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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997-053 차원 모델링을 이용한 대퇴 전염각의 측정 .김준식; 박희정; 최광수; 김선일; 최귀원
2013-053D Lip Feature Analysis for Visual Speech Recognition고혜승; 윤인찬; 이연주; 황도식; 최귀원
2006-103D Measurement Research for Image Guide Surgery of TKR Operation서덕찬; 박흥석; 윤인찬; 이문규; 유선국; 최귀원
2010-123D real-time facial recognition and speech system using 2 pair stereo camera고혜승; 한성민; 추준욱; 황도식; 서준교; 최귀원; 윤인찬
2008-103D reconstruction process of femur using 2D X-ray images김형진; 김아람; 윤인찬; 최귀원
2006-053D Visualization for Tele-medical DiagnosisSun K. Yoo; 기재홍; 최귀원
2010-08-163차원 골 영상 시뮬레이션 기술을 이용한 본 플레이트 제작 방법권익찬; 김광명; 박종웅; 서준교; 윤인찬; 최귀원; 추준욱
2008-02A biomechanical comparison of repair techniques in posterior type II superior labral anterior and posterior (SLAP) lesionsJae Chul Yoo; Jin Hwan Ahn; Sang Hak Lee; Hong Chul Lim; 최귀원; 배태수; 이창양
1998-04A Biomechanical study on the Tibial components under dynamic loading조철형; 조용균; 최재봉; 이태수; 최귀원
1997-09A development of new surface coating method to improve osseointegrationY.C. Lee; B.O. Cho; 권익찬; 최귀원
2013-08A fully implantable wireless system for sciatic nerve recording and stimulation손안세; 송강일; 추준욱; 서준교; 최귀원; 윤인찬
2010-06A Nanoplatform of Protein Cage as Molecular Imaging Probe최승혜; 최경미; 최귀원; 권익찬; 안형준
2009-06A near-infrared fluorescence-based optical Thermosensor이승영; 이슬기; 윤인찬; 이동기; 임용택; 정봉현; JAMES F. LEARY; 권익찬; 김광명; 최귀원
2008-02A near-infrared-fluorescence-quenched gold-nanoparticle imaging probe for in vivo drug screening and protease activity determination이슬기; 차의준; 박경순; 이승영; 홍진기; 선인철; 김상윤; 최귀원; 권익찬; 김광명; 안철희
2000-04A new fitness index for simulated implantation system of artificial hip joint based on 3D medical images김용호; 김중규; 최귀원
2000-05A new method of radial expansile force measurement of self-expandable metal stents문태균; 전훈재; 진윤태; 현진해; 유규하; 최귀원; 배태수; 홍대희; 이규백
2015-11A novel unsorted spike feature based real-time sensory event detection for closed-loop control한성민; 추준욱; 최귀원; 박종웅; 윤인찬
1999-09A numerical analysis for the effect due to the filler materials on AVN region in human femoral head최재봉; 주원; 최귀원; 강승백
1997-09A numerical study for the effect of filler materials on AVN femoral headW. Joo; 강승백; 최재봉; 최귀원
1997-06A numerical study for the variation of cortical bone thickness with several dental implants최재봉; W. Joo; H.J. Moon; 최귀원
1998-10A numerical study on the response of the tibial component in total knee arthroplasty to longitudinal impact조용균; 조철형; 최재봉; 이태수; 최귀원
1998-12A Numerical Study on the Response of the Tibial Component in Total Knee Arthroplasty to Longitudinal Impact조용균; 조철영; 최재봉; 이태수; 최귀원
1998-05A Numerical study on the response of the tibial components in total knee arthroplasty under longitudinal impact조용균; 조철형; 최재봉; 최귀원
2014-11A Real-Time ENG Pattern Recognition System based Sensory Event detection for Closed-Loop Control한성민; 추준욱; 최귀원; 서준교; 박종웅; 윤인찬
2003-01A study of Korean femoral geometry.Gon Khang; 최귀원; Cheol-Sang Kim; Jong Soo Yang; Tae-Soo Bae
2001-10A study of the mechanical properties of human trabecular bone by spherical indentation test배태수; 김정규; 이태수; 최귀원
1999-02A study on 3d reconstruction and simulated implantation of human femur using consecutive CT-images민경준; 김중규; 최재봉; 최귀원
2000-01A study on 3D reconstruction of human femur using consecutive CT-images and simulated implantation systemYong Ho Kim; Joong Kyu Kim; 최귀원
1999-09A study on the age-related geometrical change of femur in normal Korean adult배태수; 강승백; 최재봉; 최귀원
1998-08A study on the age-related geometrical change of femur in normal Korean adult강승백; 배태수; 최재봉; 최귀원