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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-103D Printer-Based Encapsulated Origami Electronics for Extreme System Stretchability and High Areal Coverage손해정; 이필립; 배승환; 강병수; 황석준; 조만식; 오인종; 정지훈; 이승섭; 문병무; 고민재
2017-07A patinib-loaded nanoparticles suppress vascular endothelial growth factor-induced angiogenesis and experimental corneal neovascularization김선화; 이정은; 김공리; 김단비; 여윤주; 한현구; 김명구; 김현철; 정지훈; 서원희
2001-05A study on the removal of manganese in water by chlorine dioxide정지훈; 이석헌; 정순홍; 이용훈; 안규홍
2012-08Bioreducible Crosslinked Polyelectrolyte Complexes for MMP-2 siRNA Delivery into Human Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells이도경; 김동규; 목혜정; 정지훈; 최동훈; 김선화
2015-01Cancer-targeted MDR-1 siRNA delivery using self-cross-linked glycol chitosan nanoparticles to overcome drug resistance이지영; 송승용; 이소진; 박성걸; 김기석; 김명구; 손세진; 구희범; 권익찬; 정지훈; 정서영; 김선화; 김광명
2014-08Cardiac RNAi therapy using RAGE siRNA/deoxycholic acid-modified polyethylenimine complexes for myocardial infarction홍주은; 구숙희; 이민상; 정지훈; 목혜정; 최동훈; 김선화
2012-09Cell-penetrating peptide mimicking polymer-based combined delivery of paclitaxel and siRNA for enhanced tumor growth suppression장연림; Ui Jeong Yun; 이민상; 김명구; 손소희; 이규리; 채수영; 임동우; 김홍태; 김선화; 정지훈
2014-03Cross-linked Iron Oxide Nanoparticles for Therapeutic Engineering and in Vivo Monitoring of Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Cerebral Ischemia Model박진우; 구숙희; 문형호; 이민형; 최동훈; 양재문; 허민용; 정지훈; 박태관; 목혜정; 김선화
2015-07Deoxycholic acid-modified polyethylenimine based nanocarriers for RAGE siRNA therapy in acute myocardial infarction구숙희; 홍주은; 문형호; 정지훈; 목혜정; 박성하; 최동훈; 김선화
2020-02Development of microRNA-21 mimic nanocarriers for the treatment of cutaneous wounds권익찬; 김선화; 양유수; 곽기정; 김효석; 왕선영; 조성덕; 조대호; 정지훈
2014-04Enhanced oxygen storage capacity of Ce0.65Hf0.25M0.1O2-δ (M = rare earth elements): Applications to methane steam reforming with high coking resistance하씨니; 이대형; 정지훈; 김용민; 남석우; 함형철; 한종희; 임태훈; 윤창원
2015-02Geometrical implication of ion transporters employing an ellipsoidal hollow structure in pseudo-solid electrolytes김영진; 박종혁; 정지훈; 이상수
2014-10Hyaluronic Acid-siRNA Conjugate/Reducible Polyethylenimine Complexes for Targeted siRNA Delivery장연림; 구숙희; 이소진; 박재형; 김원종; 권익찬; 김선화; 정지훈
2010-02Impacts of Siberian forest fire aerosols on meteorology over East Asia in May 2003윤대옥; 박록진; 정지훈; 문병권; 예상욱; 김영호; 우정헌; 임을규; 송창근
2001-10Manganese removal by chlorine dioxide and ultrafiltration정지훈; 이석헌; 이용훈; 안규홍
2014-02MSC-based VEGF gene therapy in rat myocardial infarction model using facial amphipathic bile acid-conjugated polyethyleneimine문형호; 주민경; 목혜정; 이민형; 황기철; 김성완; 정지훈; 최동훈; 김선화
2018-08Nanoscale polyelectrolyte complexes encapsulating mRNA and long-chained siRNA for combinatorial cancer gene therapy김선화; 조성덕; 김명구; 정지훈
2015-11RAGE siRNA-mediated gene silencing provides cardioprotection against ventricular arrhythmias in acute ischemia and reperfusion박혜림; 구숙희; 박해원; 홍주은; 김동규; 최범락; 박휘남; 이문형; 목혜정; 정지훈; 최동훈; 김선화; 정보영
2002-09Removal of dissolved manganese by chlorine dioxide as oxidant and membrane filtration정지훈; 이석헌
2018-07Self-assembled PEGylated albumin nanoparticles (SPAN) as a platform for cancer chemotherapy and imaging김선화; Jung Eun Lee; Myung Goo Kim; Yeon Lim Jang; Min Sang Lee; Nak Won Kim; Yue Yin; Jong Han Lee; Su Yeon Lim; Ji Won Park; Jaeyun Kim; Doo Sung Lee; 정지훈
2016-12Simultaneous regulation of apoptotic gene silencing and angiogenic gene expression for myocardial infarction therapy: Single-carrier delivery of SHP-1 siRNA and VEGF-expressing pDNA권익찬; 김선화; 김동규; 구숙희; 김효석; 정지훈; 이민형; 최동훈
2017-07Synergistic anti-tumor effects of bevacizumab and tumor targeted polymerized VEGF siRNA nanoparticles김선화; 김명구; 조성덕; 이지영; 이범석; 이소진; 박성걸; 강선웅; 정지훈
1999-01Synthesis, characterization, and protein adsorption behaviors of PLGA/PEG di-block copolymer blend films.정지훈; 임동우; 한동근; 박태관
2018-11Targeted cellular delivery of robust enzyme nanoparticles for the treatment of drug-induced hepatotoxicity and liver injury김선화; Min Sang Lee; Nak Won Kim; Jung Eun Lee; Myung Goo Kim; Yue Yin; Sun Young Kim; Bo Sung Ko; Aeseon Kim; Jong Han Lee; Su Yeon Lim; 임동우; 박지원; 임용택; 정지훈
2010-07Thickness dependence of terahertz emission in InAs and its application to transmissive source홍영빈; 정지훈; 송진동; 조영달