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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-013D high-density microelectrode array with optical stimulation and drug delivery for investigating neural circuit dynamics조일주; 최낙원; 신효근; 정소현; 이주현; 선웅
2011-09A Dual-Shank Neural Probe Integrated with Double Waveguides on Each Shank for Optogenetic Applications임매순; 조일주; Fan Wu; Kensall D. Wise; 윤의식
2015A flexible multimodal tactile display array for virtual shape and texture손충현; 고경민; 이현주; 나경환; 한지석; 윤광석; 윤의성; 김은태; 조일주
2015-12A flexible multimodal tactile display for delivering shape and material information사이먼 갈로; 손충현; 이현주; 하네스 블레러; 조일주
2011-01A High-Speed Single Crystal Silicon AFM Probe Integrated with PZT Actuator for High-Speed Imaging Applications조일주; 윤광석; 남효진
2020-08A Hybrid RF MEMS Switch Actuated by the Combination of Bidirectional Thermal Actuations and Electrostatic Holding조일주; 이창혁; 채의규; 유현용
2021-06A Lubricated Nonimmunogenic Neural Probe for Acute Insertion Trauma Minimization and Long-Term Signal Recording조일주; 신효근; Yeontaek Lee; Dongwon Lee; Sungah Choi; 목
2019-07A MEMS ultrasound stimulation system for modulation of neural circuits with high spatial resolution in vitro오수진; 이병철; 조일주; 최낙원; 추남선; 이정표; 신효근; 고경민; 오민택; 이창준; 전성찬
2021-04A minimally invasive flexible electrode array for simultaneous recording of ECoG signals from multiple brain regions이정표; 채의규; 정의진; 추남선; 유현용; 조일주; 김강환; 신효근
2019-01A monitoring system for axonal growth dynamics using micropatterns of permissive and Semaphorin 3F chemorepulsive signals조일주; 채의규; Jae Ryun Ryu; June Hoan Kim; Hyo Min Cho; Youhwa Jo; Boram Lee; Sunghoon Joo; Yoonkey Nam; Woong Sun
2015-03A multichannel neural probe with embedded microfluidic channels for simultaneous in vivo neural recording and drug delivery이현주; 손유진; 김정연; 이창준; 윤의성; 조일주
2021-11A Multimodal Multi-Shank Fluorescence Neural Probe for Cell-Type-Specific Electrophysiology in Multiple Regions across a Neural Circuit오수진; 우지완; 조일주; 최낙원; 브래들리 베이커; 이창혁; 남민호; 이승은; 조약돌; 김강환; 신효근; 채의규; 정의진; 추남선; 장민수; 황경섭; Bumjun Yi
2013-06A new MEMS neural probe integrated with embedded microfluidic channel for drug delivery and electrode array for recording neural signal김양희; 이현주; 김도희; 김윤경; 윤의성; 조일주
2015-03A new thin silicon microneedle with an embedded microchannel for deep brain drug infusion이현주; 손유진; 김도희; 김윤경; 최낙원; 윤의성; 조일주
2020-01Aberrant Tonic Inhibition of Dopaminergic Neuronal Activity Causes Motor Symptoms in Animal Models of Parkinson’s Disease오수진; 이창준; 조일주; 박기덕; 황은미; 박종현; 남민호; 이승은; 류훈; 장보고; 신효근; 허준영; 임현주; 윤형호; 김정연; 황유진; 원우진; 우동호; 이지애; 박현정; 조선미; 이민정; 김선필; 심정은; 장동표; 김경인; 허수희; 정재영; Neil W. Kowall; 이정희; 이현주; 김영수; 김혜연; 백선하; 윤종혁; 진병관; 권기량; 심인섭; 황온유; 전상용
2005-06An electromagnetically-actuated polymer micro-pen for picoliter biological assay patterning조일주; 임매순; 윤광석; 윤의식
2013-10An implantable neural probe with monolithically integrated dielectric waveguide and recording electrodes for optogenetics applicationsFan Wu; Eran Stark; 임매순; 조일주; 윤의성; Gy¨orgy Buzs´aki; Kensall DWise; 윤의식
2011-09Autonomous Locomotion of Capsule Endoscope in Gastrointestinal Tract양성욱; 박기태; 김진석; 김태송; 조일주; 윤의성
2021-11Bimodal neural probe for highly co-localized chemical and electrical박현미; 우지완; 조일주; 최낙원; 남민호; 조약돌; 지미정; 김강환; 신효근; 채의규; 양슬기; Soo Hyun Lee; Hyun-Yong Yu
2015-08Biomimicking Butterfly Wing Surface Texture for Improved Tribological Performance윤의성; 조일주; Grewal Harpreet Singh; 신효근
2017-01Compliant Ultrasound Proximity Sensor for the Safe Operation of Human Friendly Robots Integrated with Tactile Sensing Capability조일주; Hyung-Kew Lee; Sun-Il Chang; Euisik Yoon
2016-09Deconvoluting Indivisual Role Asperity Parameters in Nanoscale Adhesion and Friction윤의성; 조일주; 김홍남; 펜디얄라 프라샨트
2010-03Design and fabrication of a single membrane push-pull SPDT RF MEMS switch operated by electromagnetic actuation and electrostatic hold조일주; 윤의식
2018-06Directional wetting transitions during evaporation on microcavity surfaces윤의성; 양성욱; 조일주; 김홍남; 펜디얄라 프라샨트
2017-10Effect of capillary forces on the correlation between nanoscale adhesion and friction of polymer patterned surfaces윤의성; 조일주; 김홍남; 펜디얄라 프라샨트; 하프릿 그리왈
2017-06Effect of capillary forces on tribology of lotus and mushroom inspired pillar patterned surfaces윤의성; 조일주; 김홍남; 펜디얄라 프라샨트; 하프릿 그리왈
2021-12Effect of carbon nanomaterial dimension on the functional activity and degeneration of neurons조일주; 김기훈; 김홍남; 이효진; 김성찬; 황경섭; 임누리; 오한빈; 김종백
2014-12Effect of topography on the wetting of nanoscale patterns: experimental and modeling studiesGrewal, H.S.; 조일주; 오재응; 윤의성
2015-02Effects of Fabrication Process Variation on Impedance of Neural Probe Microelectrodes조일환; 신효근; 이현주; 조일주