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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-013D surgical planning and analysis software for orbital fracture reconstruction박세형; 이득희; 조현철; 김영준; 김현아; Jerome Charton; 김선희; 정우식; 최종우
2017-023D surgical planning simulation and analysis software for orbital wall reconstruction박세형; 조현철; 김영준; 김한나; 김현아; 심응준; 정우식; 최종우
2018-013D virtual surgery systemfor orbitral fracture reduction박세형; 조현철; 김영준; 손태근; 김한나; 김성찬; 최종우
2008-02A Haptic Dial System for Virtual Prototyping한만철; 김래현; 신상균; 박세형; 조현철
2014-10A Single Camera Tracking System for 3D Position, Grasper Angle, and Rolling Angle of Laparoscopic Instruments신상균; 김영준; 조현철; 이득희; 박세형; 김정현; 김래현
2011-07A Smart Movie Recommendation System고상기; 최상민; 염해성; 차정원; 조현철; 김래현; 한요섭
1993-01A study on heat and mass transfer in a vertical tube absorber using LiBr family solution.강상우; 이춘식; 정시영; 조현철; 김종보
1995-01A study on heat and mass transfer in a vertical tube absorber using LiBr family solutions.강상우; 이춘식; 정시영; 조현철; 김종보
2007-09A Tangible User Interface with Mulitimodal Feedback김래현; 조현철; 박세형; 한만철
2010-05A Universal Remote Control with Haptic Interface for Customer Electronic Devices김래현; 박완주; 조현철; 박세형
2009-01An Electronic Aid for a Visually Impaired Person Using an Ultrasonic Sensor박세형; 김래현; 하성도; 조현철; 이수용
2008-02An Electronic Aids for Visually Impaired People조현철; 김래현; 한만철; 박세형; 하성도
2010-01An Universal Remote Controller with Haptic Interface for Home Devices김래현; 박완주; 조현철; 박세형
2015-09Application of Calibration Techniques to Enhance Accuracy of Markerless Surgical Robotic System for Intracerebral Hematoma Surgery박규식; 윤현민; 신상균; 조현철; 김영준; 김래현; 이득희
2018-08Automated 3D orbital wall modeling and 3D surgical simulation for orbital wall reconstruction박세형; 조현철; 김영준; 손태근; 김한나; 정우식; 최종우
2020-03Automated maxillofacial reconstruction software: development and evaluation조현철; 김영준; 손태근; 심응준; 김한나; 황보연; 이정우
2016-08Automatic segmentation and user-friendly software techniques for virtual surgical planning of mandibular reconstruction박세형; 이득희; 김래현; 조현철; 김영준; 김한나; 김선희; 이정우
2018-01Cardiac Mapping Software for Cardiac Intervention Guide이득희; 조현철; 손진원; 윤시엽
2016-11Clinical advantages of image-free navigation system using surface-based registration in anatomical anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction조현철; 김영준; 이병훈; 금동호; 류임주; 왕준호
2019-07Clinical Application of a Specific Simulation Software for 3-Dimensional Orbital Volume Modeling for Orbital Wall Reconstruction조현철; 김영준; 김한나; 김민지; 정우식; 김윤환; Jong-Woo Choi
2019-06Computer-aided patient-specific plate design software for cranial reconstruction surgery박세형; 조현철; 김영준; 손태근; 이태석; W.S. Jeong; J.W. Choi
2000-07Control for bilateral teleoperation systems with varying-time delay through the internet조현철; 박종현; 김경환; 박종오
2015-04Deformable mesh simulation for virtual laparoscopic cholecystectomy training김영준; 김래현; 이득희; 신상균; 조현철; Frederick Roy; 박세형
2015-07Design and Evaluation of Markerless Neurosurgical Robotic Guidance System윤시엽; 신상균; 조현철; 이득희
2009-11Design of Haptic Interface for Brickout Game박완주; 김래현; 조현철; 박세형
2014-09Development of 3-Dimensional Surgical Planning and Navigation System of Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction김영준; 임성환; 조현철; 이득희; 박세형; 이병훈; 이은수; 왕준호
2015-05Development of a surgical navigation system for anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction김영준; 조현철; 컨데이 메퀘아; 이득희; 박세형; 이병훈; 금동호; 왕준호
2017-06Development of surgical planning software for mandibular reconstruction using fibular flap이득희; 김래현; 조현철; 김영준; Jerome Charton; 김한나; 이정우
2010-09Dial-Based Game Interface with Multi-modal Feedback박완주; 김래현; 조현철; 박세형
2004-09Effects of a Chitosan Scaffold Containing TGF-β1 Encapsulated Chitosan Microspheres on In Vitro Chondrocyte Culture이종은; 김성은; 권익찬; 안현정; 조현철; 이상훈; 김희중; 성상철; 이명철