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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-08A 3D simulation approach for multi-human detection using a multi-sensor frameAn, K.; Choi, J.
1994-01A new visual enzyme immunoassay of methamphetamine using linear water-soluble polyelectrolytesDzantiev, B.B.; Choi, Myung Ja; Park, J.; Choi, J.; Romanenko, O.G.; Zherdev, A.V.; Eremin, S.A.; Izumrudov, V.A.
1993-01A simple device of the dry tetrabromophenolphthalein ethyl ester reagent strip for the detection of methamphetamineChoi, M.J.; Song, E.Y.; Kim, S.; Choi, J.; Lho, D.-S.; Park, J.
1999-01A study of the mechanism of dispersion polymerizationChoi, J.; Kong, S.; Hong, S.I.I.; Park, M.; Choe, C.R.; Kim, J.
2012-05An environmental sound source classification system based on mel-frequency cepstral coefficients and Gaussian mixture modelsShen, G.; Nguyen, Q.; Choi, J.
2021-07Anti-staphylococcal activity of a cyclic lipopeptide, C-15-bacillomycin D, produced by Bacillus velezensis NST6Nam, J.; Alam, S. T.; Kang, K.; Choi, J.; Seo, M. -H.
2011-07Audio-visual fusion for sound source localization and improved attentionLee, B.-G.; Choi, J.; Yoon, S.; Choi, M.-T.; Kim, M.; Kim, D.
2011-02Characteristics of PLLA films blended with PEG block copolymers as additives for biodegradable polymer stentsKim, J.H.; Noh, H.; Kang, J.H.; Lee, B.S.; Choi, J.; Park, K.; Han, D.K.
2022-01Clinical application of serological Alzheimer's disease diagnosis using a highly sensitive biosensor with hydrogel-enhanced dielectrophoretic forceKim, H.J.; Choi, W.; San, Lee J.; Choi, J.; Choi, N.; Hwang, K.S.
2022-01CO2 absorption mechanism in aqueous ternary solutions of alkanolamines: Experimental and thermodynamic modeling approachesKim, S.-M.; Kim, K.-M.; Choi, B.-K.; Mun, J.-H.; Shin, B.-J.; Lee, U.; Shin, C.-H.; Choi, J.; Min, B.-M.; Lee, U.; Moon, J.-H.
2021-12-28Conformal Graphene Directly Synthesized on a Femtosecond Laser-Scribed In-Fiber Microstructure for High-Energy Ultrafast Optical PulsesUddin, S.; Kim, S.; Kim, D.; Choi, J.; Song, Y.-W.
2006-10Design of a haptic stability observer in frequency domain for stable haptic interactionRyu, D.; Song, J.-B.; Choi, J.; Kang, S.; Kim, M.
2020-10Development of a pneumatically-driven Growing Sling to assist patient transferChoi, J.; Lee, S.; Kim, J.; Lee, M.; Kim, K.; In, H.
2014-09Dielectric functions and interband transitions of InxAl1 (-) P-x alloysKim, T. J.; Hwang, S. Y.; Byun, J. S.; Aspnes, D. E.; Lee, E. H.; Song, J. D.; Liang, C. -T.; Chang, Y. -C.; Park, H. G.; Choi, J.; Kim, J. Y.; Kang, Y. R.; Park, J. C.; Kim, Y. D.
2006-08Efficient organic light-emitting diodes by insertion a thin lithium fluoride layer with conventional structureKim, Y.; Park, Y.; Choi, J.; Kim, J.; Ju, B.
2009-07Element-specific study of the anomalous magnetic interlayer coupling across NiO spacer layer in Co/NiO/Fe/Ag(001) using XMCD and XMLDWu, J.; Choi, J.; Scholl, A.; Doran, A.; Arenholz, E.; Wu, Y. Z.; Won, C.; Hwang, Chanyong; Qiu, Z. Q.
2013-08Human tracking with multiple 3D cameras for perceptual sensor networkChoi, J.; Kim, C.; Park, S.-K.
2008-09Iron monosulfide as a scavenger for dissolved hexavalent chromium and cadmiumJo, S.; Lee, J. Y.; Kong, S. -H.; Choi, J.; Park, J. -W.
2006-06Low-voltage pentacene OTFTs with high-K gate dielectric and its application to AMOLEDChoi, Y.; Yoon, S.-S.; Choi, J.; Kim, H.J.; Son, J.H.; Kim, S.; Lee, Y.H.; Choi, Y.H.; Kim, S.T.; Kim, I.-D.; Lim, M.
2011-09Non-collinear magnetization configuration in interlayer exchange coupled magnetic thin filmsChoi, J.; Min, B. -C.; Kim, J. -Y.; Park, B. -G.; Park, J. H.; Lee, Y. S.; Shin, K. -H.
2016-08Novel strategy for a bispecific antibody: induction of dual target internalization and degradationLee, J. M.; Lee, S. H.; Wang, J-H; Oh, S. J.; Kim, B.; Jung, S.; Shim, S-h; Lin, P. W.; Lee, S. B.; Cho, M-Y; Koh, Y. J.; Kim, S. Y.; Ahn, S.; Lee, J.; Kim, K-m; Cheong, K. H.; Choi, J.; Kim, K-A
2020-05-28Practical method for predicting intended gait speed via soleus surface EMG signalsKim, J.; Chung, S. H.; Choi, J.; Lee, J. M.; Kim, S-J
1995-01Recrystallization of molybdenum wire doped with lanthanum oxideYoo, M.K.; Hiraoka, Y.; Choi, J.
1995-04Recrystallization of molybdenum wire doped with potassium-silicateYoo, M.K.; Hiraoka, Y.; Choi, J.
1996-07Relationship between grain structure and low-temperature fracture characteristics in doped-molybdenum wireHoshika, T.; Hiraoka, Y.; Yoo, M.K.; Choi, J.
2012-05Sound source localization using window function filtering and weighted cumulative histogram methodKang, H.; Choi, J.
1995-01Specimen Size Effect on Bend Properties of Molybdenum Doped with Potassium-SilicateHiraoka, Y.; Hoshika, T.; Yoo, M.K.; Choi, J.
1990-01The process of bubble formation in the hot isostatic pressing treated, doped molybdenum wireChoi, J.; Lee, J.-H.; Moon, I.-H.; Choi, H.S.