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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007-11A case study on the operational characteristics of wastewater treatment plant in combined sewer system during storm event조강우; 송경근; 김태균; 조영무; 안규홍
2010-09A comprehensive analysis of storm water pollutants generation from urban roadway in Korea조강우; 송경근; 안규홍
2007-05A Comprehensive Study on Bioretention for Urban Storm Runoff Management in Korea송경근; 조강우; 안규홍
2007-04A Comprehensive Study on Bioretention to Establish a Management Strategy of Nonpoint Source pollution조강우; 송경근; 김창균; 김태균; 안규홍
2009-10A pilot Scale Study on a Layered Biofilter System to Control Urban Road Runoff in Korea조강우; 윤민혁; 원세연; 송경근; 안규홍
2009-10A Pilot-scale Filtration Device using Polymeric Media for Control of Heavy Metals and Alkylphenols in Urban Storm Runoff조강우; 송경근; 윤민혁; 안규홍
2008-02A study on biological nutrient removal process using micro-flotation정종민; 김윤중; 조강우; 남승우; 정태학
2009-05A study on electroflotation as a secondary clarification of an activated sludge process조강우; 정종민; 김윤중; 정태학
2016-06Alleviation of membrane fouling in a submerged membrane bioreactor with electrochemical oxidation mediated by in-situ free chlorine generation조강우; Chong Min Chung; Tomohiro Tobino; Kazuo Yamamoto
2008-10An assessment on feasibility of flotation as a secondary clarifier of an activated sludge process정종민; 김윤중; 조강우; 이상협; 홍석원; 정태학
2009-11Bioretention 이용한 도로 강우 유출수 중 알킬페놀류 저감 연구이병하; 조강우; 윤민혁; 송경근; 안규홍
2015-02BixTi1-xOz Functionalized Heterojunction Anode with an Enhanced Reactive Chlorine Generation Efficiency in Dilute Aqueous Solutions조강우; Michael R. Hoffmann
2010-01Characteristics of simultaneous nitrogen and phosphorus removal in a pilot-scale sequencing anoxic/anaerobic membrane bioreactor at various conditions송경근; 조진우; 조강우; 김상돈; 안규홍
2008-10Characteristics of simultaneous nitrogen and phosporus removal in a pilot-scale sequencing anoxic/anaerobic membrane bioreactor at various conditions송경근; 조진우; 조강우; 김상돈; 안규홍
2010-08Characteristics of soil and eco-friendly media for improving the filterability and water quality기동원; 조강우; 원세연; 송경근; 안규홍
2009-05Comparative Study on Attached Algae Growth and Microbial Community Structure Depending on the Drainage Canal Materials of Sedimentation Basin in Water Treatment Plants기동원; 송경근; 임병란; 조강우; 김기팔; 안규홍
2010-05Continuous clarification and thickening of activated sludge by electrolytic bubbles under control of scale deposition조강우; 정종민; 김윤중; 정태학
2021-06Crystal phase-dependent generation of mobile OH radicals on TiO2: Revisiting the photocatalytic oxidation mechanism of anatase and rutile문건희; 황지영; 김법모; Takashi Tachikawa; Tetsuro Majima; 홍성우; 조강우; 김우열; 최원용
2010-09Determination of eco-friendly media and permeation types for purifying polluted river water기동원; 송경근; 원세연; 조강우; 안규홍
2007-11Development of enhanced activated sludge process using flotation정종민; 김윤중; 조강우; 남승우; 김경일; 이종훈; 최용수; 정태학
2008-05Development of filtration device for storm runoff employing perlite and synthetic resin김태균; 조강우; 송경근; 윤민혁; 안규홍; 홍승관
2006-11Development of filtration-treatment unit for control of urban storm runoff조강우; 송경근; 안규홍; 김창균; 김태균
2010-09Effect of modified multi-soil layering system in case of the polluted environment with diverse influent conditions기동원; 송경근; 원세연; 조강우; 안규홍
2019-08Effects of AnodeMaterials and Chloride Ions on Current Efficiency of Electrochemical Oxidation of Carbohydrate Compounds홍석원; 정종민; 이웅희; 조강우
2014-01Effects of Anodic Potential and Chloride Ion on Overall Reactivity in Electrochemical Reactors Designed for Solar-Powered Wastewater Treatment조강우; Yan Qu; Daejung Kwon; Hao Zhang; Clement A. Cid; Asghar Aryanfar; Michael R. Hoffmann
2019-11Effects of reactive oxidants generation and capacitance on photoelectrochemical water disinfection with self-doped titanium dioxide nanotube arrays홍석원; 김은주; 이성근; 손아섬; 김형은; 조강우; Hyeonjeong Kim; Mengkai Li; Zhimin Qiang
2009-06Effects of surface properties of filter media on removal of hydrocarbons and heavy metals in urban storm runoff조강우; 송경근; 안규홍
2014-02Electrochemical treatment of human waste coupled with molecular hydrogen production조강우; Daejung Kwon; Michael R. Hoffmann
2013-10Electroflotation clarifier to enhance nitrogen removal in a two-stage alternating aeration bioreactor조강우; Chong Min Chung; Yun Jung Kim; Michael R. Hoffmann; Tai Hak Chung
2012-05Enhanced biological nitrogen removal in MLE combined with post-denitrification process and EF clarifierC. M. Chung; 조강우; Y. J. Kim; K. Yamamoto; T. H. Chung