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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-11Analytical method of agmatine and putrescine in human embryonic kidney cell by LC-ESI-MS/MS박현미; 이기수; 지미정; 손석연; 이수현
2021-11Bimodal neural probe for highly co-localized chemical and electrical박현미; 우지완; 조일주; 최낙원; 남민호; 조약돌; 지미정; 김강환; 신효근; 채의규; 양슬기; Soo Hyun Lee; Hyun-Yong Yu
2019-10Development of quantitative method for agmatine and putrescine in frontal cortex of VPA model mouse using liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry박현미; 이기수; 지미정; 손석연; 이수현
2017-08Effect of precursor thermal history on the formation of amorphous and crystalline calcium carbonate채근화; 심철휘; 지미정; Jitendra Pal Singh; Sang Ok Kim
2017-08Effect of tryptophan supplementation on endogenous metabolism and balance of neurotransmitters유병용; 박현미; 이기수; 지미정; 손석연; 이미연; 조유리; 유다정; 이수현
2020-08Enhanced performance of Tribrid Orbitrap Eclipse mass spectrometer in protein analysis박현미; 이기수; 지미정; 손석연; 신종환
2013-09Investigation for Nano-structured Blend Homopolymers and Diblock Copolymers by AFM and TOF-SIMS강민화; 이지혜; 지미정; 이연희
2016-06Method Validation for Antiprotozoal agents in Fish with LC-MS/MS박현미; 이보람; 지미정; 윤혁; 이수현
2016-06Method Validation of Heterocyclic Amines in Fish with LC-MS/MS박현미; 이보람; 지미정; 곽은영; 오민석; 윤혁; 손석연
2015-06Method Validation of Heterocyclic Amines in Foods with LC-MS/MS and Confirmation by UPLC-QTOF MS김해솔; 추석; 황인주; 오민석; 지미정; 박현미
2016-08Method Validation of Heterocyclic Amines in Oil and Fat Rich Foods Using LC-MS/MS박현미; 이기수; 이보람; 지미정; 윤혁; 추석; 손석연
2016-02Method Validation of β-carboline and Acrylamide in Coffee by HPLC-MS/MS박현미; 지미정; 김해솔; 곽은영
2017-11Oral bioavailability of acrylamide in coffee at the daily intake level in mice박현미; 이미연; 조유리; 지미정; 이수현
2020-09Proteomic analysis of human lung fibroblast cells exposed to diesel particulate matter using Tribrid mass spectrometer박현미; 이지은; 지미정; 박예은; 신종환; 백지현; 조윤진; 정혁
2016-05Simultaneous determination of β-carboline and Acrylamide in Coffee by LC-MS/MS박현미; 지미정; 곽은영; 윤혁; 김해솔
2017-02Targeted and Global Metabolic Analysis of Rat Urine from High Tryptophan Availability Models박현미; 이기수; 지미정; 손석연; 이미연; 조유리; 이수현
2018-06Unveiling the nature of adsorbed species onto the surface of MgO thin films during prolonged annealing채근화; 씽 지텐드라; 지미정; Manish Kumar; Ik-Jae Lee
2018-08Urinary change of neurochemicals and endogenous metabolites with tryptophan supplementation in the rat박현미; 김정희; 장미; 지미정; 조유리; 이수현; 홍종기