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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999-10-123 차원 그물구조의 다공성 구리를 이용한 보일러 열교환기 및 그 제조방법이관희; 이동휘; 이화영; 정원용
1999-01A binder system for low carbon residue and debinding behaviors in injection molding of NdFeB powder최준환; 이석희; 윤호규; 정원용
2006-03A novel growth method of single-crystalline Bi nanowires심우영; 이경일; 장준연; 한석희; 정원용; 이우영
2006-12A Novel method to dope silicon nanowires with Er ionsLingling Ren; 최헌진; 정원용
2017-08A novel method to fabricate reinforced Ti composites by infiltration of Al (Mg) into porous titanium정원용; 김긍호; 김수민; 이우영; 이현숙
1996-11A study on the behavior of hydrogen in Nd-Fe-B type alloys김윤배; 정원용
2005-07Amphiphilic Block Copolymer Micelles: New Dispersant for Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes신혜인; 민병길; 정원용; 박철민
2009-03Angle Sensors Based on Oblique Giant Magneto Impedance Devices김도헌; 나지원; 정원용
2001-05Anisotropic injection molding of strontium ferrite powder using a PP/PEG binder system이석희; 정원용
2001-08Annealing effect on magnetic properties fo Fe//2//1Ni//7//9 permalloy and its nanowire arrays이관희; 이화영; 정원용
2001-05Anodizing of pure Al foil for AAO as a nanowire template이관희; 이화영; 정원용
1989-09Application and prospect of rare-earth intermetallic compound for magnetic materials정원용
2003-07Application of the electroless plating method to the fabrication of metallic bus electrodes of PDP.오영주; 정원용
1999-02-12B, Zr의 복합첨가에 의한 결정립 미세화가 이루어진 합금강박종우; 정우상; 정원용; 지광구
2003-07Bulk amorphous Ni-Zr-Ti-Si-Sn alloy fabricated by consolidation of gas-atomized powder.김윤배; 박현모; 배종수; 정원용
2007-06Characteristics of low-k SiOC(-H) films deposited at various substrate temperature by PECVD using DMDMS/O2 precursor김창영; 김승현; R. Navamathavan; 최치규; 정원용
2010-04Co-Si-B계 합금의 증착시 외부 자장에 따른 자기적 특성김성만; 피우갑; 정원용
2007-06Coercivity Variation of Co rich Amorphous Ribbons According to Shape Anisotropy박창빈; 김도헌; 박선희; 한준현; 정원용
2002-08Correlation between magnetic properties of electrodeposited Co(P) and NH₄Cl concentrations in the electrolyte이관희; 김긍호; 정원용
1989-01CuO 와 SiO//2 가 Sr-ferrite 의 자기적 특성에 미치는 영향 .정원용; 오재현; 김동식; 김동엽
2003-10Dependence of magnetic properties of ac electroformed Co(P) nanowires on applied voltage이관희; 김긍호; 김이진; 정원용
2002-12Dimensional and microstructural dependence of the magnetic properties of electrodeposited Co(P) nanowire arrays이관희; 김이진; 정원용
2003-06Dimensional and microstructural dependence of the magnetic properties of electrodeposited Co(P) nanowire arrays이관희; 김이진; 정원용
2003-08Effect of Additives on Deposition Rate and Stability of Electroless Black Ni-Zn-P Plating오영주; 황경진; 정원용; 이만승
2001-03Effect of additives on the forientation of magnetic Sr-ferrite powders in powder injection molded compacts조태식; 정원용
2002-12Effect of an external magnetic field on the perpendicular magnetic anisotropy of electrodeposited micro-patterned arrays정원용; 최동훈; 이관희
1995-01Effect of binary additives on the magnetic properties of mechanically ground Fe-Nd-B magnets.정원용; T. S. Jang; J. D. Park
1999-09Effect of FeGa3 powder addition on the magnetic properties of NdFeB sintered magnetsT.S. Zhao; 김윤배; 정원용
2002-10Effect of magnetic properties on the Zr contents of Sm(Co.688-xFe.242Cu.07Zrx)7.404 sintered magnets정우상; 김윤배; 정원용
2002-04Effect of NH₄Cl on the electrodeposition of cobalt/phosphorus alloy이관희; 정원용