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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-07Additive-Free Hollow-Structured Co3O4 Nanoparticle Li-Ion Battery: The Origins of Irreversible Capacity LossYoungjun Kim; Jung-Hyun Lee; Sungeun Cho; Yongwoo Kwon; Insik In; Jihoon Lee; 유남호; Elsa Reichmanis; 고형덕; 이규태; 권현근; 고두현; Heesun Yang; Byoungnam Park
2014-01Charge Transport in Ordered and Disordered Regions in Pristine and Sonicated-Poly(3-hexylthiophene) FilmsByoungnam Park; 고두현
2008-11Dipolar chromophore functional layers in organic field effect transistorsPeerasak Paoprasert; Byoungnam Park; 김희숙; Paula Colavita; Robert J. Hamers; Paul G. Evans; Padma Gopalan
2012-04Exciton dissociation and charge trapping at poly(3-hexylthiophene)/phenyl-C61-butyric acid methyl ester bulk heterojunction interfaces: Photo-induced threshold voltage shifts in organic field-effect transistors and solar cellsByoungnam Park; 유남호; Elsa Reichmanis
2015-03Fabrication of a white electroluminescent device based on bilayered yellow and blue quantum dotsJong-Hoon Kim; Ki-Heon Lee; Hee-Don Kang; Byoungnam Park; 황준연; 장호성; Young Rag Do; Heesun Yang
2019-10Formation of a functional homo-junction interface through ZnO atomic layer passivation: Enhancement of carrier mobility and threshold voltage in a ZnO nanocrystal field effect transistor고형덕; Youngjun Kim; Mincheol Chang; Seongeun Cho; Minkyong Kim; Hyunsik Kim; Eunsoo Choi; Jinha Hwang; Byoungnam Park
2017-08Graphene quantum dot (GQD)-induced photovoltaic and photoelectric memory elements in a pentacene/GQD field effect transistor as a probe of functional interface고형덕; Youngjun Kim; Seongeun Cho; Hyeran Kim; Soonjoo Seo; Hyun Uk Lee; Jouhahn Lee; Mincheol Chang; Byoungnam Park
2017-05Quantized interfacial properties at lead sulfide/Zn1-xMgxO energy harvesting assembly: Formation of nanocrystal solid solution황준연; Seongeun Cho; Youngjun Kim; Minkyoing Kim; Jin-A. Kim; Kihyun Kim; Yujin Park; Soojin Han; Chang-Yeol Han; Jong-Hoon Kim; Jun-Young Park; Eugene Kim; Heesun Yang; Byoungnam Park
2014-07Remote-type, high-color gamut white light-emitting diode based on InP quantum dot color convertersSun-Hyuoung Lee; Ki-Heon Lee; Jung-Ho Jo; Byoungnam Park; Yongwoo Kwon; 장호성; Heesun Yang
2019-01Simultaneous probing of nanocrystal (NC)-ligand interaction-induced charge transfer/transport properties at the electron donor (lead selenide NC)/acceptor (zinc oxide) functional interface고형덕; Byoungnam Park; Minkyong Kim
2013-11Simultaneous Study of Exciton Diffusion/Dissociation and Charge Transport in a Donor-Acceptor Bilayer: Pentacene on a C60-terminated Self-Assembled MonolayerByoungnam Park; Seong Eun Cho; Youngjun Kim; Won Jin Lee; 유남호; Insik In; Elsa Reichmanis
2014-12Synthesis and preparation of alkyl-functionalized graphene oxide/polyimide nanocomposites이도훈; 여현욱; 김기령; 안석훈; 고문주; 구본철; 이중희; Byoungnam Park; 유남호
2019-02Tuning charge transfer at the electron donor/acceptor assembly through vibration-induced aggregation of P3HT chains in solution고형덕; Youngjun Kim; Byoungnam Park