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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-04A case study on stream maintenance and security for prevention of urban stream depletion이주영; 김동근; 임베마사히로; 한무영
2008-02A estimation of Rainwater Harvesting Potential for irrigation in high land region, South Korea이주영; 한무영; 양중석; 최재영; 김성혜
2015-04A pilot study to evaluate runoff quantity from green roofs이주영; 이민정; 한무영
2008-10A Strategic Plan and Management for Ecological Abandoned Mine Land (AML) reuse using GIS이주영; 한무영; 양중석; 최재영
2009-03A Study on EnvironmentalㆍMine Geographic Information System approach for the Sustainable Mine Management and Prevention of Mine Hazards : Focused on the Environmental Section이주영; 한무영; 양중석; 최재영
2007-11A Study on the Management of Rainwater Harvesting for Irrigation in High-land Agricultral Lands이주영; 한무영; 최재영; 양중석
2008-04Acid rain at City of Gangneung in South Korea이주영; 한무영; 양중석; 최재영
2012-02Analysis of the operating factors of dissolved air flotation (DAF) process for effluent quality improvement from aquaculture rearing tank기재홍; Hyoungjun Kim; 이주영; 한무영; 강희웅
2008-08Assessing the rainwater runoff quality from small-scale greenroof이주영; 한무영
2014-09Assessment of Seasonal Algae Variability in a Reservoir이주영; 한무영; 김충일
2011-04Characteristics of the event mean concentration (EMC) from rainfall runff on an urban highway이주영; 김형준; 김영진; 한무영
2007-10Characterization of Rainwater Quality for Rainwater harvesting and utilization strategies이주영; 양중석; 최재영; 한무영
2007-11Chemical Assessment for Rainwater Harvesting이주영; 한무영
2010-06Comparison of stochastic models of rainfall processes in mountainous climatic conditions이주영; 한무영; 김동근; W. H. Ji
2010-01Comparison of the microbiological and chemical characterization of harvested rainwater and reservoir water as alternative water resources이주영; 양중석; 한무영; 최재영
2010-09Comparsion of stochastic simulation for rainwater harvesting and treatment facility design이주영; 김동근; 김형준; W.H. Ji; 문형준; 한무영
2010-12Constructed wetlands for water recycling and green tourist city이주영; 한무영; 김형준
2007-11Development of GIS Interface for Generation of Regional Daily Flow at River Network이주영; Ganeshy Krishnamursh; 한무영
2007-10Estimation of potential rainwater harvesting in rural region이주영; 양중석; 최재영; 한무영
2008-02Estimation of Rainwater Harvesting Potential in mountainous area using GIS Technique이주영; 한무영; 양중석
2008-04GIS based on spatial distribution of BTEX concentration in the vadose zone이주영; 한무영; 최재영; 양중석
2011-06Quality assessment of rooftop runoff and harvested rainwater from a building catchment이주영; 김형준; 한무영
2012-03Quality of roof-harvested rainwater - Comparsion of different roofing materials이주영; 박기쁨; 한무영
2013-10Quantitative analysis on the urban flood mitigation effect by the extensive green roof system이주영; 문형준; 김충일; 김현우; 한무영
2010-12Relationship between land use and water quality in a small watershed in South Korea이주영; 양중석; 김동근; 한무영
2010-12Review on Codes and Application of Urban Rainwater Harvesting Utilization: Focused on Case Study in South Korea이주영; 한무영; 김형준
2007-11River Stream Hydraulic Modeling for Stormwater Planning and Management이주영; 한무영
2007-11River Stream Network Analysis for Hydrologic Modeling이주영; 한무영
2010-06River Water Quality Analysis within Abandoned Mine Land (AML)이주영; 양중석; 김동근; 한무영; 지원현
2009-09Stormwater Runoff Quality from permeable Pavement on Urban Area이주영; 한무영