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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-A Self-Restorable Colorless Bidirectional WDM-PON Based on ASE-Injected FP-LDsLee Kwan Il; 이주한; 한영근; Lee, Sang Bae; 문실구; Sang-Mook Lee; 이창희
-All-FBG-based switchable dual wavelength EDF laser with high tunability of lasing wavelength김현주; 권오장; Choo Su Ho; 김민석; 송석호; 한영근; Lee, Sang Bae
-Bending Characteristics of Holey Fiber-Based Long-Period Fiber Grating Depending on Rotational Orientation한영근; Song Soo-Ho; Lee Kwan Il; Lee, Sang Bae; 정제명; 정창현; 오치환; 강희전
-Bending characteristics of long-period fiber gratings written in a holey fiber depending on axial rotation angleSong Soo-Ho; 한영근; Kim Gil Hwan; Cho HyungSu; Bae Jun Kye; Lee, Sang Bae; 정제명; 정창현; 오치환; 강희전
-Bending loss and characteristics of indoor cable & optical cord with holey fiber정창현; 오치환; 유기선; 강희전; Lee Kwan Il; Lee, Sang Bae; 한영근
-Birefringent interferometer-based strain sensor with temperature insensitivity권오장; Kim HyunJu; Choo su ho; 김민석; Lee, Sang Bae; 정영주; 한영근
-Comparative analysis of the sensitivity to the ambient index change of the fiber Bragg grating, LPG, and polymer grating on D-sahped fiberMuliar Olena; Lee, Sang Bae; Kim HyunJu; 한영근
-Coupled ring cavity multi-wavelength fiber laser using a SOALee Kwan Il; Lee, Sang Bae; 이주한; 김철한; 한영근
-Fabrication of a surface long-period fiber grating based on a D-shaped photonic crystal fiberKim HyunJu; 권오장; Choo Su Ho; Yoon Min Seok; Kim Gil Hwan; Lee, Sang Bae; 한영근
2006-09-19few mode 광섬유 격자를 이용한 라만 또는 어븀 광섬유 레이저와 이를 이용한 온도와 스트레인 동시 측정을 위한 장거리 센서한영근; 이주한; 김상혁; 이상배
-Highly efficient electrospray process for carbon nanotube-based laser pulse formersChoo su ho; WON SUK HAN; 한영근; Song, Yong-Won
-Improvement of optical characteristics of holey fibers and their applications to connection and integration for fabrication of compact optical devices정창현; 오치환; 유기선; 강희전; Lee, Sang Bae; 한영근
-Multiwavelength Raman Fiber Ring Lasers with Continuous Wavelength Spacing Tunability한영근; Xinyong Dong; 이주한; Lee Kwan Il; Lee, Sang Bae
-Nonlinear optical absorption of single-walled carbon nanotubes deposited onto D-shaped optical fibersChoo su ho; 권오장; 김현주; Song, Yong-Won; 한영근
2003-06Novel raman fiber laser and fiber-optic sensors using multi-channel fiber gratings.한영근; 김상혁; 이상배; 김창석; 강웅진; 백운출; 정영주
-Optical characteristics of surface long-period fiber gratings based on a D-shaped fiber and its application to a label free biosensorKim HyunJu; 권오장; 추수호; 윤민석; Kim Gil Hwan; Lee, Sang Bae; 한영근
-Performance Comparison of Directly-Modulated, Wavelength-Locked Fabry-P'erot Laser Diode and EAM-Modulated, Spectrum-Sliced ASE Source for 1.25 Gb/s WDM-PON김철한; 이주한; 정대광; 한영근; Lee, Sang Bae
-Side-Mode Suppressed Multiwavelength Fiber Laser and Broadcast TransmissionLee Kwan Il; Lee, Sang Bae; Ju Han Lee; 김철한; 한영근
-SOA-based multiwavelength fiber laser and its application to 155 Mb/s WDM transmissionLee Kwan Il; Lee, Sang Bae; 김철한; 이주한; 한영근
-Switchable multiwavelength EDF laser with a nonlinear optical loop mirror and fiber Bragg gratingsThi van Anh Tran; Lee Kwan Il; Lee, Sang Bae; 한영근
-Temperature and bending discrimination based on a sampled chirped fiber Bragg gratingChoo Su Ho; Yoon Min Seok; 권오장; Kim Hyun Ju; Lee, Sang Bae; 한영근
2007-12-21가변 다채널 필터한영근; 이상배; 김상혁
2007-07-31가변 다채널 필터한영근; 이상배; 김상혁
2006-12-11가변 다채널 필터한영근; 이상배; 김상혁
2006-06-27가변 분산 조절기를 이용하는 펄스 레이저 주파수의 가변적 정수배 변환기의 개발이주한; 김상혁; 이상배; 한영근
2007-05-25가변 첩 광섬유 격자 기반 단층 촬영용 광간섭신호 발생기한영근; 김창석; 이상배; 이주한
2007-03-09광 소자이상배; 한영근
2007-01-09광섬유 격자를 이용한 광섬유 라만 레이저와 이를 이용한 장거리용 센서이주한; 김상혁; 이상배; 한영근
2007-03-23광섬유 라만 증폭기한영근; 김철한; 이상배
2007-03-21광소자이상배; 한영근