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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008-013D-Quantitative Structure Activity Analysis and Quantum Chemical Analysis of Pyrido-di-indoles파샤; 정환원; 강순방; 조승주
2013-04Binding Pattern of Capsid Proteins and DNAs in M13 Bacteriophage using Coarse Grained Simulation정환원; 석차옥
2017-06GalaxyDock BP2 score: a hybrid scoring function for accurate protein-ligand docking정환원; 백민경; 신웅희; 석차옥
2010-04Genetic algorithm for the optimization of the structure of bimetallic nanoalloy오정수; 박나영; 정환원; 최정혜; 이승철
2008-02Hologram and 3D-quantitative structure toxicity relationship studies of azo dyes파샤; 무다샤르; 정환원; 조승주; 조훈
2007-09HQSAR Study of Tricyclic Azepine Derivatives as an EGFR (Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor) Inhibitors정환원; 이규환; 오정수; 조승주
2010-09Pandemic influenza in metropolitan Seoul area with a well developed public transportation: individual-based simulation with Korean data김찬수; 정환원; 오정수; 이광렬
2008-03QM and Pharmacophore based 3D-QSAR of MK886 Analogues against mPGES-1파샤; 무다사; 정환원; 양범석; 이철주; 오정수; 조승주; 조훈
2010-05QM/MM based 3D QSAR models for potent B-Raf inhibitors정재윤; 정환원; 조승주; 하정미; 조은성
2010-03Recent Development of Scoring Functions on Small Molecular Docking정환원; 조승주
2009-06Recent Development of Search Algorithm on Small Molecule Docking정환원; 조승주
2008-03Receptor guided 3D-QSAR: A useful approach for designing of IGF-1R inhibitors무다사; 파샤; 정환원; 유경호; 오창현; 조승주
2007-01Reorganization of Highly Preorganized Hosts upon Cation Complexation: Ab Initio Study of Fluorospherands샤반; 이규환; 오정수; 정환원; 조승주; 백경수
2013-02Self-adaptive differential evolution algorithm incorporating local search for protein-ligand docking정환원; 조승주; 이광렬; 이규환
2012-09Self-adaptive differential evolution algorithm incorporating local search for protein-ligand docking정환원; 조승주; 이광렬; 이규환
2013-01Self-assembly simulation of M13 bacteriophage capsid proteins using coarse-graining model정환원; 오정수; 김성진; 김찬수
2009-10The computational study by using the genetic algorithm on the bimetallic nanoalloy structures오정수; 정환원; 이승철; 최정혜; 이규환
2008-03Topomer-CoMFA Study of Tricyclic Azepine Derivatives - EGFR Inhibitors정재윤; 파샤; 정환원; 양범석; 이철주; 오정수; 문명운; 조승주; 조은성
2019-11Virtual screening of Mao-B inhibitors using generative deep learning and target focused statistical potential노은주; 정환원; 허우영