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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-04A Cycloid Wobble Motor Using Shape Memory Alloy Wires황동현; Higuchi, Toshiro
2016-06A feasibility test of underactuated robotic prosthetic fingers actuated by shape memory alloy김기훈; 김민규; 황동현; 이재민
2017-07A Handheld Device for Magnetically Inserting a Neural Interface into a Peripheral Nervous System오상록; 김기훈; 황동현; 임세혁; 인용석; 정진우
2019-05A Miniature Suction-gripper with Passive and Active Microneedle Arrays to Manipulate Peripheral Nerves오상록; 양성욱; 김기훈; 황동현; 임세혁; 인용석; 정진우; 장남선
2018-07A Pilot Study on the Novel Non-invasive Nerve-Holder with Negative-pressure Suctions오상록; 김기훈; 황동현; 임세혁; 임병규; Hyun Gi Jung; Yong Seok Ihn; Jinwoo Jeong
2015-06A Planar Wobble Motor with a XY Compliant Mechanism Driven by Shape Memory Alloy황동현; Higuchi, Toshiro
2016-06A Preliminary Study on the Method for Stable and Reliable Implantation of Neural Interfaces into Peripheral Nervous System오상록; 김기훈; 황동현; 인용석; Seonhong Hwang
2014-10A Rotary Actuator Using Shape Memory Alloy Wires황동현; Higuchi, Toshiro
2021-08A Suction-Based Peripheral Nerve Gripper Capable of Controlling the Suction Force황동현; 장남선; 이민우
2020-04A Tele-operated Microsurgical Forceps-Driver with a Variable Stiffness Haptic Feedback Master Device오상록; 양성욱; 황동현; 임세혁; 인용석; 정진우; 장남선; 박성우; 김기훈
2020-04An experimental study on precision positioning characteristics of shape memory alloy actuator황동현; 박성우
2018-06An Experimental Study on the Insertion of Neural Interfaces into Peripheral Nerve Using a Piezoelectric Vibrator오상록; 김기훈; 황동현; 임세혁; 정진우; 인용석; 임병규
2020-08Compact and Lightweight End-Effectors to Drive Hand-Operated Surgical Instruments for Robot-Assisted Microsurgery오상록; 양성욱; 황동현; 임세혁; 인용석; 구강용; 정진우; 최나라; 장남선; Keehoon Kim
2018-05Compact Modular Cycloidal Motor with Embedded Shape Memory Alloy Wires김기훈; 황동현; 인용석
2014-11Design of an Impact Drive Actuator Using a Shape Memory Alloy WireHattori, Shinya; Hara, Masayuki; Nabae, Hiroyuki; 황동현; Higuchi, Toshiro
2019-09Development of a Surgical-Forceps Driver with an Embedded High-precision Tiny Force Sensor Module오상록; 양성욱; 김기훈; 황동현; 임세혁; 인용석; 정진우; 장남선; 박성우
2021-08Development of Embedded Sensor System for 5-DOF Finger-Wearable Tactile Interface황동현; Byeongkyu Lim; Changhun Lee
2021-09Effect of 2.5D haptic feedback on virtual object perception via a stylus황동현; 김규원; Jaeyoung Park
2018-08Handheld Nerve Electrode Insertion Tool오상록; 김기훈; 황동현; 임세혁; 오예은; 정진우; 인용석
2019-11HaptiCube: a Compact 5-DoF Finger-wearable Tactile Interface오상록; 황동현; 임병규; Keehoon Kim
2022-01In Vivo Cellular-Level 3D Imaging of Peripheral Nerves Using a Dual-Focusing Technique for Intra-Neural Interface Implantation오상록; 양성욱; 황동현; 정진우; 장남선; 이민우; Nara Choi; Hyeong Soo Nam; Keehoon Kim
2011-02Note: Design of a novel ultraprecision in-plane XYθ positioning stage황동현; Lee, Moon G.; Jeong, Jaehwa
2017-09On the design of a miniature haptic ring for cutaneous force feedback using shape memory alloy actuators김기훈; 황동현; Jaemin Lee
2017-12On the Design of the 5-DoF Finger-wearable Cutaneous Haptic Device김기훈; 황동현; 임병규
2020-07One-step Implantation of a 3D Neural Microelectrode Array오상록; 양성욱; 황동현; 임세혁; 인용석; 정진우; 김기훈
2018-05Preliminary Results of a Handheld Nerve Electrode Insertion Device오상록; 김진석; 김기훈; 황동현; 임세혁; 정진우; 최원석; 박형달; 오예은; 인용석
2011-11Robust Design and Performance Verification of an In-Plane XYθ Micro-Positioning Stage황동현; Byun, Jungwoong; Jeong, Jaehwa; Lee, Moon G.
2021-08Soft Robotic Palm With Tunable Stiffness Using Dual-Layered Particle Jamming Mechanism양성욱; 황동현; 김재희; 이정원; 박성우
2021-08Soft Robotic Palm with Tunable Stiffness Using Dual-Layered Particle Jamming Mechanism황동현; 김재희; 이정원; 박성우
2021-10Softness-Adaptive Pinch-Grasp Strategy Using Fingertip Tactile Information of Robot Hand황동현; 박성우