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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-08A Novel Free-standing Anode of CuO Nanorods in Carbon Nanotube Web for Flexible Lithium Ion Batteries황준연; 김승민; 이세현; 송현준; 정영진
2009-03Active phase control of a Ag near-field superlens via the index mismatch approach강구민; 이광칠; 정영진; 박해성; 김경식
2008-01All-optical 4-bit Gray code to binary coded decimal converter정영진; 이석; 박남규
2007-06All-Optical Digital Logic Circuit based on NOR-Only Two-Level Simplification Method정영진; 손창완; 박남규; 이석
2007-09All-optical encryption system employing XOR logic operations by using XGM in SOAs정영진; 손창완; 이석; 길상근; 김형석; 박남규
2008-02All-optical gray code to binary coded decimal converter정영진; 박남규; 전영민; 우덕하; 이석
2008-03All-optical Read Only Memory Employing SOAs정영진; 박남규; 전영민; 이석
2012-11Broadband electromagnetic cloaking with smart metamaterials강구민; 신동혁; Yaroslav Urzhumov; 정영진; 백승화; 최민정; 박해성; 김경식; David R Smith
2013-08Chemical Method for Improving Both the Electrical Conductivity and Mechanical Properties of Carbon Nanotube Yarn via Intramolecular Cross-Dehydrogenative Coupling최용문; 추헌고; 여현욱; 유남호; 이동수; 구본철; 김환철; 봉필훈; 정영진; 고문주
2007-08Demonstration of 10 Gbps Optical Encryption and Decryption by Using Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers손창완; 정영진; 이석; 김진호; 길상근; 박남규
2008-06Demonstration of 10 Gbps, all-optical encryption and decryption system utilizing SOA XOR logic gates정영진; 손창완; 이석; 길상근; 김형석; 박남규
2008-06Demonstration of 10 Gbps, All-optical encryption and decryption system utilizing SOA XOR logic gates정영진; 박남규; 전영민; 우덕하; 이석; 길상근
2009-11Design of all-optical read-only memory정영진; 박남규; 전영민; 이석
2009-02Design of Metal-Slit Fresnel Lens for Enhanced Coupling Efficiency박동원; 정영진; 구석모; 유선규; 박남규; 전영민; 이석
2015-10Effect of oxygen plasma treatment on the mechanical properties of carbon nanotube fibers박옥경; 김우영; 김승민; 유남호; 정영진; 이헌수; 구본철
2015-01Effects of nitrogen doping from pyrolyzed ionic liquid in carbon nanotube fibers: enhanced mechanical and electrical properties박옥경; 김화정; 황준연; 김승민; 정영진; 이재관; 구본철
2017-02Enhanced Mechanical and Electrical Properties of Nitrogen Doped Carbon Nanotube Fibers Using Pyrolyzed Amino Acid구본철; 박옥경; 정영진; 이재관
2012-10Fabrication and Applications of Carbon Nanotube Fibers추헌고; 정연수; 정영진; 김환철; 구본철
2015-04Fabrication of mechanically strong carbon nanotube fiber by polymer cross-linker박옥경; 김승민; 정영진; 구본철
2019-03Heterogeneous Metal Oxide?Graphene Thorn-Bush Single Fiber as a Freestanding Chemiresistor정현수; 유하영; 장지수; 최선진; 구원태; 이지영; 김동하; 강준영; 정영진; 김일두
2014-07Highly conductive and thermally stable CNT-ZnO composites fiberMuhammad Mohsin Hossain; 정영진; 한재량; 구본철
2018-03Mechanical and Electrical Properties of Carbon Nanotube Fibers From Impregnation With Poly(vinyl alcohol)/Poly(acrylic acid) and Subsequent Thermal Condensation구본철; 유남호; 고문주; 황준연; 김승민; 김화정; 이재관; 정영진
2014-08Mechanical and Electrical Properties of N-doped Carbon Nanotube Fibers박옥경; 김화정; 황준연; 김승민; 정영진; 이재관; 구본철
2016-10Mechanical and electrical properties of thermochemically cross-linked polymer carbon nanotube fibers구본철; 유남호; 황준연; 김승민; 이원기; 박옥경; 정영진
2015-05Mechanical behavior of carbon nanotube fibers influenced by plasma treatment김진석; 박준범; 이세현; 정영진; 곽이구; 김승민; 황준연
2018-01Mechanical properties enhanced by solid-state coupling reaction for molecular covalent bridges of carbon nanotube fibers구본철; 유남호; Hyun Ju Kim; 추헌고; 박옥경; 정영진; 김환철; 이재관
2012-10Mechanical Properties of Cross-linked Continuous Carbon Nanotube(CNT) Fibers추헌고; 송준영; 정영진; 김환철; 구본철
2013-05Mechanical Properties of Graphene Oxide Wrapped Carbon Nanotube Fibers추헌고; 박옥경; 정영진; 김환철; 구본철
2014-11Mechanical properties of plasma treated carbon nanotube fibers박옥경; 김우영; 김승민; 정영진; 이헌수; 구본철
2016-07Mechanical Properties of Polymer Cross-linked Carbon Nanotube fibers구본철; 유남호; 황준연; 박옥경; 정영진