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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997-04Characterization of functionally gradient epoxy/carbon fibre composite prepared under centrifugal forceLee, NJ; Jang, J; Park, M; Choe, CR
2000-02Charging behavior of chopped carbon fibers under high intensity electric fieldsPark, M; Kim, J; Lim, SH; Ko, MB; Choe, CR; Mironov, VS
1999-10Clay-dispersed nanocomposite of poly(styrene-co-acrylonitrile) copolymer (SAN): Processing and mechanical propertiesKo, MB; Lim, S; Kim, J; Choe, CR; Lee, MS; Ha, MG
2001-01-03Effect of molecular weight between crosslinks on the fracture behavior of rubber-toughened epoxy adhesivesKang, BU; Jho, JY; Kim, J; Lee, SS; Park, M; Lim, S; Choe, CR
2001-07Effect of sizing agent on the properties of carbon fiber/polyethylene composite filmMironov, VS; Park, M; Kim, J; Lim, SH; Choe, CR
1998-02Effect of sizing materials of carbon fiber on solid-state cure of poly(p-phenylene sulfide)Park, M; Lee, KH; Choe, CR; Jo, WH
2001-02Effect of the phase separation on fracture behavior of rubber-modified epoxy adhesivesKang, BU; Jho, JY; Kim, J; Lee, SS; Park, M; Rim, S; Choe, CR
2000-04-30Effects of intercalant on the dispersibility of silicate layers in clay-dispersed nanocomposite of poly(styrene-co-acrylonitrile) copolymerKo, MB; Park, M; Kim, J; Choe, CR
1999-05-23Effects of mixing temperatures on the morphology and toughness of epoxy/polyamide blendsKim, S; Kim, J; Lim, SH; Jo, WH; Choe, CR
1999-09Effects of processing conditions of injection molding on the microstructure of long fiber reinforced nylon compositesPark, JH; Kim, WN; Kwon, IH; Lim, S; Ko, MB; Choe, CR
2000-06Effects of the interaction between intercalant and matrix polymer in preparation of clay-dispersed nanocompositeKo, MB; Kim, J; Choe, CR
2000-03Fabrication and properties of conductive carbon fiber/polyethylene composite films fabricated under high intensity electric fields: Effect of polymer sublayerPark, M; Kim, J; Lim, SH; Ko, MB; Choe, CR; Mironov, VS; Bang, HJ; Lee, KH
2002-08Functionally graded polymer composites: Simulation of fiber distributionChoe, CR; Klingshirn, C; Friedrich, K
2003-04Mechanical properties and failure mechanism of the polymer composite with 3-dimensionally stitched woven fabricLee, GW; Choi, JS; Lee, SS; Park, M; Kim, JY; Choe, CR; Lim, SH
1996-07-01Multi-phase toughened epoxy with poly(ether sulphone) and carboxyl-terminated butadiene-acrylonitrile rubberKim, ST; Kim, JK; Choe, CR; Hong, SI
1997-06Polymer composites with dual gradient structureChoe, CR; Park, M
2001-02Preparation and characterization of epoxy composites filled with functionalized nanosilica particles obtained via sol-gel processKang, S; Hong, SI; Choe, CR; Park, M; Rim, S; Kim, J
2001-03Properties of conductive polymer composite films fabricated under high intensity electric fields: Effect of CF sizing treatmentKo, H; Kim, J; Lim, S; Kim, J; Choe, CR; Mironov, VS; Park, M
2001-10-15Specific interaction governing the melt intercalation of clay with poly (styrene-co-acrylonitrile) copolymersLee, SS; Lee, CS; Kim, MH; Kwak, SY; Park, M; Lim, S; Choe, CR; Kim, J
1997-08Studies of an epoxy-compatibilized poly(phenylene sulfide)/polycarbonate blendChoi, J; Lim, S; Kim, J; Choe, CR
2002-12-01Synthesis of highly crosslinked monodisperse polymer particles: Effect of reaction parameters on the size and size distributionChoi, J; Kwak, SY; Kang, S; Lee, SS; Park, M; Lim, S; Kim, J; Choe, CR; Hong, SI
1999-01-01The effect of crystalline morphology of poly(butylene terephthalate) phases on toughening of poly(butylene terephthalate) epoxy blendsKim, S; Jo, WH; Kim, J; Lim, SH; Choe, CR
1998-05-01The phase transformation toughening and synergism in poly(butylene terephthalate) poly(tetramethyleneglycol) copolymer-modified epoxiesKim, ST; Kim, J; Lim, S; Choe, CR; Hong, SI
1996-10Thermal characterization and morphological study of polyphenylene sulfide-polycarbonate blendsLim, SH; Kim, JK; Park, M; Choe, CR; Lee, JM; Kim, DH