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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-10Adhesion Properties of Mussel-inspired Biopolymer based on Catechol Functionalized Poly(vinyl alcohol)정용채; 임다운; 하유미; 이재석
2016-10Antimicrobial Activity of Cross-linked Poly (vinyl alcohol) Nanofibers Incorporating Mussel Protein정용채; 임다운; 하유미; 김융암
2018-08Antimicrobial properties of lignin-decorated thin multi-walled carbon nanotubes in poly(vinyl alcohol) nanocomposites박민; 황준연; 정용채; 김재우; 김영오; 이은실; 임다운; 하유미; 조재환
2016-08CNT Buckypaper-Polyurethane Composite with Enhanced Strength, Toughness and Flexible정용채; 임다운; 하유미; 김융암
2015-08Enhanced Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Polyimide Nanocomposites with Boron and Nitrogen Doped Graphene하유미; 이재석; 정용채
2020-08Enhanced mechanical properties and thermal conductivity of polyimide nanocomposites incorporating individualized boron-doped graphene정용채; 김재우; 김영오; 하유미; 김영남; 소찬; 이재석
2017-06Enhanced Physical Properties of Polyurethane Composites with the Introduction of Thermally Annealed Carbon Nanotubes정용채; 하유미; 이솔이; 임다운; 김융암
2016-07Enhanced Physical Properties of Polyurethane Nanocomposites Incorporating High TemperatureTreated Thin Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes정용채; 임다운; 하유미; 이솔이
2015-10Enhanced Thermal Conductivity and Mechanical Properties of High Termperature Treated Thin Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes/Polyurethane Nanocomposites하유미; 임다운; 정용채
2017-07Enhancing the durability of filtration the ultrafine aerosol by electrospun polymer filter containing quaternary ammonium moiety정용채; 하유미; Su-Bin Lee; Hee-Joo Cho; Seo-Jeong Kim; Byung-Joo Chung; Won Keun Son; Kyung Seok Kang; Kihong Park; Jae-Suk Lee
2016-10Environmentally-Friendly Recycling Technology of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymers using Supercritical Fluid정용채; 하유미; 김영남
2017-04Fabrication of Transparent Conductive Thin-multi Walled Carbon Nanotube Films using Effect of the Metal Ion-DOPA Complex.정용채; 고영일; 하유미; 이솔이; 임다운; 이승희
2016-09Filtration of ultrafine particles via electrospun filter consists of the functional polymer electrolyte정용채; 하유미; 이수빈; 민청민; 안민균; 김보람; 손원근; 강경석; 조희주; 김서정; 박기홍; 이재석
2019-02Flame Retardant Epoxy Derived from Tannic Acid as Biobased Hardener정용채; 문병준; 조재현; 김영오; 이병완; 하유미; 조예린; Hyeonuk Yeo
2021-01Flame retardant, antimicrobial, and mechanical properties of multifunctional polyurethane nanofibers containing tannic acid-coated reduced graphene oxide정용채; 김재우; 김영오; 하유미; 김영남; 조준용; 박재은; 한학수; 이도창
2016-11Flexible Transparent Conducting Films Composed of Photochemically Oxidized Thin Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes양철민; 정용채; 김재우; 고영일; 하유미; Takuya Hayashi; 김융암; Morinobu Endo
2013-10In-Situ Polymerization Nanocomposite of Boron Doped Graphene/Polyimide: Its Physical Properties Study하유미; 이현정; 정용채
2013-10Incorporation of Boron doped Graphene into a Polyurethane Nanocomposites정용채; 하유미; 이현정; 김융암; 모리노부 엔도
2019-10Interaction of photothermal graphene networks with polymer chains and laser-driven photo-actuation behavior of shape memory polyurethane/epoxy/epoxy-functionalized graphene oxide nanocomposites정용채; 김영오; 하유미; Vinay Deep Punetha; Jae Whan Cho
2015-04Mechanical and Thermal Conductivity Properties of Polyimide/B-, N- doped Graphene Nanocomposites하유미; 이재석; 정용채
2016-10Performance of functional polymer filters for preventing the ultrafine particles by electrospinning정용채; 하유미; Su-Bin LEE; Cheong-Min MIN; Min-Kyoon AHN; Boram KIM; Kung Seok KANG; Hee-Joo CHO; Seo-Jeong KIM; Kihong PARK; Jae-Suk LEE
2016-04PVA Cross-linked Nanofibers Incorporating Mussel Adhesion Protein and its Antibacterial Activity정용채; 하유미; 임다운; 이솔이; 김융암
2020-06Rapid remote actuation in shape memory hyperbranched polyurethane composites using cross-linked photothermal reduced graphene oxide networks정용채; 김영오; 하유미; Vinay DeepPunetha; 조재환
2019-10Rapidly self-heating shape memory polyurethane nanocomposite with boron-doped single-walled carbon nanotubes using near-infrared laser정용채; 김재우; 김영오; 하유미; 김영남; Jae-Suk Lee; Jae Whan Cho; Morinobu Endo; Hiroyuki Muramatsu; Yoong Ahm Kim
2016-04Robust and Flexible Polyurethane Composite Nanofi bers Incorporating Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Produced by Solution Blow Spinning정용채; 유재상; 하유미; 국은지; 임익태; 김연직
2019-09Robust and stretchable self-healing polyurethane based on polycarbonate diol with different soft-segment molecular weight for flexible devices박민; 정용채; 안석훈; 이승기; 김영오; 하유미; 이재석; 정재우
2017-10Self-healing polyurethane based on thermally reversible disulfide exchange reaction정용채; 안석훈; 하유미; 정재우
2019-06Shape Memory Assisted Self-Healing Polyurethane based on Polycarbonate박민; 정용채; 안석훈; 이승기; 김영오; 하유미; 김영남; 이재석; 정재우
2016-09Spontaneously restored electrical conductivity of bioactive gel comprising mussel adhesive proteincoated carbon nanotubes박민; 이상현; 정용채; 하유미; 이현정; 고영일; Hiroyuki Muramatsu; 김융암
2019-04Superior, Robust, Transparedn and stretchable Self-Healing Polyurethane for Flexible Devices박민; 정용채; 안석훈; 이승기; 김영오; 하유미; 이재석