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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-09Development of genetically encoded voltage indicators (GEVIs) through testing heterogeneous voltage ranges and disrupting dimerizationMD SOFEQUL ISLAM MUKIM; Bradley Baker
-Development of Novel FRET-Based Fluorescent Voltage Sensor ProteinsSung Uhna; Masoud Sepehiri Rad; Thomas Hughes; Lawrence Cohen; Bradley Baker
-Exploring the Movement of S4 by Intermolecular FRET of Genetically-Encoded Voltage IndicatorsLeong Lee Min; Bok Eum Kang; Bradley Baker
2015-11In Vivo Voltage-Sensitive Dye Imaging of Mammalian Cortex Using "Blue" DyesBradley Baker; Xin Gao; Brian S. Wolff; Lei Jin; Lawrence Cohen; Chun X. Bleau; J.-Y. Wu
2015-04Linker length and fusion site composition improve the optical signal of genetically encoded fluorescent voltage sensors정아롱; Jessica E. Garcia; Kim, Eun Ha; 윤봉준; Bradley Baker
2019-09Observing the dimerization and movement of heterogeneous voltage sensing domains via intermolecular FRETLeong Lee Min; Bok Eum Kang; Bradley Baker
2021-02Screening Gevis with Voltage Sensing Domains from Different Species of the Voltage Sensing Phosphatase Gene Family Reveals Differences in Membrane Expression and Voltage RangesLeong Lee Min; Laura Bilbao Broch; Youna Kim; SIMS SHACAROL NICOLE; Iryna Martsishevska; MD SOFEQUL ISLAM MUKIM; Ju-Young Lee; 김지원; 송민주; 송지현; 주연하; 마리아 고들레우스카; Bradley Baker
2019-09The mechanism of super-ecliptic based GEVIsBok Eum Kang; Leong Lee Min; Bradley Baker
2019-09Visualizing neural correlates of Tourette's-like motor tics in brain slices with genetically encoded voltage indicatorsJunKyu Rhee; Bradley Baker
2015-11Voltage-Sensitive Dye Imaging of Population Signals in Brain SlicesBradley Baker; Xin Gao; Brian S.; Wolff, Lei Jin; Lawrence Cohen; Chun X. Bleau; J.-Y. Wu