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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999-01-187-아미노데스아세톡시세팔로스포린산 유도체의 제조방법강순방; 금교창; 김유승; 배애님; 조상원
2003-04A facile synthesis of 2,5-diketopiperazines based on isocyanide chemistry.조상원; 금교창; 강순방; 김유승; 한소엽
2000-03A facile synthesis of 7-amino-3-desacetoxycephalosporanic acid derivatives by indium-mediated reduction of 3-iodomethylcephems in aqueous media채형선; 조상원; 금교창; 강순방; 배애님; 김유승
2003-11An efficient synthesis of 2,5-diketopiperazine derivatives by the Ugi four-center three-component reaction.조상원; 금교창; 강순방; So-Yeop Han; 김유승
2020-11Binder­Free High­Performance MXene Supercapacitors Fabricated by a Simple Electrospray Deposition Technique김동영; 조상원; 서용석
1998-10Indium mediated reduction of 3-iodomethyl cephalosporin derivatives in aqueous solution김유승; 채형선; 조상원; 배애님; 금교창; 강순방
2001-04Indium-mediated reductive elimination of halohydrin compounds using Pd(PPh₃)₄/InCl₃ system in aqueous media조상원; 강소연; 금교창; 강순방; 한소엽; 김유승
2003-01Indium-mediated reductive elimination of halohydrins.조상원; 강소연; 금교창; 강순방; 한소엽; 김유승
2002-07Indium-mediated reductive elimination of halohydrins.김유승; 조상원; 금교창; 강순방; 한소엽
2006-10Morpholin-2-one derivatives as novel selective T-type Ca2+ channel blockers구일회; 조상원; Doddareddy MR; 장민석; 금교창; 이정하; 정봉영; 김유승; 임혜원; 강순방
1999-01Synthesis of 2,4-dihydroxy-5-(3-methyl-2-butenyl)benzaldehyde 3 as a key intermediate of decursin by indium catalyzed friedel-crafts allylation.조상원; 금교창; 강순방; 김유승
2002-10The efficient synthesis of various morpholin-2-one derivatives by the ugi multi-component reaction조상원; 구일회; 금교창; 강순방; 한소엽; 김유승
2014-08Theoretical investigation on the electronic and charge transport characteristics of push-pull molecules for organic photovoltaic cells이원복; 이연진; 조상원; 최원국
2002-06-27알릴화된 7-히드록시쿠마린 유도체의 제조방법강순방; 금교창; 김유승; 조상원
2000-04-17알릴화된 방향족 화합물 및 피라노쿠마린 화합물의 제조방법강순방; 금교창; 김유승; 조상원