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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-04A new 3-methyl-4-ethylideneproline-containing peptide from the marine-derived Actinomycete Nocardiopsis lucentensis차진욱; 박진수; 심태보; William Fenical; 권학철
2017-01Carbon Isotopomer Analysis with Non-Unifom Sampling HSQC NMR for Cell Extract and Live Cell Metabolomics Studies차진욱; Sujin Lee; He Wen; Yong Jin An; Yoon-Joo Ko; Sven G. Hyberts; Sunghyouk Park
2019-02DeCODE: A deconvolution of 13C NMR spectrum of mixed chemical species from two-dimensional NMR spectroscopy차진욱
2013-12Diospentenols A and B, Two New Cyclopentapyrans Isolated from. Abandoned Mine Bacterium Streptomyces sp. KMA-001박진수; 차진욱; 김성환; 오동찬; 권학철
2015-07Effect of Lycoris chejuensis and its active components on experimental models of Alzheimer's disease김준기; 박유림; 천윤선; 차진욱; 권학철; 오명숙; 정성권; 양현옥
2020-05Extraction of Individual Spectra from Mixture Data Based on High-Resolution 13C-13C NMR Correlation Spectrum and DECODE Procedure차진욱; 박성혁
2011-12Hyperoside protects primary rat cortical neurons from neurotoxicity induced by amyloid β-protein via the PI3K/Akt/Bad/BclXL-regulated mitochondrial apoptotic pathwayKe-Wu Zeng; Xue-Mei Wang; 고현석; 권학철; 차진욱; 양현옥
2013-06Isolation and Identification of an Autophay-inducing Compound from Raphani Semen구밍야오; 권학철; 송민옥; 고현석; 차진욱; 이원종; 양현옥
2021-04Metabolic mechanisms of a drug revealed by distortion-free 13C tracer analysis차진욱; Xing Jin; Sihyang Jo; Young Jin An; Sunghyouk Park
2016-08Multiple Isotopomer Analysis with Non-uniform Sampled NMR for Cellular Metabolomic Studies차진욱; Xing Jin
2015-08Neuroprotective effect of a traditional Korean herbal formula via autophagy induction in models of Parkinson's disease배나영; Sungkwon Chung; 차진욱; Hyungun Oh; 김희주; 구밍야오; Myung Sook Oh; 양현옥
2014-09Neuroprotective effect of a traditional Korean herbal formula via autophagy induction in models of Parkinson's diseaseNayoung Bae; Sungkwon Chung; 차진욱; Hyungun Oh; 김희주; 구밍야오; Myung Sook Oh; 양현옥
2015-01Neuroprotective effect of modified Chungsimyeolda-tang, a traditional Korean herbal formula, via autophagy induction in models of Parkinson's disease배나영; 정성권; 김희주; 차진욱; 오현근; 구밍야오; 오명숙; 양현옥
2013-11Pheophytin a and Chlorophyll a Identified from Environmentally Friendly Cultivation of Green Pepper Enhance Interleukin-2 and Interferon-γ in Peyer's Patches ex Vivo표명윤; 박보경; 최정준; 양미희; 양현옥; 차진욱; 김진철; 김인선; 이향범; 진미림
2015-11Pontemazines A and B, phenazine derivatives containing a methylamine linkage from Streptomyces sp. UT1123 and their protective effect to HT-22 neuronal cells차진욱; 이승일; 김민철; Mya Thida; 이재욱; 박진수; 권학철
2011-03Rapid Identification of Bioactive Compounds Reducing the Production of Amyloid β-peptide (Aβ) from South African Plants Using an Automated HPLC/SPE/HPLC Coupling System권학철; 차진욱; 박진수; 전윤선; Nivan Moodley; Vinesh J. Maharaj; 윤성희; 정성권; 양현옥
2020-06Real-Time In-Organism NMR Metabolomics Reveals Different Roles of AMP-Activated Protein Kinase Catalytic Subunits차진욱; Christine H. Chung; Tin Tin Manh Nguyen; 안용진; 고윤주; Hanee Lee; Sang-Min Jeon; Junho Lee; 박성혁
2015-10Salinazinones A and B: Pyrrolidinyl-oxazinones from solar saltern-derived Streptomyces sp. KMF-004김민철; 이정환; 신보라; 수베디 라리타; 차진욱; 박진수; 오동찬; 김선여; 권학철
2020-12Solvent-localized in-situ NMR Monitoring by Intermolecular Single-quantum Coherence Study차진욱; Sunghyouk Park
2016-11Specific Detection of Cellular Glutamine Hydrolysis in Live Cells Using HNCO Triple Resonance NMR차진욱; 이수진; He Wen; 박성혁
2012-09Structure Assignment of Lucentamycin E and Revision of the Olefin Geometries of the Marine-Derived Lucentamycins차진욱; 박진수; 심태보; 남상집; 권학철; Juan R. Del Valle; William Fenical
2010-09Study on application of Sicyos angulatus and harvested rainwater for an energy saving house이주영; 한무영; 차진욱; M.J.Lee; 권학철; 양현옥
2020-05Supplementation with Chlorella vulgaris, Chlorella protothecoides, and Schizochytrium sp. increases propionate-producing bacteria in in vitro human gut fermentation차광현; 판철호; 차진욱; 진종범; 신일식; 전진영
2021-03Theoretical and practical features of J-scaled distortion-free HSQC차진욱; Sunghyouk Park
2012-04β-amyloid production inhibitory effect of alkaloids from Lycoris chejuensis전찬준; 차진욱; 이규송; 정성권; 양현옥; 권학철
2011-10-31고삼 추출물을 함유하는 숙취 예방 또는 해소용 조성물권학철; 김영주; 김준기; 양현옥; 차진욱; 함정엽