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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1994-07A new class of block copolymer as a compatibilizer고문배; 조원호; 허준
1994-01A thermoanalytical study on solid-state cure of poly(p-phenylene sulfide)박민 *; 이광희; 최철림; 조원호
2000-12An analysis of interfacial characteristics between amine-functionalized polystyrene/copper and between hydroxyl-functionalized polystyrene/copper : Studies on polymer-metal interfaces, 3김동하; 김건형; 조원호; 김정안
1997-01An analysis of pervaporation of methanol/MTBE mixtures through the cellulose acetate and cellulose triacetate membranes강용수; 양재식; 조원호
2002-04An atomistic simulation of facilitated transport of olefin in a membrane with silver ions고연조; 허준; 조원호; 최상욱; 원종옥; 강용수
1997-10Anionic synthesis of chain-end functionalized polymers carrying aromatic tertiary amine groups김건형; 조재철; 조원호; 곽순종; 김광웅; 김정안
1997-07Anionic synthesis of dihydroxyl-functionalized macromonomers using diphenylethylene derivative김정안; 조재철; 김건형; 김광웅; 김효진; 전문석; 이찬홍; 조원호
1997-04Anionic synthesis of end-functionalized macromonomers using diphenylethylene derivatives김정안; 조재철; 김건형; 조원호; 황승상; 김광웅
1999-01Anionic synthesis of functionalized polymers.김건형; 조원호; 곽순종; 황승상; 김광웅; 김정안
1998-01Anionic synthesis of macromonomer carrying amino group using diphenylethylene derivative김정안; 조재철; 김건형; 김광웅; 조원호; Roderic P. Quirk
1997-04Anionic synthesis of macromonomer carrying amino group using diphenylethylene derivative김정안; 조재철; 김건형; 김광웅; 조원호; Roderic P. Quirk
2017-02CH3NH3PbI3 crystal orientation and photovoltaic performance of planar heterojunction perovskite solar cells한일기; 박준서; 배승환; 신태주; 조원호
1998-01Comparison of activities of homogeneous Ti-based catalysts in the presence of methylaluminoxane (MAO) for synthesis of syndiotactic polystyrene by UV/visible spectroscopic study김정안; 김건형; 조재철; 곽순종; 김광웅; 조원호; 윤혜성; 임동수
2005-09Complex formation between plasmid DNA and self-aggregates of deoxycholic acid-modified chitosan이근용; 권익찬; 조원호; 정서영
1997-09Complex formation between plasmid DNA and self-aggregates of hydrophobically modified chitosanKun Yong Lee; 권익찬; 김용희; 조원호; 정서영
1997-04Complexes of DNA with self-aggregates of hydrophobically modified chitosan이근용; 조원호; 김용희; 권익찬; 정서영
1998-01Correlation between melting behaviour and polymorphism of syndiotactic polystyrene and its blend with poly(2,6-dimethyl-1,4-phenylene oxide)홍보기; 조원호; 이상철; 김정안
1994-01Cure behavior of diglycidyl ether of bisphenol A/diaminodiphenylmethane in the presence of α , ω -methyl carboxylate-butadiene-acrylonitrile copolymer.고문배; 조원호; 김상철
2016-07Development of Self-Doped Conjugated Polyelectrolytes with Controlled Work Functions and Application to Hole Transport Layer Materials for High-Performance Organic Solar Cells고민재; 김희숙; 손해정; 조제웅; 배승환; 정제웅; 조원호; -
2000-04Effect of comonomers on the melt intercalation of styrenics/organosilicate hybrids조원호; 윤종태; 이무성; 고문배
1996-01Effect of interchange reactions on the molecular weight distribution of poly(ethylene terephthalate): a Monte Carlo simulation.김정엽; 조원호; 이재우; 이무성
1994-11Effect of reactivity on cure and phase separation behavior in epoxy resin modified with thermoplastic polymer: a Monte Carlo simulation approach.고문배; 조원호
1998-02Effect of sizing materials of carbon fiber on solid-state cure of poly(p-phenylene sulfide)박민; 이광희; 최철림; 조원호
1994-01Effect of solvent or hydrophilic polymer on the hydration melting behavior of polyacrylonitrile.민병길; 손태원; 김병철; 이철주; 조원호
2000-04Effect of the reactivity of a crosslinking agent on the microphase separation in sequential IPNs:A monte carlo simulation study조원호; 송준명; 고문배
2001-01Effects of comonomers and shear on the melt intercalation of styrenics/clay nanocomposites윤종태; 조원호; 이무성; 고문배
1999-01Effects of mixing temperatures on the morphology and toughness of epoxy/polyamide blends김상철; 김준경; 임순호; 조원호; 최철림
2000-12Effects of the nitrile group substitution on the gas separation properties of aromatic polyamide membranes최호성; 조원호; 오태진; 강용수; 박현채
1992-01Ester interchange reactions in polyester: a monte carlo simulation approach.김정엽; 조원호; 권익환; 허준
1999-01Fabrication and physical properties of polyaniline fibers.조성무; 조원호; 한기용; 김은옥; 이화섭; 이성주