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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000-04A tubeless AC-plasma display panel(PDP) packaged by electrostatic bonding technology이덕중; 주병권; 정진욱; 김영조; 최은하; 김태영; 장진; 이윤희
2012-12Detection and Identification of Environmentally Hazardous Material and Retina Diseases Using Differential Interference Contrast Microscopy (Invited Talk)김재헌; 오주영; 전성찬; 김석환; 정진욱; 박기호; 이택진; 김철기; 이석
2010-05Effects of thermal annealing on the efficiency of bulk-heterojunction organic photovoltaic devices정진욱; 허진우; 이정익; 추혜용; 한일기; 주병권
2007-06FDG-PET for Evaluating the Antitumor Effect of Intraarterial 3-Bromopyruvate Administration in a Rabbit VX2 Liver Tumor Model박희선; 정진욱; 제환준; 김영일; 손규리; 이민종; 박재형; 강원준; 윤정환; 정혜선; 이기창
2008-11Gene Expression Profiling in Nonylphenol Treated HK-2 Cell김승준; 오문주; 박혜원; 김준섭; 김지훈; 윤현규; S. Paul; 정진욱; 김연정; 류재천; C.W. Lee; 김현미; 최경희; 황승용
2014-11Helical Resonance Coil-based Wireless Power Transmission System for Endoscopic Capsule Robot박완주; 김주호; 정진욱; 김래현
2011-09Impact of miRNA deregulation on mRNA expression profiles in response to environmental toxicant, nonylphenolSaswati Paul; 김성준; 박혜원; 이승용; 안유리; 오문주; 정진욱; 류재천; 황승용
2006-09Intraarterial Gene Delivery in Rabbit Hepatic Tumors: Transfection with Nonviral Vector by Using Iodized Oil Emulsion김영일; 정진욱; 박재형; 한준구; 홍정완; 정혜선
2007-08Investigation of linewidth enhancement factor for two types of quantum dot laser diode김경찬; 유영채; 정정화; 정진욱; 한일기; 이정일; 김동호; 김태근
2002-07Local and oral paclitaxel delivery systems박희성; 이인현; Young Man Kim; 정진욱; 윤창진; 박재형; 권익찬; 정서영; 윤순홍; 최영유; 김세웅; 김길수; 정혜선
2008-11Microarray analysis of the Gene Expression for Nonylphenol in Human Cell Lines박혜원; 오문주; 김승준; S. Paul; 김준섭; 연종필; 정진욱; 김연정; 류재천; 이철우; 김현미; 최경희; 황승용
2017-01Nanowire reinforced nanoparticle nanocomposite for highly flexible transparent electrodes: borrowing ideas from macrocomposites in steel-wire reinforced concrete이필립; 정진욱; 서영덕; 이하범; 여준엽; 홍석준; 이대호; 고승환
2011-04Novel Intraarterial Therapy for Liver Cancer Using Ethylbromopyruvate Dissolved in an Iodized Oil최영호; 정진욱; 손규리; 소영호; 김원; 윤창진; 윤정환; 정혜선; 김효철; 제환준; 김영일; 박재형
2007-08Optical properties of J-shape ridge waveguide with trench structure for superluminescent diode using InAs/InGaAs quantum-dot active layer유영채; 김경찬; 윤홍; 정정화; 정진욱; 이정일; 김길호; 한일기
2002-12Paclitaxel solubilized in lipiodol for the treatment of hepatoma이인현; 박희성; 정진욱; 박재형; 박영택; 권익찬; 정서영; 정혜선
2001-01PDP tubeless packaging process using glass-to-glass vacuum-electrostatic bonding주병권; 이덕중; 정진욱; 문권진; 김영조; 이윤희
2015-12Preliminary study on implantable inductive-type sensor for continuous monitoring of intraocular pressure김용우; 김미정; 박기호; 정진욱; 김석환; 장철인; 이수현; 김재헌; 이석; 강지윤
2012-05Research for Mobile Intraocular Pressure Sensor System Technology이정호; 이혁재; 김재헌; 이택진; 이수현; 강지윤; 정진욱; 박기호; 이석
2003-11Stable emulsions of paclitaxel and anticancer agents for chemoembolization이인현; 노경호; 권익찬; 정서영; 정진욱; 박재형; 박영택; 정혜선
1998-01Stable lipiodolized emulsions for hepatoma targeting and treatment by transcatheter arterial chemoembolization이선우; 김용희; 권익찬; 정진욱; 박재형; 최영욱; 정서영
1997-01Stable lipiodolized emulsions for the treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma이선우; 김용희; 권익찬; 정진욱; 박재형; 최영욱; 정서영; Jin Wook Chung
2019-11Stretchable/flexible silver nanowire electrodes for energy device applications이필립; 정진욱; 조현민; Recep Yuksel; 김동관; 이하범; 권진형; 여준엽; 홍석준; Husnu Emrah Unalan; 한승용; 고승환
2007-08Study on optical properties of InAs/InGaAs five-stacked quantum-dot laser diode using reactive ion etching유영채; 윤홍; 김경찬; 정진욱; 이정일; 김길호; 한일기
2000-11Study on tubeless packaging of plasma display panel정진욱; 김영조; 이덕중; 최은하; 문권진; 김준동; 주병권
2009-12The Antitumor Effect and Hepatotoxicity of a Hexokinase II Inhibitor 3-Bromopyruvate: In Vivo Investigation of Intraarterial Administration in a Rabbit VX2 Hepatoma Model제환준; 정진욱; 박희선; 이민종; 이기창; 김효철; 윤정환; 정혜선; 박재형
2010-04The response characteristics of a gas sensor based on poly-3-hexylithiophene thin-film transistors정진욱; 이양두; 김영민; 박영욱; 최진환; 박태현; Choi Dong Soo; 원송명; 한일기; 주병권
2014-01The structural basis for the negative regulation of thioredoxin by thioredoxin-interacting protein황정원; 서현우; 전영호; 황윤하; Loi T. Nguyen; 염정훈; 이승구; 이철주; 김경진; 강범식; 정진욱; 오태광; 최인표; 이지오; 김명희
2002-03Thin and hermetic packaging process for flat panel display application김영조; 정진욱; 이덕중; 최원도; 이상근; 주병권
2000-11Thin PDP packaging by glass-bonding techonlogy and its driving properties이덕중; 주병권; 정진욱; 박흥우; 이윤희; 김영조; 조태성; 최은하; 장진; 오명환
2000-01Thin PDP packaging technology in low temperature and emission characteristics주병권; 이덕중; 정진욱; 김영조; 최은하; 장진; 오명환