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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-10A 5 x 5 cm(2) protonic ceramic fuel cell with a power density of 1.3 W cm(-2) at 600 degrees C이해원; 김병국; 이종호; 김형철; 손지원; 지호일; 윤경중; 안혁순; 신동욱
2021-03A nanoarchitectured cermet composite with extremely low Ni content for stable high-performance solid oxide fuel cells이종호; 김형철; 손지원; 지호일; 윤경중; 양성은; 박상백; 박정훈; 한승민
2017-03A piezomicrobalance system for high-temperature mass relaxation characterization of metal oxides: A case study of Pr-doped ceria지호일; Philipp Simons; Timothy C. Davenport; Sossina M. Haile
2017-10Chemical surface exchange of oxygen on CeO2-delta in an O-2/H2O atmosphere지호일; Xin Xu; Sossina M. Haile
2012-01Cobalt oxide co-doping effect on the sinterability and electrical conductivity of nano-crystalline Gd-doped ceria다사리하리; 박선영; 지호일; 김혜령; 손지원; 김병국; 이해원; 이종호
2018-06Columnar Grain Size Effect on Cross-Plane Conductivity of Yttria-Stabilized Zirconia Thin Films이종호; 김형철; 손지원; 지호일; 윤경중; 박정훈; 안준성; 한승민
2018-11Comprehensive Understanding of Cathodic and Anodic Polarization Effects on Stability of Nanoscale Oxygen Electrode for Reversible Solid Oxide Cells김병국; 이종호; 손지원; 지호일; 윤경중; 최성민; 안준성
2013-02Degradation mechanism of electrolyte and air electrode in solid oxide electrolysis cells operating at high polarization김정희; 지호일; 다사리하리; 신동욱; 송휴섭; 이종호; 김병국; 제해준; 이해원; 윤경중
2018-10Degradation Phenomena of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells이해원; 김병국; 이종호; 김형철; 손지원; 지호일; 윤경중
2013-11Determination of proton transference number of Ba(Zr0.84Y0.15Cu0.01)O3-δ via electrochemical concentration cell test최성민; 이종흔; 지호일; 윤경중; 손지원; 김병국; 제해준; 이해원; 이종호
2011-10Double-Functional Behavior of (La,Sr)CoO3 Cathode Current-Collecting Layer in Planar SOFCs박선영; 김혜진; 이지흔; 지호일; 김혜령; 이해원; 이종호
2011-01Effect of nickel nano-particle sintering on methane reforming activity of Ni-CGO cermet anodes for internal steam reforming SOFCs다사리하리; 지호일; 김혜령; 손지원; 김병국; 이해원; 이종호
2020-04Effect of secondary metal catalysts on butane internal steam reforming operation of thin-film solid oxide fuel cells at 500 - 600 °C이종호; 김형철; 손지원; 지호일; 윤경중; 양성은; 안 캠 티유
2012-01Effect of steam content on nickel nano-particle sintering and methane reforming activity of Ni-CZO anode cermets for internal reforming SOFCs다사리하리; 박선영; 지호일; 김혜령; 손지원; 김병국; 이해원; 이종호
2010-08Electrical Conductivity and Defect Structure of Y-doped BaZrO3지호일; 이종호; 김혜령; 손지원; 이해원; 김병국
2019-01Electrochemical analysis of high-performance protonic ceramic fuel cells based on a columnar-structured thin electrolyte이해원; 김병국; 이종호; 김형철; 손지원; 지호일; 윤경중; 최성민; 안혁순; 신동욱
2013-01Enhanced oxygen diffusion in epitaxial lanthanum-strontium-cobaltite thin film cathodes for micro solid oxide fuel cells지호일; 황재연; 윤경중; 손지원; 김병국; 이해원; 이종호
2019-04Enhanced sinterability and electrochemical performance of solid oxide fuel cells via a roll calendering process이해원; 이종호; 손지원; 지호일; 윤경중; 신지수; 김준석; 안준성; 신동욱
2010-08Enhanced Sinterability of Y-doped BaZrO3 Powder Synthesized with CuO, ZnO Addition as a Sintering Aid이종호; 홍성정; 지호일; 박종성; 김혜령; 손지원; 이해원; 김병국
2018-03Exceptional power density and stability at intermediate temperatures in protonic ceramic fuel cells지호일; Sihyuk Choi; Chris J. Kucharczyk; Yangang Liang; Xiaohang Zhang; Ichiro Takeuchi; Sossina M. Haile
2016-08Extreme high temperature redox kinetics in ceria: exploration of the transition from gas-phase to material-kinetic limitations지호일; Timothy C. Davenport; Sossina M. Haile; Chirrangjeevi Balaji Gopal
2013-12Fabrication and characterization of Ba(Zr0.84Y0.15Cu0.01)O3-δ electrolyte-based protonic ceramic fuel cells최성민; 이종흔; 지호일; 윤경중; 손지원; 김병국; 제해준; 이해원; 이종호
2011-10Fabrication of Anode-Supported Protonic Ceramic Fuel Cells (PCFCs)최성민; 이종흔; 지호일; 이해원; 이종호; 김병국
2010-06Fabrication of Ni-BCY Dense Membranes for H2-Permeation홍성정; 박유은; 이종흔; 박종성; 지호일; 김혜령; 손지원; 이종호; 이해원; 김병국
2020-05Fast Magneto-Ionic Switching of Interface Anisotropy Using Yttria-Stabilized Zirconia Gate Oxide장준연; 손지원; 지호일; 이기영; 박정훈; 조수진; 최동원; Aik Jun Tan; Mantao Huang; Geoffrey S. D. Beach; 우성훈
2017-03Gas-phase vs. material-kinetic limits on the redox response of nonstoichiometric oxides지호일; Timothy C. Davenport; Michael J. Ignatowich; Sossina M. Haile
2020-12Highly active and thermally stable single-atom catalysts for high-temperature electrochemical devices이해원; 김병국; 이종호; 채근화; 김형철; 손지원; 지호일; 장혜정; 윤경중; 황준연; 조민경; 양성은; 박승규; 홍승기; 홍종섭; 박미영; 신지수; 이영주; 아시프잔; 최성민; 최성준; 지텐드라팔신; 이윤정
2018-08Highly durable solid oxide fuel cells: suppressing chemical degradation via rational design of a diffusion-blocking layer이해원; 김병국; 이종호; 김형철; 손지원; 지호일; 윤경중; 최성민; 신지수; 이승환; 김효진; 박미영; 박정훈; 안혁순; 이상혁; 안준성; 김동환; 홍종섭; 신동욱
2013-05Hydrogen production from water-splitting reaction based on RE-doped ceria-zirconia solid-solutions다사리하리; 안기용; 박선영; 지호일; 윤경중; 김병국; 제해준; 이해원; 이종호
2018-05Identification of an Actual Strain-Induced Effect on Fast Ion Conduction in a Thin-Film Electrolyte이해원; 김병국; 이종호; 김형철; 손지원; 지호일; 윤경중; 안준성; 장호원