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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-07-21Ga-doped Cu/H-nanozeolite-Y catalyst for selective hydrogenation and hydrodeoxygenation of lignin-derived chemicalsVerma, Deepak; Insyani, Rizki; Cahyadi, Handi Setiadi; Park, Jaeyong; Kim, Seung Min; Cho, Jae Min; Bae, Jong Wook; Kim, Jaehoon
2022-03High-energy-density carbon-coated bismuth nanodots on hierarchically porous molybdenum carbide for superior lithium storageDevina, Winda; Cahyadi, Handi Setiadi; Albertina, Ingrid; Chandra, Christian; Park, Jae-Ho; Chung, Kyung Yoon; Chang, Wonyoung; Kwak, Sang Kyu; Kim, Jaehoon
2019-04One-pot di- and polysaccharides conversion to highly selective 2,5-dimethylfuran over Cu-Pd/Amino-functionalized Zr-based metal-organic framework (UiO-66(NH2))@SGO tandem catalystInsyani, Rizki; Verma, Deepak; Cahyadi, Handi Setiadi; Kim, Seung Min; Kim, Seok Ki; Karanwal, Neha; Kim, Jaehoon
2019-04Revealing sodium ion storage mechanism in hard carbonAlvin, Stevanus; Yoon, Dohyeon; Chandra, Christian; Cahyadi, Handi Setiadi; Park, Jae-Ho; Chang, Wonyoung; Chung, Kyung Yoon; Kim, Jaehoon
2020-05Revealing the Intercalation Mechanisms of Lithium, Sodium, and Potassium in Hard CarbonAlvin, Stevanus; Cahyadi, Handi Setiadi; Hwang, Jieun; Chang, Wonyoung; Kwak, Sang Kyu; Kim, Jaehoon
2020-01-14Revealing the Sodium Storage Mechanism in High-Temperature-Synthesized Silicon OxycarbidesChandra, Christian; Cahyadi, Handi Setiadi; Alvin, Stevanus; Devina, Winda; Park, Jae-Ho; Chang, Wonyoung; Chung, Kyung Yoon; Kwak, Sang Kyu; Kim, Jaehoon
2019-06Uniform and ultrathin carbon-layer coated layered Na2Ti3O7 and tunnel Na(2)Ti(6)O(13 )hybrid with enhanced electrochemical performance for anodes in sodium ion batteriesHwang, Jieun; Cahyadi, Handi Setiadi; Chang, Wonyoung; Kim, Jaehoon