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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-12A distance-driven deconvolution method for CT image-resolution improvement최기환; Seokmin Han; Sang Wook Yoo; Jonghyon Yi
2014-06A Fourier-based compressed sensing technique for accelerated CT image reconstruction using first-order methods최기환; Ruijiang Li; Haewon Nam; Lei Xing
2016-03A preliminary study of an image synthesis method to simulate the change in the incident X-ray spectrum by using thickness information최기환; Seokmin Han; Sang Wook Yoo
2017-10A Subband-Specific Deconvolution Model for MTF Improvement in CT최기환; Seokmin Han; Sang Wook Yoo
2005-10Analysis of fluidic bead cube embedded portable CMOS sensing system for immuno reaction monitoring정용원; 최기환; 박세완; 김진석; 정두수; 김병규; 김현철; 전국진
2010-09Compressed sensing based cone-beam computed tomography reconstruction with a first-order method최기환; Jing Wang; Lei Zhu; Tae-Suk Suh; Lei Xing; Stephen Boyd
2020-07Computer-Aided Diagonosis for Colorectal Cancer using Deep Learning with Visual Explanations최기환; 최성지; 김은선
2018-08Densely Connected Semantic Segmentation Network for Liver Tumor Segmentation최기환; 심응준; 김영재; 권장호
2013-01Enhancement of four-dimensional cone-beam computed tomography by compressed sensing with Bregman iteration최기환; Benjamin P Fahimian; Tianfang Li; Tae-Suk Suh; Lei Xing
2005-10Fabrication of PDMS microlens LIF detection박세완; 정용원; 김진석; 최기환; 김현철; 정두수; 전국진
2006-06Fabrication of poly(dimethylsiloxane) microlens for laser-induced fluorescence detection박세완; 정용원; 김진석; 최기환; 김현철; 정두수; 전국진
2006-07Fabrication of polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) microlens for cell detection by light scattering박세완; 정용원; 김진석; 최기환; 김현철; 정두수; 전국진
2006-11Fabrication of Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) microlens for cell detection by light scattering박세완; 정용원; 김진석; 최기환; 김현철; 정두수; 전국진
2013-04First study of on-treatment volumetric imaging during respiratory gated VMAT최기환; Lei Xing; Albert Koong; Ruijiang Li
2018-08Generative Image Conditioned Compressed Sensing with Adversarial Learning for Four­Dimensional Cone­Beam CT최기환
2008-01PDMS micro bead cage reactor for the detection of alpha feto protein (AFP)정용원; 최기환; 김진석; 정두수; 김병규; 김현철; 전국진
2004-11PDMS microlens fabrication for LIF detection박세완; 정용원; 김진석; 최기환; 김현철; 정두수; 전국진
2021-03Prediction of the Histology of Colorectal Neoplasm in White Light Colonoscopic Images Using Deep Learning Algorithms최기환; Seongji Choi; Eun Sun Kim
2018-03Real-time image reconstruction for low-dose CT using deep convolutional generative adversarial networks (GANs)최기환; Sung Won Kim; Joon Seok Lim
2021-11Self-supervised Projection Denoising for Low-Dose Cone-Beam CT최기환
2018-08Semi ­Supervised Learning for Low­Dose CT Image Restoration Using Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs)최기환; S Kim
2019-07Semi-Supervised Learning for Low-Dose CT Image Restoration with Hierarchical Deep Generative Adversarial Network (HD-GAN)최기환; 말린다 바니아; 김성원
2020-07Statistical Image Restoration for Low-Dose CT using Convolutional Neural Networks최기환; 김성원
2020-10StatNet: Statistical Image Restoration for Low-Dose CT using Deep Learning최기환; Joon Seok Lim; Sungwon Kim
2012-04Total-Variation Regularization Based Inverse Planning for Intensity Modulated Arc Therapy최기환; Lei Zhu; Tianye Niu; Lei Xing
2020-02Trainable Multi-contrast Windowing for Liver CT Segmentation최기환; 권장호
2021-11Weakly Supervised Attention Map Training for Histological Localization of Colonoscopy Images최기환; 권장호
2022-02-28전처리 모듈을 포함하는 머신 러닝 기반의 인공지능을 이용하는 영상 분석 장치권장호; 김래현; 최기환