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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-03A highly efficient Cu(In,Ga)(S,Se)2 photocathode without a hetero-materials overlayer for solar hydrogen production민병권; 황윤정; 오형석; 채상윤; 김민규; 박기순; 김병우; 김웅
2020-01A perspective on practical solar to carbon monoxide production devices with economic evaluation주오심; 김홍곤; 민병권; 황윤정; 이웅; 이시영; 채상윤; 한성규; 고종원; 박세진; 김동환; 강윤묵
2018-01Charge separation properties of Ta3N5 photoanodes synthesized via a simple metal-organic-precursor decomposition process민병권; 황윤정; 채상윤; 한성규; 이시영
2019-02Charge Transportation at Cascade Energy Structure Interfaces of CuInxGa1-xSeyS2-y/CdS/ZnS for Spontaneous Water Splitting주오심; 민병권; 황윤정; 채상윤; 박세진
2011-04Cobalt Ferrite Nanocrystallites for Sustainable Hydrogen Production Application라젠드라; 채상윤; 마네; 한성환; 주오심
2013-12Cobalt sulfide thin films for counter electrodes of dye-sensitized solar cells with cobalt complex based electrolytes채상윤; 황윤정; 최종호; 주오심
2020-04Controlling the C2+ product selectivity of electrochemical CO2 reduction on an electrosprayed Cu catalyst민병권; 황윤정; 오형석; 당 리 트리 뉴옌; 이시영; 채상윤; 이찬우; 정혜진
2021-12CuInS2 Photocathodes with Atomic Gradation-Controlled (Ta,Mo)x(O,S)y Passivation Layers for Efficient Photoelectrochemical H2 Production주오심; 채상윤; 김유림; 박은덕; 임상혁
2015-12Design of a Monolithic Photoelectrochemical Tandem Cell for Solar Water Splitting with a Dye-sensitized Solar Cell and WO3/BiVO4 Photoanode채상윤; 정혜진; 주오심; 황윤정
2019-02Design of an amorphous TaOx multifunctional interfacial layer on photoelectrodes for photoelectrochemical H2 evolution주오심; 채상윤; 김수민
2020-12Direct growth of duel-faceted BiVO4 microcrystals on FTO-coated glass for photoelectrochemical water oxidation주오심; Gul Rahman; Adil Akhtar; Nourreen Amir Khan; 채상윤; Anwar Ui Haq Ali Shah
2019-04Directly synthesized silver nanoparticles on gas diffusion layers by electrospray pyrolysis for electrochemical CO2 reduction주오심; 채상윤; 이시영
2011-03Durability study of electrospray deposited Pt film electrode for hydrogen production in PV assisted water electrolysis system채상윤; 야다브; 김강진; 주오심
2015-03Effect of Si/TiO2/BiVO4 Heterojunction on Onset Potential of Photocurrents for Solar Water oxidation정혜진; 채상윤; 신창환; 민병권; 주오심; 황윤정
2018-07Efficient hydrogen evolution performance of phase-pure NiS electrocatalysts grown on fluorine-doped tin oxide-coated glass by facile chemical bath deposition주오심; 채상윤; Gul Rahman
2012-08Electrospray-deposited nickel ferrite thin film electrode for hydrogen production in PV-assisted water electrolysis system채상윤; 야다브; 주오심
2016-02Electrospun Mo-doped BiVO4 photoanode on a transparent conductive substrate for solar water oxidation정혜진; 채상윤; 김홍곤; 민병권; 황윤정
2019-02Elucidation of the structural and charge separation properties of titanium-doped hematite films deposited by electrospray method for photoelectrochemical water oxidation주오심; 채상윤; Gul Rahman
2016-12Enhanced Photocurrents with ZnS Passivated Cu(In,Ga)(Se,S)2 Photocathodes Synthesized Using a Nonvacuum Process for Solar Water Splitting주오심; 민병권; 황윤정; 한성규; 채상윤; 정혜진; 박세진; 김재웅; 정채환
2013-03Facile growth of aligned WO3 nanorods on FTO substrate for enhanced photoanodic water oxidation activityShankara S.Kalanur; 황윤정; 채상윤; 주오심
2014-06Highly stable RuO2/SnO2 nanocomposites as anode electrocatalysts in a PEM water electrolysis cell임지연; 걸라흐만; 채상윤; 이관영; 김창수; 주오심
2016-08Highly stable tandem solar cell monolithically integrating dye-sensitized and CIGS solar cells주오심; 민병권; 황윤정; 채상윤; 박세진; 전용석
2015-03Improved photoelectrochemical water oxidation kinetics using a TiO2 nanorod array photoanode decorated with graphene oxide in a neutral pH solution채상윤; Pitchaimuthu Sudhagar; Akira Fujishima; 황윤정; 주오심
2013-09Influence of TiO2 nanotube morphology and TiCl4 treatment on the charge transfer in dye-sensitized solar cells이선홍; 채상윤; 황윤정; 구기갑; 주오심
2017-06Insight into Charge Separation in WO3/BiVO4 Heterojunction for Solar Water Splitting주오심; 민병권; 황윤정; 채상윤; 정혜진; 이창수; 김종학
2018-08Insight into water oxidation activity enhancement of Ni-based electrocatalysts interacting with modified carbon supports민병권; 황윤정; 오형석; 채상윤; 정혜진; 이시영
2010-07Large area (9 × 9 cm2) electrostatically sprayed nanocrystalline zincite thin films for hydrogen production application라젠드라; 채상윤; 마네; 강그리; 한성환; 주오심
2010-10Low Pt loaded thin film electrode for Photoelectrochemical (PEC) cell채상윤; Jyotiprakash B. Yadav; 김강진; 주오심
2014-08Morphology control of one-dimensional heterojunctions for highly efficient photoanodes used for solar water splitting채상윤; 정혜진; 전효상; 민병권; 황윤정; 주오심
2020-12p-CuInS2/n-Polymer Semiconductor Heterojunction for Photoelectrochemical Hydrogen Evolution주오심; 채상윤; 이명재; 김민재; 조정호; 김봉수