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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-09A spin torque meter with magnetic facet domains최준우; 송경미; Kyoung-Woong Moon; Changsoo Kim; Jungbum Yoon; Dong-Ok Kim; Dongseuk Kim; Byong Sun Chun; Chanyong Hwang
2021-10Advanced materials characterization using synchrotron radiation최준우; 서정화; 황춘규; 조병익; 이동렬; 장영준
2019-11An innovative magnetic state generator using machine learning techniques최준우; 권희영; 이찬기; N. J. Kim; H. G. Yoon; C. Won
2016-05Asymmetric magnetic proximity effect in a Pd/Co/Pd trilayer system민병철; 최준우; 송경미; 김동옥; 최용성; 김재성; 이동렬
2017-04Complementary spin transistor using a quantum well channel장준연; 구현철; 김형준; 최준우; 한석희; 박윤호; 최헌진
2020-01Controlling the Magnetic Anisotropy of the van der Waals Ferromagnet Fe3GeTe2 through Hole Doping장준연; 구현철; 김형준; 민병철; 최준우; 장차운; 류혜진; Se Young Park; Dong Seob Kim; Yu Liu; Jinwoong Hwang; Younghak Kim; Wondong Kim; Jae-Young Kim; Cedomir Petrovic; Choongyu Hwang; Sung-Kwan Mo
2019-12Creation and annihilation of topological meron pairs in in-plane magnetized films최준우; N. Gao; S.-G. Je; M.-Y. Im; M. Yang; Q. Li; T.Y. Wang; S. Lee; H.-S. Han; K.-S. Lee; W. Chao; C. Hwang; J. Li; Z.Q. Qiu
2020-09Creation of skyrmions in van der Waals ferromagnet Fe3GeTe2 on (Co/Pd)n superlattice최준우; M. Yang; Q. Li; R.V. Chopdekar; R. Dhall; J. Turner; J. D. Carlstrom; C. Ophus; C. Klewe; P. Shafer; A. T. N'Diaye; Gong Chen; Y. Z. Wu; C. Hwang; F. Wang; Z. Q. Qiu
2018-03Current-driven dynamics and inhibition of the skyrmion Hall effect of ferrimagnetic skyrmions in GdFeCo films장준연; 구현철; 민병철; 최준우; 이억재; 우성훈; 이동준; 송경미; Xichao Zhang; Yan Zhou; Motohiko Ezawa; Xiaoxi Liu; S. Finizio; J. Raabe; 이년종; 김상일; 박승영; 김영학; 김재영
2018-05Deterministic creation and deletion of a single magnetic skyrmion observed by direct time-resolved X-ray microscopy장준연; 박민철; 구현철; 민병철; 최준우; 이기영; 우성훈; 송경미; Xichao Zhang; Motohiko Ezawa; Yan Zhou; Xiaoxi Liu; Markus Weigand; Simone Finizio; Jorg Raabe
2019-02Effect of sputtering conditions on the structure and magnetic properties of self-assembled BiFeO3-CoFe2O4 nanocomposite thin films최준우; Tae Cheol Kim; Seung Han Lee; Hyun Kyu Jung; Young Eun Kim; Dong Hun Kim; Daejin Yang
2009-07Element-specific study of the anomalous magnetic interlayer coupling across NiO spacer layer in Co/NiO/Fe/Ag(001) using XMCD and XMLDJie Wu; 최준우; Andreas Scholl; Andrew Doran; Elke Arenholz; Yizheng Wu; 원창연; 황찬용; Zi Qiang Qiu
2015-06Enhancement of electric-field-induced change of magnetic anisotropy by interface engineering of MgO magnetic tunnel junctions타우픽 보내디; 최준우; 장차운; 민병철; 장준연
2011-12Epitaxial growth of Fe and MgO layers on GaAs (001): Microstructure and magnetic property김경호; 김형준; 안재평; 이승철; 원성옥; 최준우; 장준연
2001-08Epitaxial growths of Fe and MgO layers on GaAs (001): Microstructure and magnetic property김경호; 김형준; 안재평; 이승철; 원성옥; 최준우; 장준연; 김영근
2021-11Estimating the effective fields of spin configurations using a deep learning technique최준우; 권희영; D.B. Lee; H.G. Yoon; S.M. Park; 원창연
2021-02Exchange Bias in Weakly Interlayer-Coupled van der Waals Magnet Fe3GeTe2최준우; 장혜정; 장차운; 류혜진; 김경환; 이상엽; 권형근; 권희영; 정주영; Zi Qiang Qiu
2015-05Exchange-biased ferromagnetic electrodes and their application to complementary spin transistors박윤호; 최준우; 장준연; 최헌진; 구현철
2020-08Fabricating in-situ Lorentz TEM Holder MEMS Chip for Observation of Skyrmion Dynamics이병철; 최준우; 장혜정; 박진수; 정주영; 노형래; 이찬기; 김지훈
2016-05Formation of Magnetic Anisotropy by Lithography최준우; 김시년; 남윤재; 김양두; 이헌; 임상호
2011-12Growth temperature and thickness dependent magnetic anisotropy in L10 ordered FePd thin films with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy김현승; 최준우; 김형준; 민병철; 임상호
2020-12High-density N?el-type magnetic skyrmion phase stabilized at high temperature민병철; 최준우; 장혜정; 송경미; 권희영; 정주영; Ah-Yeon Lee; Seung-Young Park; Jeehoon Kim; Changyeon Won
2020-04Highly Enhanced Curie Temperature in Ga-Implanted Fe3GeTe2 van der Waals Material최준우; Memgmeng Yang; Qian Li; Rajesh V. Chopdekar; Camelia Stan; Stefano Cabrini; Sheng Wang; Tianye Wang; Nan Gao; Andreas Scholl; Nobumichi Tamura; Chanyong Hwang; Feng Wang; Ziqiang Qiu
2020-01Hump-like structure in Hall signal from ultra-thin SrRuO3films without inhomogeneous anomalous Hall effect최준우; Byungmin Sohn; Bongju Kim; Seo Hyoung Chang; Jung Hoon Han; Changyoung Kim
2019-01Integration of sputter-deposited multiferroic CoFe2O4?BiFeO3 nanocomposites on conductive La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 electrodes최준우; Seung Han Lee; Guo Tian; Tae Cheol Kim; Hyun Kyu Jung; Frederick J Walker; Charles H Ahn; Caroline A Ross; Dong Hun Kim
2010-09Interlayer Coupling Between In-Plane And Out-of-Plane Magnetized Thin Films최준우; 김재영; 박병규; 박재현; 신일재; 민병철; 신경호
2022-03Interpolation and extrapolation between the magnetic chiral states using autoencoder최준우; 권희영; H.G.Yoon; 이찬기; D.B.Lee; S.M.Park; 원창연
2018-11Investigating spintronic and advanced functional materials using synchrotron x-rays최준우; 장서형; 홍정일; 이동렬
2012-04Magnetic Anisotropy and Morphology of Fe Epitaxial Layers Grown on MgO/InAs Heterostructures김경호; 김형준; 안재평; 한준현; 최준우; 장준연
2020-09Magnetic Hamiltonian parameter estimation using deep learning techniques최준우; 권희영; H. G. Yoon; C. Lee; G. Chen; K. Liu; A. K. Schmid; Y. Z. Wu; C. Won