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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-03A 3D Optical Metamaterial Made by Self-AssemblySilvia Vignolini; Nataliya A. Yufa; Pedro S. Cunha; Stefan Guldin; Ilia Rushkin; Morgan Stefik; 허가현; Ulrich Wiesner; Jeremy J. Baumberg; Ullrich Steiner
2018-02A Generalized Crystallographic Description of All Tellurium Nanostructures허가현; 김민석; Xing­Hua Ma; 조기현; 전승렬; 성윤모
2018-01A Hierarchically Porous Carbon Fabric for Highly Sensitive Electrochemical Sensors이수연; 문명운; 김상훈; 허가현; 전승렬; 윤선미; 조성원; Jiao Yuan; Aiying Wang
2015-12A simple method of analyzing the phase transition behavior of a Na-Sn battery using energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy안재평; 허가현; 서종현; 변영운; 최용석; 이재철
2015-10Block Copolymer Derived Metamaterials허가현
2015-04Block Copolymer Derived Metamaterials허가현
2015-01Block copolymer-nanoparticle hybrid self-assemblyTobias N. Hoheisel; 허가현; Ulrich Wiesner
2011-03Chain Dynamics of Ring and Linear Polyethylene Melts from Molecular Dynamics Simulations허가현; Cheol Jeong; Roland G. Winkler; Naida Lacevic; Richard H. Gee; Do Y. Yoon
2006-05Comparison of Ring and Linear Polyethylene from Molecular Dynamics Simulations허가현; Roland G. Winkler; Do Y. Yoon
2019-10Copper­-Halide Polymer Nanowires as Versatile Supports for Single­ Atom Catalysts원성옥; 문명운; 허가현; 박현서; 김민석; 공지민; 박해동; Aditya Sharma; 성윤모; 박태준
2014-06Density Functional Tight Binding Study on Solid Electrolyte Interface of Lithium Sulfur Battery허가현
2013-10Design and Applications of Multiscale Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Materials Derived from Block Copolymer Self-Assembly허가현; Ulrich Wiesner
2020-01Design of DNA Origami Diamond Photonic Crystals허가현; 박성훈; 박해동; 이승우
2014-11Direct Access to Hierarchically Porous Inorganic Oxide Materials with Three-Dimensionally Interconnected NetworksJongkook Hwang; Changshin Jo; 허가현; Jun Lim; Seongseop Kim; Jinwoo Lee
2021-06Electrochemical Nitrogen Reduction Kinetics on a Copper Sulfide Catalyst for NH3 Synthesis at Low Temperature and Atmospheric Pressure장종현; 허가현; 박현서; 박희영; 김민석; 공지민; 라마비 피트라; 김한성
2017-09Exploring Periodic Bicontinuous Cubic Network Structures with Complete Phononic Bandgaps허가현; Richard G. Hennig; Ulrich Wiesner
2019-11Fast healing of ionic bonds in tough hydrogels under an acoustic excitation허가현; 이현희; 김용우; 우재성; 박해동; Zhigang Suo; 선정윤
2019-02Ferroelectrically Switching Helical Columnar Assembly Comprising Cisoid Conformers of a 1,2,3-Triazole-based Liquid Crystal허가현; Manh Linh Nguyen; 변재덕; 김수웅; 현준원; 신태주; 조병기
2013-08Hierarchical Porous Polymer Scaffolds from Block CopolymersHiroaki Sai; Kwan Wee Tan; 허가현; Emily Asenath-Smith; Robert Hovden; Yi Jiang; Mark Riccio; David A. Muller; Veit Elser; Lara A. Estroff; Sol M. Gruner; Ulrich Wiesner
2013-10Highly Ordered Mesoporous Metal Networks from Block Copolymer-Nanoparticle Co-Assembly허가현
2019-03Highly tumor-specific DNA nanostructures discovered by in vivo screening of a nucleic acid cage library and their applications in tumor-targeted drug delivery안대로; 정학숙; 허가현; 박해동; 강성재; 이아영; 김경란; Dohyeon Hwang; Miri Park; 김상희; 쳉데 마오
2019-09Infrared Transmitting Polyimides Based on Chalcogenide Element-Blocks with Tunable High-refractive Indices and Broad Optical허가현; 이승기; 이아람; Ki-Ho Nam; Haksoo Han
2017-04Intrinsic photonic wave localization in a three-dimensional icosahedral quasicrystal허가현; 전승렬; 권형호
2016-07Label-free bacterial detection using polydiacetylene liposomes석현광; 전호정; 허가현; 박지민; Seul Kathy Ku; 서덕원; Dmitry Shvartsman; David J. Mooney; 이강원
2015-06Linking Experiment and Theory for 3D Networked Binary Metal Nanoparticle -Triblock Terpolymer Superstructures허가현
2015-03Linking Experiment and Theory for 3D Networked Binary Metal Nanoparticle-Triblock Terpolymer Superstructures허가현
2014-02Linking experiment and theory for three-dimensional networked binary metal nanoparticle-triblock terpolymer superstructuresZihui Li; 허가현; Hiroaki Sai; Takeshi Higuchi; Atsushi Takahara; Hiroshi Jinnai; Sol M Gruner; Ulrich Wiesner
2017-01Long-term efficient organic photovoltaics based on quaternary bulk heterojunctions한일기; 권석준; 허가현; 남민우; 차민정; 이현희; 이규태; 유재홍; 고두현
2018-05Mechanical Metamaterials with Thermoresponsive Switching between Positive and Negative Poisson’s Ratios문명운; 허가현; 박해동; 권형호; 안용산; 유웅렬
2010-11Mesoscopic structure prediction of nanoparticle assembly and coassembly: Theoretical foundation허가현; Richard G. Hennig; Fernando A. Escobedo; Ulrich Wiesner