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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009-02A gonadotropin-releasing hormone-II antagonist induces autophagy of prostate cancer cells김동기; 양지숙; Kaushik Maiti; 황종익; 김경진; 신동승; 안영희; 이철주; 강병철; 권혁방; 전준; 성재영
2014-06A Splicing Variant of NME1 Negatively Regulates NF-κB Signaling and Inhibits Cancer Metastasis by Interacting with IKKβ유동주; 박초롱; 이현복; 문미진; 강주희; 이철주; 오성현; 안규리; 성재현; 황종익
2013-05CXCL14 enhances proliferation and migration of NCI-H460 human lung cancer cells overexpressing the glycoproteins containing heparan sulfate or sialic acid박초롱; 유동주; 김동규; 문미진; 이철주; 오승현; 안규리; 성재영; 황종익
2015-11Dimer of arfaptin 2 regulates NF-κB signaling by interacting with IKKβ/ NEMO and inhibiting IKKβkinase activity유동주; 박초롱; Michael Furlong; 구옥재; 이철주; 안규리; 성재영; 황종익
2021-01Downregulation of dihydrolipoyl dehydrogenase by UVA suppresses melanoma progression via triggering oxidative stress and altering energy metabolism권학철; 김진철; Yumnam, Silvia; 강민철; 오승현; 정은성; 이충환; 이애영; 황종익; 김선여
2008-07Identification of Farnesyl Pyrophosphate and N-arachidonyl glycine as endogenous ligands for GPR92오다영; 윤정민; 문미진; 황종익; 채한; 이주연; 김재일; 김선오; 임혜원; 데이비드 오델
2016-01NME1L Negatively Regulates IGF1-Dependent Proliferation of Breast Cancer Cells이철주; 유동주; Sunam Mander; 박초롱; 구옥재; 오성현; 안규리; 성재영; 황종익
2005-06Phospholipase C-β3 Mediates the Thrombin-induced Ca2+ Response in Glial Cells황종익; 신금주; 오용석; 최정웅; 이지원; 김대수; 하권수; 신희섭; 류성호; 서판길
2010-12Regulation of IκB kinase by GβL through recruitment of the protein phosphatases유동주; 김유림; 박초롱; 김동규; 염정훈; 이철주; 안규리; 성재영; 황종익
2010-11Suppression of NF-κB signaling by KEAP1 regulation of IKKβ activity through autophagic degradation and inhibition of phosphorylation김정은; 유동주; 이철주; 안규리; 성재영; 황종익