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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008-02A near-infrared-fluorescence-quenched gold-nanoparticle imaging probe for in vivo drug screening and protease activity determination이슬기; 차의준; 박경순; 이승영; 홍진기; 선인철; 김상윤; 최귀원; 권익찬; 김광명; 안철희
1999-12A study on the MOVPE CdTe layers for passivation of HgCdTe송종형; 홍진기; 김선웅; 박만장; 정관욱; 김진상; 서상희
1999-11A study on the passivation of HgCdTe with CdZnTe송종형; 안세영; 김진상; 서상희; 홍진기; 김용식; 김선웅; 박만장
2010-12An electrical switching device controlled by a magnetic field-dependent impact ionization process이진서; 주성중; 김태엽; 김기현; 이긍원; 홍진기; 신경호
2006-04Asymmetric Magnetoresistance in a Double Magnetic Barrier Device주성중; 홍진기; 이긍원; 정구열; 김기현; 김선웅; 이병찬; 박왕현; 신경호
2015-11Conductance Change Induced by the Rashba Effect in the LaAlO3/SrTiO3 Interface김태엽; 김신익; 백승협; 홍진기; 구현철
2015-10Control of bladder function by optogentic modulation on membrane potential of smooth muscle박재홍; 장자윤; 홍진기; 문혁준; 이헌휘; 신현준; 서준교
2004-07Control of the spin-orbit Coupling by gate voltage in semiconductor FET structures홍진기; 이진서; 주성중; 이긍원; 이병찬; 이재형; 안세영; 김진상; 신경호
2007-12Detection of magnetic particles for biological applications using a local-Hall device주성중; 이진서; 김영철; 이원현; 이진서; 홍진기; 이긍원; 신경호
2008-05Detection of magnetic particles for biological applications using a local-Hall device주성중; Y. Kim; W. Lee; J. Lee; 홍진기; 이긍원; 신경호
2018-06Double-pulse laser illumination method for measuring fast cerebral blood flow velocities in the deep brain using a fiber-bundle-based endomicroscopy system신현준; 홍진기; 김민경
2008-06Electrical switching controlled by magnetic field이진서; 주성중; 김태엽; 홍진기; 이긍원; 이병찬; 김태석; 신경호
2008-05Electrical switching controlled by magnetic field이진서; 주성중; 김태엽; 홍진기; 이긍원; T. Kim; 신경호
1996-01Electrochemical oxidation of methanol over a silver electrode deposited on yttria-stabilized zirconia electrolyte.오인환; 홍성안; 홍진기; 이화영
2004-06Enhancement of magnetoresistance by geometric and intrinsic factors이진서; 홍진기; 이긍원; 안세영; 김진상; 이제형; 신경호; 이병찬
2009-07Enhancement of negative differential resistance effect by magnetic field in InSb tunneling diode주성중; 김태엽; 송진동; 신경호; 이긍원; 홍진기
2017-06Fiber bundle-based integrated platform for wide-field fluorescence imaging and patterned optical stimulation for modulation of vasoconstriction in the deep brain of a living animal신현준; 홍진기; 김민경; 김진식
2015-05Fiber Optic Systems for Recording the Hippocampal Neuronal Ca2+ Activity김민경; 신현준; 서준교; 홍진기; 장자윤; 박재홍; 형수진
2015-05Fiber Optics Polishing forMinimal Invasive Insertion and Optimized Imaging in vivo홍진기; 신현준; 서준교; 김민경; 강동훈
2021-11Field-like spin-orbit torque induced by bulk Rashba channels in GeTe/NiFe bilayers구현철; 이수연; 이억재; 곽준영; 전지훈; 조성원; 홍진기; 한승우; 정순호; 김윤석; 고혜원; 이경진
2009-07InSb-based switching device operating at room temperature using magnetic controlled avalanche process for the application to magnetologic devices송진동; 홍진기; 주성중; 신상훈; 한석희; 신경호
2019-12Large Magnetoconductance in GaAs Induced by Impact Ionization구현철; 김태엽; 주성중; 홍진기
2005-02Large Magnetocurrents in double-barrier tunneling transistors이제형; 전경인; 신경호; 박상용; 홍진기; 이긍원; 이병찬
2008-12Large magnetoresistance at room temperature in InSb주성중; T Y Kim; J. S. Lee; 신상훈; 송진동; 신경호; K. Rhie; 홍진기
2005-08Large Magnetoresistance in Square-Shaped Hybrid Magnet-Semiconductor Device홍진기; 이긍원; 신경호; 김기현; 김선웅; 이병찬
2007-01Local Hall effect in hybrid ferromagnetic/semiconductor devices홍진기; 주성중; 김태석; 이긍원; K. H. Kim; S. U. Kim; 이병찬; 신경호
2007-03Longitudinal resistance on a serial magnetic barrier device주성중; 홍진기; 이긍원; 정구열; K.H. Kim; S.U. Kim; 이현정; 신경호; 이병찬
2009-04Magnetic bead counter using a micro-Hall sensor for biological applications이운현; 주성중; 김선웅; 이긍원; 홍진기; 신경호; 김기현
2013-11Magnetic field controlled InSb avalanche diodes for reconfigurable logic장준연; 주성중; 김태엽; 홍진기; 이현우; 이긍원; 한석희; 신경호; M. Johnson
2013-02Magnetic-field-controlled reconfigurable semiconductor logic주성중; 김태엽; 신상훈; 임주영; 홍진기; 송진동; 장준연; 이현우; 이긍원; 한석희; 신경호; Mark Johnson