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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1992-011.8wt.% ThO2-텅스텐의 재결정화 거동안성욱; 유정하; 최주
1994-011000~2000 ℃에서의 W-Mo-Cr-Al 합금의 산화 .최주; 윤국한
1970-01A study of the slip structure of an aged and deformed nickel-base superalloy.최주; 최형섭
1993-01A study on the formation of aluminide coating on KM 1557 alloy by pack cementation process윤진국; 유명기; 최주; 김재수
1992-01A study on the microstructural characteristics of tungsten by boron addition.유명기; 최주; 김현태; 김영도; 윤국한
1989-01Application of metal injection moulding to activated sintering of w-powder최주; K. M. Lee; Y. S. Kwon; I. H. Moon
1989-01Application of the activated sintered tungsten rod to gas tungsten arc welding electrode.최주; E. P. Kim; I. H. Moon
1992-01Corrosion and oxidation properties of Ni-base superalloy KM 1557.유명기; 최주; 김현태; 최형일; 김영도; 윤국한; 권숙인
1995-01Creep-rupture properties of a Ni-Cr-W-Al-Ti superalloy(KM 1557).최주; 도정만; 정호년; 백홍구; 허성강
1995-01Cyclic oxidation behavior of W-Mo-(29-48wt%)Cr alloys.최주; 윤국한
1991-09Discussion of evidence for the existence of potassium bubbles in AKS-doped tungsten.유명기; 최주; 김현태
1993-01Discussion on the mechanical alloying process of Ni-20Cr alloy유명기; 최주
1994-01Effect of chemistry gradient of CaO and MgO on recrystallization and grain growth in thickness direction of molybdenum sheet.유명기; 최주; Yutaka Hiraoka
1993-01Effect of microstructures on the non-sag property and ductility in molybdenum wire.유명기; 최주; 최종술; Yutaka Hiraoka
1991-01Effect of sintering atmosphere on the sintering behavior of w-powder.최주; I. H. Moon; J. H. Kim; M. J. Suk; S. C. Yoo; K. M. Lee
1986-01Effect of the melting rate on the carbide cell size in an electroslag remelted high speed steel ingot.서상희; 최주
1986-01Effect of the melting rate on the solidification rate in the ESR process.최주; 서상희; Renpei Yoda
1986-06Effects of dopants on the microstructure of the doped tungsten wire.김현태; 김재수; 홍종휘; 최주
1979-01Effects of Remelting of Tool Steels by the Electroslag Remelting Process서상희; 최주; 최형섭
1987-01Electrical resistivity of the activated sintered W-product.최주; Y. H. Suh; I. H. Moon
1976-01ESR 법에 의한 특수강의 재용해에 대한 연구 .신명철; 최형섭; 최주; 문만; 김창룡; 이선홍
1976-01ESR 에서 용해속도가 잉고트 미세조직에 미치는 영향 .서상희; 최주; 최형섭
1995-01Fracture behavior of doped molybdenum wire of doped Mo wires.최주; Y. Hiraoka; T. Hoshika; M. K. Yoo
1995-01Grain growth behavior in Mo-0.2 mass% Ti alloy.유명기; 최주; Yutaka Hiraoka; Kiyoshi Tanigawa
1993-01Grain growth of molybdenum sheet doped with CaO and MgO.유명기; 최주; 문길수; 나형용; Yutaka Hiraoka
1974-01HU-125C 전자현미경에 있어서 카메라 상수의 변화 및 상의회전에 대한 연구 .최주; 예길촌
1992-01Improvement of forging ability in the Ni-activatedly sintered w-powder compact by Ni-removal and cooling rate control.최주; I. H. Moon; H. J. Kim; K. Y. Kim; K. M. Lee; S. C. Yoo
1971-05Inconel 700 에 있어서의 γ' 입자의 성장에 관한 연구최주; 최형섭
1972-01Inconel 718 에 있어서 Ni//3Nb 상의 결정구조 .최주; 최형섭
1996-01Investigation on a potash-glass bead unearthed from Pyoungra-ri of around 5th century BC.최주; 변종홍; 정동찬; 이융조; 김수철; 송종한; H. S. Hong; Y. H. Yun