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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999-09150RT급 흡수식 열펌프용 고온재생기의 열전달 특성박찬우; 정종수
1999-05A comparison of an image processing measurement technique with a phase-doppler measurement technique for a water spray정종수; 이교우
2008-10A Highly Efficient NOx Removal Technology Using MnO2 Catalyst and Ozone정종수; 진성민; 정주영
2017-01A novel and cost-effective removal of siloxanes from wastewater digester biogas using regenerable polymeric adsorbents정종수; 박은석; 김민수; 정현덕
2010-12A novel colorimetric aptasensor using gold nanoparticle for a highly sensitive and specific detection of oxytetracycline김연석; 김중현; 김인애; 이수진; 정종수; 구만복
2016-10A novel regenerable polymeric adsorbent for the removal of siloxane from wastewater digester biogas정종수; 이대영; 박은석; 김민수; 정현덕
2013-05A simple colorimetric assay for the detection of mercury ions based-on the interaction between mercyry ion specific ssDNA and catalytic magnetic nanoparticles김연석; 진성민; 김병찬; 정종수
2013-01A simple colorimetric assay for the detection of metal ions based on the peroxidase-like activity of magnetic nanoparticles김연석; 정종수
1998-01A study on soot formation of a double-concentric diffusion flame고범승; 남평우; 정종수
1998-01A study on the heat transfer characteristics of a high temperature regenerator for 150 RT absorption heat pump박찬우; 정종수; 류법상; 채왕병
1990-01A study on the measurement of radiative heat flux from the flame (I) Design and calibration of a heat flux meter.정종수; 인종수; 신현동; 김승수
2012-06A Study on the Odorous Pollutants Emitted from TFT-LCD Manufacturing Plant정주영; 박정구; 윤승진; 진성민; 정종수
1996-01A study on the pressure loss, heat transfer enhancement and fouling control in a vertical partical flow.김내현; 이윤표; 윤성영; 정종수
2010-07A Study on TiO2 Nanoparticle-supported Mn2O3 Catalyst for Indoor Air pollutants - Ozone and VOC decomposition reaction정종수; 진성민; 박은석
2015-09Acetaldehyde Removal by Ozone Decomposition Process using Mn/TiO2 Nanoparticle Catalysts김민수; 박은석; 정현덕; 윤성택; 정종수
2014-10Acetaldehydes in Indoor Air: Absorption and Catalytic Oxidation using MnOx/TiO2 Honeycomb-Catalyst김민수; 박은석; 정현덕; 정종수
2016-08Activity and Surface Characteristics of manganese oxide catalysts supported on TiO2정종수; 김민수
2017-03Adsorption and kinetics of elemental mercury vapor on activated carbons impregnated with potassium iodide, hydrogen chloride, and sulfur정종수; Seung-Ki Back; Jin-Ho Sung; Bup-Mook Jeong; Youn-Suk Kang; Chul-Kyu Lee; Ha-Na Jang; Yong-Chil Seo
2014-10Adsorption-Desorption of VOCs over Zeolite with Catalytic Oxidation using MnOx/TiO2 Catalyst정현덕; 김민수; 박은석; 정종수
1998-01An analysis of the heat transfer characteristics of a regenerator of absorption heat pump with a capacity of 150 RT박찬우; 정종수; 진성민; 정봉철; 류법상
2016-11An aptamer cocktail-functionalized photocatalyst with enhanced antibacterial efficiency towards target bacteria정종수; 김병찬; 송민영; 박영권
1997-01An effect of the central air jet on a double-concentric diffusion flame정종수; 이교우
1997-01An effect of the characteristics of incident laser beams on laser-induced incandescence signals정종수; 이교우
1997-01An experiment for comparison of an imaging measurement technique for a water spray with a phase-doppler measurement technique정종수; 이교우; 정재화; 조복희
1998-03An experiment for comparison of an imaging measurement technique for a water spray with a phase-doppler measurement technique정종수; 이교우
1998-01An experiment of the particle deposition on a circular cylinder in a laminar flow정기만; 남평우; 이윤표; 정종수
1994-01An experiment on carbon monoxide emission from burning of waste tire chips.정종수; 이교우; 박종원
1994-01An experimental study on burning time and ignition delay of waste tire chips in high temperature environments.정종수; 박은성; 박종원
1995-01An experimental study on emission characteristics of a semi-bunsen type gas burner.정종수; 박은성
1994-01An experimental study on the flow characteristics of a swirl-jet diffuser.정종수; 이춘식; 홍기혁; 정시영