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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000-11A simplified model approach for mass transfer of a complex liquid mixture during soil ventingLee, SH; Yeom, IT; Ahn, KH; Khim, J
2001-07Acetate injection into anaerobic settled sludge for biological P-removal in an intermittently aerated reactorAhn, KH; Yoo, H; Lee, JW; Maeng, SK; Park, KY; Song, KG
2004-12Acidic and hydrogen peroxide treatment of polyaluminum chloride (PACL) sludge from water treatmentKwon, JH; Park, KY; Park, JH; Lee, SH; Ahn, KH
2001-11Adsorption characteristics of phenol and chlorophenols on granular activated carbons (GAC)Jung, MW; Ahn, KH; Lee, Y; Kim, KP; Rhee, JS; Park, JT; Paeng, KJ
2004-08Analysis of microbial community structure in a biofilm on membrane surface in the submerged membrane bioreactor treating domestic wastewater on the basis of respiratory quinone profilesLim, BR; Ahn, KH
2004-05Application of chemical precipitation for piggery wastewater treatmentLee, SH; Iamchaturapatr, J; Polprasert, C; Ahn, KH
2000-08-10Application of microfiltration with a novel fouling control method for reuse of wastewater from a large-scale resort complexAhn, KH; Song, KG
1998-09-20Application of nanofiltration for recycling of paper regeneration wastewater and characterization of filtration resistanceAhn, KH; Cha, HY; Yeom, IT; Song, KG
1998-11Application of tubular ceramic membranes for reuse of wastewater from buildingsAhn, KH; Song, JH; Cha, HY
2003-05Arsenic, cadmium, chromium, copper, lead, and zinc contamination in mine tailings and nearby streams of three abandoned mines from KoreaKim, MJ; Ahn, KH; Jung, Y; Lee, S; Lim, BR
2004-05Change of microbial community structure by respiratory quinone profile at intermittently aerated membrane bioreactorSongprasert, P; Lim, BR; Ahn, KH
2005-09Characteristics and treatability of persistent colors in biologically treated wastewater effluentsPark, KY; Ahn, KH; Kim, KP; Kweon, JH; Maeng, SK
2005Color removal and disinfection with UV/H2O2 system for wastewater reclamation and reuseAhn, KH; Park, KY; Maeng, SK; Song, KG; Kim, KP; Lee, SH; Kweon, JH
2004-05Comparison of sequentially combined carbon with sole carbon in denitrification and biological phosphorus removalCho, ES; Ahn, KH; Molof, AH
2003-12-12Dielectric dispersion characteristics of sand contaminated by heavy metal, landfill leachate and BTEX (02-104B)Lee, JH; Oh, MH; Park, J; Lee, SH; Ahn, KH
1996-01Dissolution of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons from weathered contaminated soilYeom, IT; Ghosh, MM; Cox, CD; Ahn, KH
2003-02Dissolved organic matter effects on the performance of a barrier to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon transport by groundwaterMoon, JW; Goltz, MN; Ahn, KH; Park, JW
2002-10Distribution of inorganic arsenic species in mine tailings of abandoned mines from KoreaKim, MJ; Ahn, KH; Jung, YJ
2003-01Dynamics of nitrogen, phosphorus, algal biomass, and suspended solids in an artificial lentic ecosystem and significant implications of regional hydrology on trophic status.An, KG; Park, SS; Ahn, KH; Urchin, CG
2005-07Effect of biodegradable substrates on the removal rate of concentrated p-phenol sulphonic acid in the solid phase aerobic biological treatment processLim, BR; Hu, HY; Ahn, KH; Fujie, K
2001-03Effects of fill modes on N2O emission from the SBR treating domestic wastewaterPark, KY; Lee, JW; Inamori, Y; Mizuochi, M; Ahn, KH
1998-03Effects of humidity on the morphology of microporous membranesPark, HC; Hong, JM; Ha, SY; Kang, YS; Ahn, KH
2003Effects of ozonation on disinfection and microbial activity in waste activated sludge for land applicationAhn, KH; Maeng, SK; Hong, JS; Lim, BR
2002-09Effects of ozone treatment on the biodegradability of sludge from municipal wastewater treatment plantsYeom, IT; Lee, KR; Lee, YH; Ahn, KH; Lee, SH
2000-09Emission and control of nitrous oxide from a biological wastewater treatment system with intermittent aerationPark, KY; Inamori, Y; Mizuochi, M; Ahn, KH
2003-08-01Enhanced biological phosphorus and nitrogen removal using a sequencing anoxic/anaerobic membrane bioreactor (SAM) processAhn, KH; Song, KG; Cho, ES; Cho, JW; Yun, HJ; Lee, SH; Kim, JY
2001-11Enhancement of sludge dewaterability by ozone treatmentKwon, JH; Ryu, SH; Park, KY; Yeom, IT; Ahn, KH
2001-05-11Evaluation on the adsorption capabilities of new chemically modified polymeric adsorbents with protoporphyrin IXJung, MW; Ahn, KH; Lee, Y; Kim, KP; Paeng, IR; Rhee, JS; Park, JT; Paeng, KJ
2003-02Feasibility of sludge ozonation for stabilization and conditioningPark, KY; Ahn, KH; Maeng, SK; Hwang, JH; Kwon, JH
2006-01Geostatistical analysis for hydrogeochemical characterization of the Han River, Korea: Identification of major factors governing water chemistryRyu, JS; Lee, KS; Kim, JH; Ahn, KH; Chang, HW