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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997-04A study on regeneration of spent hyrodesulfurization catalysts by acid treatment박태진; 서동진; 박효순; 정헌; 박형상
2008-06A Study on the Water-Ethanol Separation by Membrane-Aided distillation in bio-ethanol process정헌; 최용석; 양대륙; 주오심; 정광덕
2009-09DME synthesis by Methanol Dehydration on Al2O3-SiO2 catalyts서창원; 정광덕; 정헌; 주오심
2014-09Effect of potassium addition on bimetallic PtSn supported θ-Al2O3 catalyst for n-butane dehydrogenation to olefinsBhari Mallanna Nagaraja; 정헌; 양대륙; 정광덕
2014-01Exergy analysis of a simulation of the sulfuric acid decomposition process of the SI cycle for nuclear hydrogen production박재득; 조재현; 정헌; 정광덕; 문일
2009-09Methanol/DME PROCESS TO MITIGATE CO2정광덕; 정헌; 주오심
2013-07n-Butane Dehydrogenation on PtSn/Carbon Modified MgO CatalystsShashikala Veldurthi; 정헌; 신채호; 고형림; 정광덕
1997-10Oxidative regeneration and rejuvenation of spent HDS catalysts서동진; 박효순; 박태진; 정헌; 박형상
2015-04Relative Roles of Methanol Synthesis and Solid Acid Catalysts in the Direct DME Synthesis from Syngas정헌; 이성민; 양대륙; 정광덕
2006-10Role of Cr oxide to enhance the stability of catalysts for DME synthesis정헌; A. Venugopal; Palgunardi; 주오심; 정광덕
2015-12Role of ZrO2 on Cu/ZnO/Al2O3/ZrO2 in Methanol Synthesis정광덕; 정헌; 양대륙
2013-05Simulation and experimental study on the sulfuric acid decomposition process of SI cycle for hydrogen production정광덕; 정헌; 문일; 사티시; 박재득
2013-05Sulfuric acid decomposition on Pt/SiC-coated-alumina catalysts for SI cycle hydrogen production정광덕; 정헌; 이승용; 김원주; 설용건
2017-03Surface Modification of eta-Al2O3 by SiO2 Impregnation to Enhance Methanol Dehydration Activity정광덕; 정헌; 조호용; 박진원
2007-03Synthesis and catalytic application of mesoporous molecular sieves MCM-41 containing niobium and tantalum정헌; 정광덕; 주오심; 김선진
2006-09Synthesis and catalytic Application of Mesoporous Molecular Sieves MCM-41 Containing Niobium and Tantalum정헌; 정광덕; 주오심; 김선진
2005-06Synthesis and catalytic application of tantalum and silica pillared porous materials from layered silicate ilerite김선진; 박민조; 정헌; 정광덕; 주오심
2010-06The Importance of the Aging Time to Prepare Cu/ZnO/Al2O3 Catalyst with High Surface area in Methanol Synthesis정헌; 양대륙; 주오심; 정광덕
2010-07The Role of ZrO2 in Cu/ZnO/Al2O3 catalysts in Methanol Synthesis정헌; 주오심; 정광덕
2005-02-21실리카 고체 촉매, 이의 제조방법 및 이를 이용한 ε-카프로락탐의 제조방법김선진; 박민조; 정광덕; 정헌; 주오심