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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008-09Advanced planar SOFC stack with improved thermo-mechanical reliability and electrochemical performance이해원; 김성문; 김형철; 정화영; 정훈기; 이종호; 송휴섭; 김혜령; 손지원
2004-07Analysis of the structure-property correlation of SOFC electrodes정화영; 김우식; 최선희; 김주선; 이해원; 송휴섭; 이종호
2009-01Characterization of LSCo-GDC composite cathode for IT-SOFC application정화영; 홍국선; 최선희; 김혜령; 손지원; 이해원; 이종호
2006-11Characterization of NiO-CeO2-ZrO2 powders prepared by a Sol-Gel method다사리하리; 정화영; 손지원; 이종호; 이해원; 김병국
2006-06Characterization of Thin-Film YSZ Deposited via EB-PVD Technique in Anode-supported SOFCs정화영; 홍국선; 김형철; 박종구; 손지원; 김주선; 이해원; 이종호
2007-12Comparison of the Power Generating Characteristics of KIST- and FZ-Julich SOFCs정화영; 이상철; Frank Tietz; 김혜령; 이해원; 이종호
2009-01Current Status of SOFC Stack Development이해원; 이종호; 김형철; 정훈기; 정화영; 송휴섭
2009-01Development of Multi-cell Arrayed SOFC Stack이종호; 김형철; 정화영; 이상철; 김혜령; 손지원; 이해원
2006-06Development of SOFC stack at KIST using 10X10 cm2 anode supported cells이해원; 정화영; 손지원; 김주선; 이종호
2005-05Development of SOFC Stack based on 10x10 cm2 Unit Cell이종호; 정화영; 손지원; 김주선; 이해원
2006-04Effect of cathode current-collecting layer on unit-cell performance of anode-supported solid oxide fuel cells정화영; 김우식; 최선희; 김형철; 김주선; 이해원; 이종호
2012-04Effect of Elastic Network of Ceramic Fillers on Thermal Cycle Stability of a Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Stack이종호; 김형철; 김성문; 노태욱; 정화영; 임현엽; 정훈기; 손지원; 김혜령; 김병국; 제해준; 이재춘; 송휴섭; 이해원
2017-10Effects of mixing state of composite powders on sintering behavior of cathode for solid oxide fuel cells이해원; 김병국; 이종호; 김형철; 손지원; 윤경중; 박만수; 정화영; 김정윤
2006-07Fabrication and Characterization of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Based on Sc-Doped Zirconia정화영; 김형철; 김혜령; 손지원; 김주선; 이해원; 송휴섭; 이종호
2006-09Fabrication and performance evaluation of 3-cell SOFC stack based on planar 10 cm×10 cm anode-supported cells정화영; 최선희; 김형철; 손지원; 김주선; 이해원; 이종호
2007-06Fabrication and Performance Evaluation of Multi-Cell Arrayed Planar SOFC Stack김형철; 정화영; 정훈기; 김주선; 이종호; 이해원; 송휴섭
2004-10Fabrication of Small SOFC Stack based on Anode-Supported Unit Cells and its Power Generating Characteristics정화영; 김우식; 최선희; 김주선; 이해원; 고행진; 이기춘; 이종호
2006-05Fabrication of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells via Physical Vapor Deposition with Electron Beam: II. Unit Cell Performance김형철; 박종구; 정화영; 손지원; 김주선; 이해원; 이종호
2006-02Fabrication of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells with Electron Beam Physical Vapor Deposition : I. Preparation of Thin Electrolyte Film of YSZ김형철; 구명서; 박종구; 정화영; 김주선; 이해원; 이종호
2010-07Influence of GDC Interlayer Structure on Electrochemical Performance of LSCF Cathode-based SOFCs이종호; 정화영; 최선희; 지호일; 김혜령; 손지원; 이해원
2008-09Investigation of anode-supported SOFC with cobalt-containing cathode and GDC interlayer정훈기; Yang-Kook Sun; 정화영; 박종성; 김혜령; 김긍호; 이해원; 이종호
2006-10Investigation on various cathode materials in zirconia-based SOFCs정훈기; 정화영; 선양국; 김성문; 장대훈; 김긍호; 박종성; 김혜령
2010-01Microstructural Characterization of Composite Electrode Materials in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells via Image Processing Analysis배승묵; 정화영; 이종호; 황진하
2008-09Monitoring of the LSM/YSZ interface in SOFCs using limited-contact geometry in impedance spectroscopyB.-K. Lee; J.-Y. Lee; 정화영; 이종호; J.-H. Hwang
2007-06Novel Design of Compressed Seal Gasket with Higher Thermo-Mechanical Stability이해원; 김성문; 김형철; 정화영; 정훈기; 이종호; 송휴섭; 이재춘
2006-11Performance comparison of YSZ-based SOFCs with LSM, LSCF, LSCo and SSCo cathodes정훈기; 선양국; 정화영; 김혜령; 이종호; 이해원
2004-10Performance improvement of anode-supported SOFCs by using an additional oxide current collecting layer김형철; 정화영; 김우식; 최선희; 김주선; 이해원; 이종호
2004-06Power Generating Characteristics of Anode-Supported SOFC Fabricated by Uni-Axial Pressing and Screen Printing정화영; 노태욱; 김주선; 이해원; 고행진; 이기춘; 이종호
2004-07Recent R&D activity at KIST to develop SOFC stack using 10x10cm2 anode-supported cells이해원; 정화영; 노태욱; 김형철; 최선희; 김우식; 김주선; 이종호
2008-02Single step synthesis of nano-sized NiO-Ce0.75Zr0.25O2 composite powders by glycine nitrate process다사리하리; 정화영; 정훈기; 김병국; 이해원; 이종호