incorporated with Choline-Based Ionic Liquid and Polysaccharide정영미; 김태희; 조영진; 김혜인; 옥제형; 신일재; 신주환; 김태일
2013-09Biodegradable Stereocomplex polylactide having flexible ε-caprolactone unit강민규; 정영미; 김수현
2017-01Biodegradable vascular stents with high tensile and compressive strength: a novel strategy for applying monofilaments via solid-state drawing and shaped-annealing processes김수현; 정영미; 임승혁; 김창용; 장양수
2006-10Bioengineering of cartilage김수현; 정영미; 김상헌; 김영하; 민병구
2010-01Bioengineering of Cartilage using Elastic Biodegradable Scaffold정영미; 김상헌; 김영하; 김수현
2006-10Bone regeneration with PLA/β-TCP composites by novel sintering and bone marrow stromal cells김수현; 정영미; 김상헌; 김영하; 민병구
2008-10Cartilage regeneration with highly-elastic three-dimensional scaffolds prepared from biodegradable poly(l-lactide-co-ε-caprolactone)정영미; 박민성; 이진우; 김영하; 김상헌; 김수현
2007-04Cartilage Tissue Engineering using 3-Dimensional and Dynamic Environments정영미; 김상희; 김수현; 김상헌; 김영하; 김병구
2007-03Cartilage tissue engineering using a elastic Poly(L-lactide-co-ε-caprolactone) scaffold정영미; 김수현; 김상헌; 김영하; 민병규
2008-04Cartilage tissue engineering using TGF-β1 loaded functional PLGA nanoparticles and a elastic PLCL scaffold정영미; 김수현
2008-04Cartilage tissue engineering using TGF-β1 loaded functional PLGA nanoparticles and a elastic PLCL scaffold정영미; 김수현; 김상헌
2005-09Cartilaginous tissue formation by mechano-active tissue engineering정영미; 민병구
2005-10Cartilaginous Tissue formation Using a Mechano-Active Scaffold and Dynamic Compressive Stimulation정영미; 김수현; 김상헌; 김영하; Jun Xie; Takehisa Matsuda; 민병구
2008-01Cartilaginous tissue formation using a mechano-active scaffold and dynamic compressive stimulation정영미; 김수현; 김상헌; 김영하; Jun Xie; Takehisa Matsuda; 민병구