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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-08A new strategy for improving the durability of polymer-coated cobalt-chromium surface as drug-eluting stents타릭 베딜; 조영진; 정윤기; 한동근
2014-09A Poly(lactide) Stereocomplex Structure with Modified Magnesium Oxide and Its Effects in Enhancing the Mechanical Properties and Suppressing Inflammation금창헌; 조영진; 서성호; 정윤기; 안동준; 한동근
2020-01Biocompatible and Biodegradable Organic Transistors Using a Solid-State Electrolyte Incorporated with Choline-Based Ionic Liquid and Polysaccharide정영미; 김태희; 조영진; 김혜인; 옥제형; 신일재; 신주환; 김태일
2013-06Biodegradable poly(L-lactide) composites by oligolactide-grafted magnesium hydroxide for mechanical reinforcement and reduced inflammation금창헌; 조영진; 정윤기; 최지연; 박귀덕; 서성호; 박용식; 안동준; 한동근
2014-10Biodegradable polymer brush as nanocoupled interface for improving the durability of polymer coating on metal surface타릭 베딜; 조영진; 정윤기; 한동근
2014-11Biodegradable polymer brush at the interface to improve the durability of the coating on drug-eluting stent타릭 베딜; 조영진; 정윤기; 한동근
2014-09Coating defects in polymer-coated drug-eluting stents타릭 베딜; 조영진; 박방주; 정윤기; 한동근
2007-12[CoFe/Pt] 다층박막의 자발 홀 효과이하나; 김태완; 엄종화; 조영진; 주성중; 신경호
2014-09Crack prevention of biodegradable polymer coating on metal facilitated by a nano-coupled interlayer조영진; Bach Quang Vu; 타릭 베딜; 박방주; 정윤기; 한동근
2009-10Current-Induced Domain-Wall Motion in [CoFe/Pt]5 Nanowire With Perpendicular Magnetic Anisotropy김갑진; 이재철; 조영진; 이창원; 신경호; 서순애; 이경진; 이현우; 최석봉
2009-10Depinning Field at Notches of Ferromagnetic Nanowires With Perpendicular Magnetic Anisotropy김갑진; 김기홍; 이재철; 안성민; 이강수; 조영진; 이창원; 서선애; 신경호; 최석봉
2011-09Design, synthesis, bioconversion, and pharmacokinetics evaluation of new ester prodrugs of olmesartan장정수; 엘가말; 이웅산; Hanan S. Anbar; 정혜진; 김현일; 조영진; 이봉상; 이선애; 문지연; 이동진; 전홍렬; 이재희; 최영욱; 오창현
2013-03Discovery of olmesartan hexetil: A new potential prodrug of olmesartan모하메드엘가말; Hanan S. Anbar; 정혜진; 김현일; 조영진; 이봉상; 이선애; 문지윤; 이동진; 권도우; 최원재; 전홍렬; 오창현
2015-10Dual-functional photocatalysis using a ternary hybrid of TiO2 modified with graphene oxide treatment조영진; 김영일; 이석헌; 최원영
2013-09Durability improvements of biodegradable polymer coated onto Co-Cr alloy surface for drug-eluting stents타릭 베딜; 조영진; 정윤기; 한동근
2012-12Elution behavior of shortened multiwalled carbon nanotubes in size exclusion chromatography이원목; 조영진; 최흥렬; 박혜진; 장태현; 박민; 이현정
2014-03Improvement of the coating layer stability through 'grafting from' technique for drug-eluting stents타릭 베딜; 조영진; 정윤기; 한동근
2009-04Interdimensional universality of dynamic interfaces김갑진; 이재철; 안성민; 이강수; 이창원; 조영진; 서순애; 신경호; 최석봉; 이현우
2010-10Novel amides and esters prodrugs of olmesartan: Synthesis, bioconversion, and pharmacokinetic evaluation박진헌; 장정수; 엘가말; 최원경; 이웅산; 정혜진; 김현일; 조영진; 이봉상; 전홍렬; 이용섭; 최영욱; 이재희; 오창현
2014-03PLGA composites containing modified magnesium hydroxide nanoparticles for improving mechanical properties and suppressing inflammation금창헌; 조영진; 정윤기; 안동준; 한동근
2014-04PLGA/magnesium hydroxide nanoparticle composites with synergistic effect of suppressed inflammation and improved mechanical property금창헌; 조영진; 정윤기; 안동준; 한동근
2013-09PLLA stereocomplex composites containing modified magnesium oxide for enhancing mechanical properties and suppressing inflammation금창헌; 조영진; 정윤기; 안동준; 한동근
2013-08Preparation of oligolactide-grafted magnesium hydroxide nanoparticle for suppressing inflammation and enhancing mechanical property금창헌; 조영진; 정윤기; 안동준; 한동근
2014-07Reinforcement of Interfacial Adhesion of a Coated Polymer Layer on a Cobalt-Chromium Surface for Drug-Eluting Stents타릭 베딜; 조영진; Tae Jung Kim; Young Dong Kim; Bang Ju Park; 정윤기; 한동근
2017-08Silicone rubber with mussel-inspired adhesive coatings for enhancing antifouling property and blood compatibility한동근; 정윤기; 조영진; 서시영; 박방주
2009-10Superparamagnetic Behavior of Pt/CoFe/Pt Nanowires With Decreasing Wire Width이재철; 김갑진; 이창원; 조영진; 서순애; 유천열; 신경호; 최석봉
1999-01Synthesis of pyrido[2,3-d]pyrimidine on the solid phase.김성훈; 노영혜; 조영진; 김중협; 윤철민
2015-04Thin nano-brushes for improving the stability of poly(D,L-lactide)-coated sirolimus-eluting stent타렉; 조영진; 정윤기; 한동근