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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-03BNNT-ZnO QDs nanocomposites for improving piezoelectric nanogenerator and piezoelectric properties of boron nitride nanotube손동익; 임거환; 심재호; 조현진; 이재현; 이주송; 김은영; 부상돈; 임성빈; 정창규; Sina Rezvani; Simon S. Park; 박영재
2017-11Boron nitride nanotubes as a heat sinking and stress-relaxation layer for high performance light-emitting diodes김명종; 장세규; 서태훈; 김준희; 이건희; 박아현; 조현진; S. Chandramohan; 전성란; 서은경
2022-03Boron nitride/carbon nanotube composite paper for self-activated chemiresistive detection김철기; 손동익; 김가영; 박영재; 임거환; 조현진; 이규승; Seonhee Bae; Yong-Jae Kim; Hong-Soo Lee; Sung-Hwan Kim; Sooyeon Kim; 정희석; 윤용주; Jong-Su Seo; 문희규
2014-11Catalyst and doping methods for arc graphene조현진; 오인섭; 강정호; 박성찬; 구본철; 박민; 곽순종; Partha Khanra; 이중희; 김명종
2014-02Correlation between the Growth Rate of White Graphene (h-BN) and Grain Orientation of Polycrystalline Nickel Foil조현진; 박성찬; 펠리시타; 박진형; 강상욱; 김명종
2016-05Domain size engineering of CVD graphene and its influence on physical properties김명종; 서태훈; 조현진; Felisita Annisanti Mas'ud; Taegeon Lee; Heesuk Rho
2021-09Dominant formation of h-BC2N in h-BxCyNz films: CVD synthesis and characterization황준연; 손동익; 안석훈; 이원기; 조현진; 이규승; 서태훈; 김명종
2019-10Dual growth mode of boron nitride nanotubes in high temperature pressure laser ablation김명종; 이헌수; 안석훈; 장세규; 탕 비엣 팜; 김준희; 조현진; 황재훈; Cheol Park; 김철생
2013-02Efficient catalytic conversion of ammonia borane to borazine and its use for hexagonal boron nitride (white graphene)김성관; 조현진; 김명종; 이희준; 박진형; 이영부; 김환철; 윤창원; 남석우; 강상욱
2016-05Environment friendly, transparent nanofiber textiles consolidated with high efficiency PLEDs for wearable electronics김명종; 손동익; 조현진; 심재호; 이규승; 박미라; Yanan Liu; Chohye Lee; 박수진; 윤용주; 김학용
2018-08Environment-friendly, durable, electroconductive, and highly transparent heaters based on silver nanowire functionalized keratin nanofiber textiles손동익; 이규승; 이칠형; 윤용주; 조현진; 박미라; 김학용
2017-01Facile Synthesis of Highly Crystalline and Large Areal Hexagonal Boron Nitride from Borazine Oligomers김명종; 이동수; 서태훈; 민경현; 조현진; 박성찬; 원동일; 강상욱
2013-11Graphene and White Graphene Synthesis for Hydrogen Barrier김명종; 조현진; 박성찬
2017-11Graphene-Carbon-Metal Composite Film for a Flexible Heat Sink김명종; 이상현; 서태훈; 탕 비엣 팜; 노호균; 김준희; 조현진; 채수형; 김학용; 하준석; 김환철
2015-07Growth kinetics of white graphene (h-BN) on a planarised Ni foil surface조현진; 박성찬; 원동일; 강상욱; 표성수; 김동익; 김수민; 김환철; 김명종
2019-11High Areal Capacitance of N-Doped Graphene Synthesized by Arc Discharge김명종; 이헌수; 김남동; 탕 비엣 팜; 김정길; 김준희; 정재영; 조현진; 서태훈
2015-10Hybrid electrode based on carbon nanotube and graphene for ultraviolet light-emitting diodes서태훈; Gun Hee Lee; 박성찬; S. Chandramohan; Ah Hyun Park; 조현진; 박민; 김명종; Eun-Kyung Suh
2012-05Hydrogen Barrier Technology Utilizing 2D Nanomaterials김명종; 구본철; 구혜영; 조한익; 조현진; 이수진; 박옥경
2014-11Influence of Electrochemical Polishing and High-Pressure Annealing on Physical Properties of Chemical Vapor Deposition Graphene펠리시타; 조현진; 김명종
2021-10Insight into BN Impurity Formation during Boron Nitride Nanotube Synthesis by High-Temperature Plasma이헌수; 장세규; 조현진; 김근수; Gabriela Sigouin; Martin Couillard; Mary Gallerneault; 문세연; 김명종; 신호민
2014-07Kinetics study of white graphene (h-BN) growth with respect to surface energy and grain orientation in metal substrates조현진; 박성찬; Sang Ook Kang; Seong-Soo Pyo; 김동익; Hwan Chul Kim; 김명종
2015-02Layer speciation and electronic structure investigation of freestanding hexagonal boron nitride nanosheetsJian Wang; Zhiqiang Wang; 조현진; 김명종; T. K. Sham; Xuhui Sun
2013-07Low Temperature Synthesis of Hexagonal Boron Nitride (White Graphene) by Remote Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition조현진; 박성찬; 이창협; 강정호; 박진형; 강상욱; 김명종
2012-08LPCVD Synthesis of High Crystalline Hexagonal Boron Nitride Using Pure Borazine조현진; 김성관; 강상욱; 김환철; 김명종
2012-10Parametric Study of Methanol Chemical Vapor Deposition Growth for Graphene조현진; 이창협; 오인섭; 박성찬; 김환철; 김명종
2021-07Purification of boron nitride nanotubes by functionalization and removal of poly(4-vinylpyridine)안석훈; 장세규; 임홍진; 조현진; 이설희; 강민성; 문세연; 김명종; 이효중
2016-03Schottky barrier parameters and low frequency noise characteristics of graphene-germanium Schottky barrier diode김명종; 조현진; Zagarzusem Khurelbaatar; Yeon-Ho Kil; Kyu-Hwan Shim; Sung-Nam Lee; Jae-chan Jeong; Hyobong Hong; Chel-Jong Choi
2019-08Simultaneous growth of three dimensional carbon nanotubes and ultrathin graphite networks on copper손동익; 장이운; 심재호; 조현진; Luman Zhang; Jie Zhang; Mariela Menghini; Jean-Pierre Locquet; Jin Won Seo
2020-05Single- and double-walled boron nitride nanotubes: Controlled synthesis and application for water purification이헌수; 장세규; 조현진; 김준희; 황재훈; 김철상; 박철; 김명종
2018-04Synthesis and characterization of CuO/graphene (Core/shell) quantum dots for electrochemical applications손동익; 고요한; 심재호; 이규승; 이칠형; 조현진; Ki-Tae Lee