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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1993-1213C-NMR에 의해 결정된 탄소 유형별 구조적 조성으로부터 디이젤 연료의 세탄가의 예측에 관한 연구최주환; 전용진; 최웅수; 최영상; 권오관
2013-09-061차폴리아민을 갖는 규소화합물의 표면 구조 및 이의 제조방법최웅수; 신승수; 고영건
1988-01A study on the effect of physico - chemical factors in wear mechanism in a lubricated concentrated contact (II).최웅수; 권오관; 문탁진; 유영홍
1995-01A study on the filtration characteristics of magnetic fibrous polymeric filter with packing density profile as a new oil filter.최기영; 안병길; 최웅수; 권숙인; 권오관
2001-06A study on the filtration characteristics of the electrostatically charged non-woven polypropylene media오경근; 윤호규; 최웅수; 윤재만; 우제완
1989-01A study on the frictional characteristics of paper facing.안병길; 최웅수; 권오관; 문탁진
1990-01A study on the frictional characteristics of wet-clutch friction materials in accordance with composition.강전익; 한흥구; 최웅수; 권오관
1994-02A study on the synthesis of potassium hexatitanate whisker by the slow cooling calcinatin process이철태; 최웅수; 김영명
2003-02An effect of electrostatic characteristics of non-woven electret air filter media with polypropylene-carbon black mixture on filtration efficiency.오경근; 윤호규; 윤재만; 최웅수
1997-01Effect of solid lubricants on the wear mechanism of tin-bronze alloy황순홍; 허무영; 최웅수
2004-12Electrical and rheological behavior of the anhydrous ER fluids based on chitosan derivatives as the dispersion phases최웅수
2003-06Electrical and rheological properties of chitosan malonate suspension최웅수
2009-12Electrorheological behavior of the hollow PANI sebacate suspension upon application of the electric field최웅수; 이상순
2006-09Electrorheological Effect of Chitosan Salts as the Dispersed Phases최웅수; 우제완; 박용성; Sangshun Lee
2007-12Electrorheological effect of the suspension composed of Bismark Brown chitosan succinate as the dispersed phase최웅수
2001-06Electrorheological performance of chitosan sebacicate suspension as an anhydrous ER fluid최웅수; 고영건; 지한순; 이상순
1998-01Electrorheological properties of anhydrous ER suspensions based on phosphated cellulose안병길; 최웅수; 권오관; 문탁진
2001-04Electrorheological properties of cellulose phosphate ester suspension by conduction models최웅수; 고영건; 박용성; 권오관
2005-06Electrorheological properties of chitin and chitosan suspensions최웅수
2000-10Electrorheological properties of chitosan phosphate suspension지한순; 고영건; 이상순; 최웅수
2005-06Electrorheological properties of monodispersed submicron-sized hollow polyaniline adipate suspension성보현; 최웅수
1999-03Electrorheological properties of phosphoric ester cellulose ER fluids on the elevated temperature안병길; 오경근; 최웅수; 권오관
2002-06Electrorheology of amine dispersant coated chitosan phosphate suspension최웅수; 고영건
2007-03Electrorheology of Chitosan Derivative Suspension Based on Chitosan Cholesteryl Succiniate as the Disperse Phase최웅수; Jewan Woo; Sangsoon Lee
1998-12Electrorheology of chitosan suspensin by conduction models최웅수; 안병길; 이상순; 권오관
2008-12Electrorheology of HMDA coupled chitosan succinate suspension as an anhydrous ER fluid공성욱; 김승욱; 이상순; 최웅수
2006-06Electrorheology of hollow polyaniline pimelate suspension by conduction model최웅수
2007-09Electrorheology of Melaminated Chitosan Succinate Suspension최웅수; 우재완
2001-12Electrorheology of the suspension based on chitosan adipate as a new anhydrous ER fluid최웅수; 고영건
1998-12Filtration characteristics of polymeric porous materials composed of polypropylene and polyethylene안병길; 오경근; 최웅수; 권오관