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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-123D interconnected macrostructure based on nano-scale pyroprotein units for energy storage조세연; 김나래; 윤현지; 진형준; 윤영수
2017-04All-carbon-based cathode for a true high-energy-density Li-O2 battery임희대; 조세연; 윤영수; 박규영; 송민영; 진형준; 강기석
2003-08Anti-tumour and Immuno-stimulating Activities of The Fruiting Bodies of Paecilomyces japonica, a New Type of Cordyceps spp.신국현; 임순성; 이상현; 이연실; 정상훈; 조세연
2017-01Asymmetric energy storage devices based on surface-driven sodium ion storage조세연; 송민영; 김나래; 진형준; 윤영수
2021-11Converting crosslinked polyethylene waste into activated carbon materials and their electrochemical properties as supercapacitor electrodes이성호; 김성수; 조세연; 박성인; 양인찬; 이관원; 이예림
2021-07Effects of nanopores and sulfur doping on hierarchically bunched carbon fibers to protect lithium metal anode조세연; 윤영수; 정지인; 박선우; 하손; 진형준
2019-10Electron-beam irradiated feather meal-derived carbon electrode materials for high-rate sodium-ion storage이성호; 조세연; 이민의; 유지선
2019-11Fabrication of feather meal-based porous carbon electrode material via electron-beam irradiation for sodium-ion hybrid capacitors이성호; 조세연; 이민의; 유지선; 진형준
2020-11Fabrication of kenaf-derived hierarchical porous carbon for lithium- and sodium-ion capacitors이성호; 조세연; 이민의; 유지선; 진형준
2020-08Fabrication of Poly(ethylene terephthalate) Fiber@Microporous Organic Polymer with Amino Groups@Cu Films for Flexible and Metal-Economical Electromagnetic Interference Shielding Materials조세연; 박성인; 강창완; 이상문; 김해진; 고윤주; 최재원; 손승욱
2020-11Fabrication of silk-derived carbon mesh electrodes for vanadium redox flow batteries이성호; 조세연; 이민의; 장다원; 이소라; 유지선
2017-08High-Performance Asymmetric Li-Ion Pseudocapacitors Based on Pyroprotein Nanowebs조세연; 김나래; 진형준; 윤영수
2018-01High-performance Li-ion hybrid supercapacitors based on microporous pyropolymer nanoplates and orthorhombic Nb2O5 nanocomposites조세연; 이민의; 윤현지; 윤영수; 진형준
2019-04High-toughness natural polymer nonwoven preforms inspired by silkworm cocoon structure조세연; 곽효원; 엄정주; 이민의; 진형준
2017-01Long-lasting Nb2O5-based nanocomposite materials for Li-ion storage조세연; 송민영; 김나래; 윤현지; 진형준; 윤영수
2020-11Preparation of Microporous Activated Carbon using Electron Beam Treatment based on Feather Meal for Sodium-Ion Hybrid Supercapacitors이성호; 조세연; 이민의; 유지선; 진형준
2019-05Preparation of microporous activated carbon using electron beam treatment for sodium-ion hybrid supercapacitors이성호; 조세연; 이민의; 유지선; 진형준
2018-04Pyrolytic carbon nanosheets for ultrafast and ultrastable sodium-ion storage이성호; 최재원; 조세연; 강민지; 이민의; 김해진; Cecilia Leal; 진형준; 윤영수; Hyeon Ji Yoon
2017-02Pyroprotein-Based Electronic Textiles with High Stability조세연; 윤영수; 전준우; 정유진; 신동석; 김나래; 김현태; 최수봉; 홍원지; 김해진; 김병훈; 진형준
2018-11Pyroprotein-based electronic textiles with high thermal durability이성호; 조세연; 전준우; 오주영; 장현석; 정우택; 김정균; 김현범; 김혁진; 김성연; 한송리; 김준호; 장용준; 서동석; 진형준; 김병훈
2020-07Rapid Stabilization of Textile-grade Polyacrylonitrile Fibers through UV Irradiation for Low-cost Carbon Fiber Fabrication이성호; 조세연; 이민의; 이정훈; 유지선; 진형준
2021-05Recycling of waste tires by synthesizing N-doped carbon-based catalysts for oxygen reduction reaction이성호; 조세연; 강길성; 이관원; 조한익; 이도창
2016-12Restoration of thermally reduced graphene oxide by atomic-level selenium doping임희대; 조세연; 윤영수; 윤갑인; 박민; 김해겸; 박영우; 김병훈; 강기석; 진형준
2021-11Silk Protein-Derived carbon fabric as an electrode with high Electro-Catalytic activity for All-Vanadium redox flow batteries이성호; 조세연; 이민의; 장다원; 이소라; 유지선; 최재원; 진형준
2022-01Strategies for the production of PAN-based carbon fibers with high tensile strength이성호; 조세연; 장다원; 이민의; 최지원
2021-04Surface-driven charge storage behaviors of Kenaf-derived carbon electrodes with hierarchical porous structure for lithium-ion capacitors조세연; 이민의; 유지선; 진형준; 정용석
2018-07Surface-Modified Cellulose Nanocrystal-incorporated Poly(butylene succinate) Nanocomposites조세연; 이민의; 곽효원; 진형준
2017-07Ultra strong pyroprotein fibres with long-range ordering이성호; 조세연; 장다원; 윤영수; 전준우; 김병훈; 진형준
2021-11Understanding an exceptionally fast and stable Li-ion charging of highly fluorinated graphene with fine-controlled C-F configuration이성호; 조세연; 이윤기; 이철호; 강길성; 엄광섭; 조한익
2022-01Upcycling plastic waste into high value-added carbonaceous materials이성호; 김성수; 조세연; 최지호; 양인찬