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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-06-013D architectures of single-crystalline complex oxidesKim, Shin-Ik; Choi, Hyung-Jin; Lee, Gwangyeob; Roh, Chang Jae; Jung, Inki; Jung, Soo Young; Ning, Ruiguang; Won, Sung Ok; Chang, Hye Jung; Lee, Jong Seok; Kim, Seong Keun; Kim, Jin-Sang; Kang, Chong-Yun; Choiag, Ji-Won; Baek, Seung-Hyub
2015-05-283D SEM과 EDS를 통하여 Fe-zeolite표면에 나노 Fe코팅 유무 확인Chang, Hye Jung
2019-12A comprehensive study on the mechanism of ferroelectric phase formation in hafnia-zirconia nanolaminates and superlatticesPark, Min Hyuk; Kim, Han Joon; Lee, Gwangyeob; Park, Jaehong; Lee, Young Hwan; Kim, Yu Jin; Moon, Taehwan; Kim, Keum; Hyun, Seung Dam; Park, Hyun Woo; Chang, Hye Jung; Choi, Jung-Hae; Hwang, Cheol Seong
2023-11-20Advanced Precipitate and Dislocation Segmentation in STEM Images using U-net Architecture and Focused Region TrainingChoi, Jun-Yu; Chang, Hye Jung; Cho, Ki-Sub
2023-09-14Advanced Precipitate and Dislocation Segmentation in STEM Images using U-net Architecture and Focused Region TraningChoi, Jun-Yu; Jo Hyosang; Chang, Hye Jung; Cho, Ki-sub
2022-12Advances in dielectric performance of atomically engineered Sr1.8Bi0.2Nb3O10 perovskite nanosheet thin filmsYim, Haena; Yoo, So Yeon; Choi, Haneul; Chang, Hye Jung; Hwang, Seong-Ju; Nahm, Sahn; Osada, Minoru; Choi, Ji-Won
2022-09-26AI-based Automated Crystal Structure Evaluation in Atomic Structure STEM Images of Epitaxy Y:HfO2 Thin FilmCHOI, HA NEUL; LEE, JUN YOUNG; Choi, Hyung Jin; Lee, Keunwon; Kim, Dongjin; Cho, Kisub; BAEK, SEUNG HYUB; Park, Jin-Woo; Chang, Hye Jung
2019-05-28Anionic Redox Activity as a Key Factor in the Performance Degradation of NaFeO2 Cathodes for Sodium Ion BatteriesSusanto, Dieky; Cho, Min Kyung; Ali, Ghulam; Kim, Ji-Young; Chang, Hye Jung; Kim, Hyung-Seok; Nam, Kyung-Wan; Chung, Kyung Yoon
2023-12Atomically dispersed platinum electrocatalysts supported on gadolinia-doped ceria nanoparticles for practical high-temperature solid oxide cellsMin, Jihong; Seo, Haewon; Shin, Jisu; Park, Mi Young; Park, Sun-Young; Choi, Haneul; Park, Soohyung; Yang, Sungeun; Chang, Hye Jung; Hong, Jongsup; Yoon, Kyung Joong
2021-11-01Calibration of high magnification in the measurement of critical dimension by AFM and SEMKwak, Gyea Young; Chang, Hye Jung; Na, Min Young; Ryu, Seo Kyoung; Kim, Tae Gun; Woo, Jin Chun; Kim, Kyung Joong
2022-06Characterization of brake particles emitted from non-asbestos organic and low-metallic brake pads under normal and harsh braking conditionsWoo, Sang-Hee; Jang, Hyungjoon; Na, Min Young; Chang, Hye Jung; Lee, Seokhwan
2016-05Characterization of carbonaceous particulate matter emitted from marine diesel engineChoi, Jae-Hyuk; Cho, Ik-Soon; Lee, Jang Se; Park, Sang-Kyun; Lee, Won-Ju; Kim, Hwajin; Chang, Hye Jung; Kim, Jin Young; Jeong, Seongcheol; Park, Seul-Hyun
2018-12Characterization of Cr (VI) - Containing solid phase particles in dry dust deposition in Daejeon, South KoreaLee, Pyeong-Koo; Chang, Hye Jung; Yu, Soonyoung; Chae, Keun Hwa; Bae, Jee Hwan; Kang, Min-Ju; Chae, Gitak
2016-03Comprehensive Study on Critical Role of Surface Oxygen Vacancies for 2DEG Formation and Annihilation in LaAlO3/SrTiO3 HeterointerfacesMoon, Seon Young; Moon, Cheon Woo; Chang, Hye Jung; Kim, Taemin; Kang, Chong-Yun; Choi, Heon-Jin; Kim, Jin-Sang; Baek, Seung-Hyub; Jang, Ho Won
2024-03Controlling the magnetic properties of layered Cr2Te3 thin films via ex-situ annealingLee, In Hak; Khim, Yeong Gwang; Eom, Jaeun; Kee, Jung Yun; Choi, Byoung Ki; Kim, Hyuk Jin; Kim, Ryung; Jung, Min Young; Lee, Kyeong Jun; Kim, Younghak; Noh, Woo-Suk; Lee, Byeong-hyeon; Suh, Hoyoung; Chang, Hye Jung; Won, Sung Ok; Jang, Chaun; Ryu, Hyejin; Lee, Dong Ryeol; Chang, Seo Hyoung; Lee, Hyun Hwi; Chang, Young Jun; Choi, Jun Woo
2022-11-09Crystal structure degradation by oxygen ion accumulation at the solid oxide electrolysis cell (SOEC) interfaceCHOI, HA NEUL; Park, Mi Young; Yoon, Kyung Joong; Park, Jin-Woo; Chang, Hye Jung
2023-10-18Delving into the Essence of Matter through the Lens of the Electron MicroscopeChang, Hye Jung
2017-12-25Dual-phase high-entropy alloys for high-temperature structural applicationsLim, Ka Ram; Lee, Kwang Seok; Lee, Jun Seo; Kim, Jin Yeon; Chang, Hye Jung; Na, Young Sang
2022-02Effect of processing route on the crystal structure and physical properties of bixbyite high-entropy oxidesPark, Taesung; Javadinejad, Hamid Reza; Kim, Young-Kuk; Chang, Hye Jung; Choi, Haneul; Woong, Choo; Ashong, Andrews Nsiah; Lee, Youn Seoung; Kim, Jeoung Han
2023-01Effect of radio-frequency plasma spheroidization on the microstructure and mechanical properties of 10Cr ferritic oxide dispersion-strengthened steelAshong, Andrews Nsiah; Arkhurst, Barton Mensah; Yang, Seung-Min; Park, Taesung; Noh, Sanghoon; Chang, Hye Jung; Kim, Jeoung Han
2016-10Effect of Trace Additions of Ti on the Microstructure of AlCoCrFeNi-Based High Entropy AlloyNa, Young Sang; Lim, Ka Ram; Chang, Hye Jung; Kim, Jinyeon
2017-08Electron beam induced epitaxial crystallization in a conducting and insulating a-LaAlO3/SrTiO3 systemLee, Gwangyeob; Moon, Seon Young; Kim, Jinyeon; Baek, Seung-Hyub; Kim, Do Hyang; Jang, Ho Won; Chang, Hye Jung
2022-08Electron-beam induced damage process for Ca2Na2Nb5O16 nanosheetsChoi, Haneul; Lee, Gwangyeob; Roh, Jong Wook; Park, Jin-Woo; Chang, Hye Jung
2021-07-06Elemental and isotopic compositions in blank filters collecting atmospheric particulatesLee, Jiyeong; Ryu, Jong-Sik; Jeong, Seok; Kim, Jeonghoon; Jeong, Hyeryeong; Ra, Kongtae; Yang, Minjune; Chang, Hye Jung
2018-01-31Enhancing Thermoelectric Performances of Bismuth Antimony Telluride via Synergistic Combination of Multiscale Structuring and Band Alignment by FeTe2 IncorporationShin, Weon Ho; Roh, Jong Wook; Ryu, Byungki; Chang, Hye Jung; Kim, Hyun Sik; Lee, Soonil; Seo, Won Seon; Ahn, Kyunghan
2019-09Evaluation of Dynamic Precipitation in Extruded Mg-Zn AlloyLi, Guang Zhe; Na, Min Young; Chang, Hye Jung; Cha, Pil Ryung; Kim, Yu Chan; Seok, Hyun Kwang
2021-02Exchange Bias in Weakly Interlayer-Coupled van der Waals Magnet Fe3GeTe2Gweon, Hyung Keun; Lee, Sang Yeop; Kwon, Hee Young; Jeong, Juyoung; Chang, Hye Jung; Kim, Kyoung-Whan; Qiu, Zi Qiang; Ryu, Hyejin; Jang, Chaun; Choi, Jun Woo
2014-07Facile synthesis of intense green light emitting LiGdF4:Yb,Er-based upconversion bipyramidal nanocrystals and their polymer compositesNa, Hyejin; Jeong, Jong Seok; Chang, Hye Jung; Kim, Hyun You; Woo, Kyoungja; Lim, Kipil; Mkhoyan, K. Andre; Jang, Ho Seong
2016-08Free-electron creation at the 60 degrees twin boundary in Bi2Te3Kim, Kwang-Chon; Lee, Joohwi; Kim, Byung Kyu; Choi, Won Young; Chang, Hye Jung; Won, Sung Ok; Kwon, Beomjin; Kim, Seong Keun; Hyun, Dow-Bin; Kim, Hyun Jae; Koo, Hyun Cheol; Choi, Jung-Hae; Kim, Dong-Ik; Kim, Jin-Sang; Baek, Seung-Hyub
2015-05-27Giant Electroresistive Ferroelectric Diode on 2DEGKim, Shin-Ik; Gwon, Hyo Jin; Kim, Dai-Hong; Kim, Seong Keun; Choi, Ji-Won; Yoon, Seok-Jin; Chang, Hye Jung; Kang, Chong-Yun; Kwon, Beomjin; Bark, Chung-Wung; Hong, Seong-Hyeon; Kim, Jin-Sang; Baek, Seung-Hyub