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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-10A carrier-free multiplexed gene editing system applicable for suspension cells김은경; 한기철; 김진철; 장미희; 주안나; 신상철; 이영은; 이성원; 박현정; 홍석만
2012-06A highly sensitive, multiplex immunoassay using gold nanoparticle-enhanced signal amplification한기철; 양은경; 안대로
2006-10A peptide inhibitor-based microcantilever sensor for active cAMP-dependent protein한기철; 양은경
2006-10A peptide inhibitor-based microcantilever sensor for active cAMP-dependent protein양은경; 한기철
2007-04Amplification of fluorescence with packed beads to enhance the sensitivity of miniaturized detection in microfluidic chip신경식; 이성우; 한기철; 김상경; 양은경; 박정호; 주병권; 강지윤; 김태송
2010-12An approach to multiplexing an immunosorbent assay with antibody-oligonucleotide conjugates한기철; 안대로; 양은경
2013-05An immunoassay utilizing the DNA-coated polydiacetylene micelles as a signal generatorHoa Thi Hoang; 이태민; 김병수; 한기철; 안대로
2004-10Analysis of binding between HIV-1 Rev and RRE by capillary electrophoresis with laser-induced fluorescence detection한기철; 유재훈; 양은경
2007-01ATP-conjugated peptide inhibitors for calmodulin-dependent protein kinase II안대로; 한기철; 권혁성; 양은경
2003-02Coexpression of BiP increased antithrombotic hirudin production in recombinant Saccharomyces cerevisiae김명동; 한기철; 강현아; 이상기; 서진호
2011-01Computational approach to the identification of novel Aurora-A inhibitors네아즈; 조용서; 서선희; 한기철; 양은경; 배애님
2005-01Design and characterization of microfluidic analysis system for RNA-aminoglycoside interactions이지혜; 장준문; 조한상; 한기철; 김태송; 강지윤; 양은경
2007-03Development of a peptide inhibitor-based cantilever sensor assay for cyclic adenosine monophosphate-dependent protein kinase권혁성; 한기철; 황교선; 이정훈; 김태송; 윤대성; 양은경
2003-11Development of high-throughput screening systems for RNA targets using microfluidic chips이지혜; 장준문; 조한상; 한기철; 김태송; 강지윤; 양은경
2010-06Development of multiplex oligonucleotide-linked immunosorbent assay한기철; 안대로; 양은경
2005-10Development of peptide inhibitor sensor assays for protein kinase action권혁성; 한기철; 황교선; 이정훈; 김태송; 윤대성; 양은경
2003-10Development of screening system for protein kinase using beads한기철; 권혁성; 양은경
2008-10Discovery of mouse plasma biomarkers for infertility by proteomic analysis한기철; 양은경
2013-12Elongated oligonucleotide-linked immunosorbent assay for sensitive detection of a biomarker in a microwell plate-based platform한기철; 양은경; 안대로
2008-09Endorepellin LG3 fragment as a serological biomarker for breast cancer양은경; 한기철; 이종원; 노동영; 이철주; 유명희
2009-08Evaluation of a serum marker endorepellin LG3 fragment combined with mammography for breast cancer diagnosis양은경; 한기철; 이종원; 노동영; 이철주; 유명희
2021-12Facile discovery of a therapeutic agent for NKmediated synergistic antitumor effects using a patient-derived 3D platform한기철; 장미희; 육채민; 이영은; 이민석; 전은성; 김태성; 구자록; 임성갑; 이은정
2002-02Flow cytometric analysis of human lysozyme production in recombinant Saccharomyces cerevisiaeMarvin S. Peterson; 김명동; 한기철; 김지현; 서진호
2015-02Highly sensitive detection of a bio-threat pathogen by gold nanoparticle-based oligonucleotide-linked immunosorbent assay서상환; 이영란; 전준호; 황이랑; 박필구; 안대로; 한기철; 이기은; 홍기종
2020-09HSP90 Inhibitor, 17-DMAG, Alone and in Combination with Lapatinib Attenuates Acquired Lapatinib-Resistance in ER-positive, HER2-Overexpressing Breast Cancer Cell Line한기철; Hye Jin Lee; Seungho Shin; Jinho Kang; Yeul Hong Kim; Jeoung-Won Bae; Kyong Hwa Park
2010-03Identification of farnesoid X receptor modulators by a fluorescence polarization-based interaction assay한기철; 김정환; 김국한; 김은경; 서진호; 양은경
2007-10Identification of inhibitors for the interaction between the farnesoid X receptor and chenodeoxycholic acid한기철; 양은경
2018-01Identification of plasma membrane glycoproteins specific to human glioblastoma multiforme cells using lectin arrays and LC-MS/MS이철주; 한기철; 이지은; 박예은; 염정훈; 김영수; 이혜진; 이승택
2013-04Induction of Re-Differentiation of Passaged Rat Chondrocytes Using a Naturally Obtained Extracellular Matrix Microenvironment차명화; 도선희; 박가람; 두 핑; 한기철; 한동근; 박귀덕
2004-02Lab-on-a-chips한기철; 양은경