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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-07A dual catalytic strategy by the nature of the functionalization effect as well as active species on vanadium-based catalyst for enhanced low temperature SCR하헌필; 김종식; 권동욱; 김동호; 이석현
2003-11A manufacturing technology of AZ91-alloy slurry for semi solid forming변지영; 권순일; 하헌필; 윤진국
2000-01A numerical and experimental study of the rate of transformation in three directionally grown peritectic systems하헌필; J. D. Hunt
2013-05A USANS-SANS Study on Pt Nanoparticles Dispersed on Different Types of γ Alumina Powders and Their Reactivities김상훈; 김만호; 하헌필; 변지영; 한수경
2014-11A USANS-SANS Study on the Correlation between the Shape of Gamma Alumina and Catalytic Activity김만호; 김상훈; 한수경; 하헌필; 변지영
2006-10An ab Initio Study of the Energetics for Interfaces between Group V Transition Metal Carbides and bcc Iron정순효; 하헌필; 정우상; 변지영
2006-03An ab initio study of the energetics for interfaces between group Ⅴ transition metal nitrides and bcc iron정우상; 정순효; 하헌필; 변지영
2006-09An ab initio Study of the Energies of Coherent Interfaces formed between bcc Iron and Carbides or Nitrides of Transition Metals정우상; 정순효; 하헌필; 변지영
2007-02An ab initio Study of the Energies of Coherent Interfaces formed between bcc Iron and Carbides or Nitrides of Transition Metals정우상; 정순효; 하헌필; 변지영
1997-07An experimental and theoretical study of the peritectic reaction하헌필; J. D. Hunt
2013-08Arc plasma deposition of nanoparticles for catalytic applications정영은; 하헌필; 변지영; 김상훈
1999-04Band-gap energy and thermoelectric properties of 90% Bi2Te3-10% Bi2Se3 single crystals하헌필; 현도빈; 황종승; 오태성
2015-11Catalytic Activity and Thermal Stability of Arc Plasma Deposited Pt Nano-Particles on CeO2-Al2O3정영은; 아닐쿠마; 최희락; 이관영; 하헌필
2013-03Catalytic activity of Au/TiO2 and Pt/TiO2 nanocatalysts prepared with arc plasma deposition under CO oxidation김상훈; 정찬호; Nruparaj Sahu; 박다희; 윤중열; 하헌필; 박정영
2013-10Ceria added Sb-V2O5/TiO2 catalysts for low temperature NH3 SCR: Physico-chemical properties and catalytic activity이경주; 아닐쿠마; 막불살만; Komateedi Narayana Rao; 송광호; 하헌필
2021-08Comparative Study of HSOA-/SOA2-versus H3-BPO4B-Functionalities Anchored on TiO2-Supported Antimony Oxide-Vanadium Oxide-Cerium Oxide Composites for Low-Temperature NOX Activation하헌필; 김종식; 남기복
2012-03Cs promoted Ag/Al2O3 catalysts for selective catalytic reduction of NOx by methane: effect of SO2 and H2O라오; 하헌필
2012-05Dimethyl ether (DME) reforming by microreactor using Cu and Cr as active components over γalumina레하나 코우저; 김도형; 유병용; 하헌필; 김상훈; 변지영
2018-11Effect of hydrothermal aging on NOx reduction performance for Sb-V-CeO2/TiO2 catalyst하헌필; 정영은; Pullur Anil Kumar; Kwan-young Lee
1993-01Effect of processing parameters on thermoelectric properties of p-type Bi//2Te//3-Sb//2Te//3 solid solutions.변지영; 하헌필; 심재동; 조영환
2002-06Effect of pulse plating on the hardness and ductility of electroplated Fe-C오영주; 하헌필; 변정수
1994-08Effects of composition and process parameters on the thermoelectric properties of n-type Bi2Te3-Bi2Se3 solid solutions하헌필; 현도빈; 조영환; 심재동
2000-01Effects of excess Te addition and growth rate on thermoelectric properties of 22.5% Bi2Te3-77.5% Sb2Te3 single crystals현도빈; 하헌필; 황종승; 오태성
2001-08Effects of excess Te on the thermoelectric properties of p-type 25% Bi2Te3-75% Sb2Te3 single crystal and hot-pressed sinter황창원; 현도빈; 하헌필; 오태성
2000-01Effects of Sb2Se3 addition on the electrical and properties of the 2 wt% excess Te-doped 25% Bi2Te3-75% Sb2Te3 single crystals현도빈; 하헌필; 황종승; 오태성
2005-01Effects of Te on the Anti-Galling Properties of Ni-Cr-Sn-Bi Alloy하헌필; 김경탁; 심재동; 김용규
1999-11Electrical and thermoelectric properties of (100-x)% Bi2Te3-x% Sb2Te3 (x≥66.7) single crystals현도빈; 하헌필; 한동균; 심재동; 오태성
1992-01Electrical and thermoelectric properties of Bi2Te3-Bi2Se3 single crystals현도빈; 하헌필; 심재동
1999-08Electrical and thermoelectric properties of SbI3-doped 25% Bi2Te3-75% Sb2Te3 and 15% Bi2Te3-85% Sb2Te3 single crystals현도빈; 하헌필; 심재동; 황종승; 오태성
1991-01Electrical and thermoelectrical properties of undoped Bi//2Te//3-Sb//2Te//3 and Bi//2Te//3 and Bi//2Te//3-Sb//2Se//3 single crystals.전형욱; 심재동; 하헌필; 현도빈