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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-A new nitrogen removal process using roles of powdered zeolite in SBRJUNG JIN YOUNG; CHUNG YUNCHUL
-A study on degradation of trichloroethylene and perchloroethylene using PAN film.AHN DAE HEE; 유영제; CHUNG YUNCHUL
-A study on the nitrogen removal using granular zeoliteSon Dae Hee; 유명진; CHUNG YUNCHUL; JUNG JIN YOUNG; 신정훈
-Acute toxicity of heavy metals by genetically modified luminescence-based biosensorLEE SANG MIN; BAE HEE KYUNG; CHUNG YUNCHUL; SHIN PYONG KYUN
-Addition effects of Zoogloea and Zooglan to form macrostructure of activated sludgeAHN DAE HEE; CHUNG YUNCHUL
-Ammonia nitrogen and organics removal from swine wastewater using membrane bioreactor (MBR)신정훈; CHUNG YUNCHUL; LEE SANG MIN; JUNG JIN YOUNG
-Ammonia toxicity study in industrial wastewater using INT-DHA method and luminescent bacteriaLEE SANG MIN; CHUNG YUNCHUL; JUNG JIN YOUNG; SHIN PYONG KYUN
-Ammonia-rich wastewater treatment by a combined ion exchange and biological regeneration processCHUNG YUNCHUL; 손대희
-Anaerobic filter treatment of industrial wastewater : simultaneous removal of organics and heavy metals.CHUNG YUNCHUL; JUNG JIN YOUNG
-Biological ion exchange process for ammonium ion removal from piggery wastewater손대희; CHUNG YUNCHUL; AHN DAE HEE; 유명진
-Biological treatment of piggery wastewater combining MAP precipitationLEE SANG MIN; JUNG JIN YOUNG; 신정훈; 손대희; CHUNG YUNCHUL
-Biosorption of heavy metals from water by microbially produced polymerAHN DAE HEE; CHUNG YUNCHUL
-Chemical precipitation and ammonia stripping of high-strength piggery wastewater.JUNG JIN YOUNG; CHUNG YUNCHUL; 손대희
-Color removal with low temperature catalytic oxidationPak Dae Won; 장원석; CHUNG YUNCHUL
-Effect of sludge retention time to treat petrochemical wastewater using SBRJUNG JIN YOUNG; Pak Dae Won; CHUNG YUNCHUL; HANG-SIK SHIN
-Enhanced performance of two-phase anaerobic reactor with modified membrane separation systemCHUNG YUNCHUL; JUNG JIN YOUNG; AHN DAE HEE
-Enhanced settlability and continuous ammonium exchange/ bioregeneration of bio-flocculated zeolite in the sequencing batch reactor.JUNG JIN YOUNG; Pak Dae Won; HANG-SIK SHIN; CHUNG YUNCHUL; LEE SANG MIN; 박흥석
1996-01Environmental remediation 기술의 소개CHUNG YUNCHUL
1998-06Experiences on biotreatment of high ammonia landfill leachate using natural zeoliteCHUNG YUNCHUL; AHN DAE HEE
-Heavy metals removal with anaerobic upflow sludge bed filterCHUNG YUNCHUL; JUNG JIN YOUNG; Pak Dae Won
-High strength nitrogen wastewater treatment using natural zeolite손대희; CHUNG YUNCHUL; AHN DAE HEE; 신정훈
-How can we drive collaborative research efficiently between government-sponsored research institutes (GRIs)? : An example to conduct vertical and horizontal collaborative research between GRIs in life science areaYong-Gil Lee; CHUNG YUNCHUL
-Improved treatment of leachate using coagulation and natural zeolite pretreatment processCHUNG YUNCHUL; AHN DAE HEE; 장원석
-Influence of growth rate on biosorption of heavy metals by Nocardia amaraeKIM DONG WOOK; Daniel K. Cha; CHUNG YUNCHUL
-Inhibition of free ammonia on biological nitrogen removal processLEE SANG MIN; JUNG JIN YOUNG; CHUNG YUNCHUL; 신정훈
-Inhibition of nitrification in biological nitrogen removal for piggery wastewaterLEE SANG MIN; JUNG JIN YOUNG; CHUNG YUNCHUL; 신정훈; 손대희
-Integration of microbial ecology and kinetics with performance of a hollow-fiber membrane reactor.Byoung-In Sang; CHUNG YUNCHUL; Pak Dae Won; Choi Yong Su
-Integration of microbial ecology and performance of a hollow-fiber membrane reactor for perchlorate removal from drinking water.Byoung-In Sang; Pak Dae Won; Choi Yong Su; CHUNG YUNCHUL
-Model of activated sludge floc development by the addition of floc forming bacteria and its producing polymerAHN DAE HEE; CHUNG YUNCHUL; 유영제
-Nitrogen removal from high concentration ammonia wastewater with anaerobic and aerobic bioreactorCHUNG YUNCHUL; 김동하