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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004-04-01Brownian Dynamics Simulations on Hindered Diffusion of Single Polyelectrolyte Chain in Well-Defined Micro-PoresChun, Myung Suk
2007-05-01Colloid and Interface Science in Micro/NanofluidicsChun, Myung Suk
2000-05-01Complex Fluids에 대한 분자시뮬레이션 기법 연구 (I) : 임의의 농도를 갖는 Colloidal Suspension의 거동Chun, Myung Suk
2001-04-01Confined Complex Fluids에 대한 Molecular Simulation 연구: Colloidal Suspensions Within Disordered Fibrous Media 문제Chun, Myung Suk
2008-08-04Conformation and diffusion of a single polyelectrolyte chain in confined spaces of nano/microchannels: simulation and experimentChun, Myung Suk
2008-09-08Dynamics of single polymer molecule in slot coating flowChun, Myung Suk
2018-10-02Efficient sorting of adult stem cells by optimally designed microfluidic chip filtration coupled with Dean flow-aided focusingChun, Myung Suk
2002-10-01Electrokinetic flow-induced streaming potential과 polymeric membrane surface의 charge characterization 연구Chun, Myung Suk
2008-06-04Electrokinetic Flows in Highly Charged Micro/Nanochannel with Newtonian Boundary Slip ConditionChun, Myung Suk
2007-04-01Electrokinetic Flows in Microfluidic-Chip With Newtonian Slip Condition at Channel SurfacesChun, Myung Suk
2003-10-01Electrokinetic Microflows of Electrolyte Solution in Charged Microfluidic ChannelsChun, Myung Suk
2006-11-01Electrokinetic Transport With Stokes Flow in Microfluidic-Chip Under Asymmetric Conditions of Channel SurfaceChun, Myung Suk
2018-06-11Electroviscous Effect in Hydrodynamic Focusing of ColloidsChun, Myung Suk
1997-01-01Experimental Study on the Hindered Diffusion of Latexes through Porous MembranesChun, Myung Suk
2018-06-12Flow Analysis of Polyelectrolyte Suspensions in Microchannels with Polymer Brush LayerChun, Myung Suk
2004-06-01Flow imaging of colloidal suspension in PDMS-based microfluidic chip by fluorescence microscopyChun, Myung Suk
2004-04-01Flow imaging of colloidal suspensions in PDMS-based microfluidicchip using fluorescence detection techniqueChun, Myung Suk
2007-04-01Hydrodynamic Interactions of Polyelectrolyte Complex Fluids in Microchannels Confined Between Planar WallsChun, Myung Suk
2018-10-22Invited Keynote: Complex Fluids in Microchannel FlowsChun, Myung Suk
2010-08-06(Keynote) Dynamics of a Wormlike Polyelectrolyte Chain in Simple Flows by Brownian Dynamics Simulation and Single Molecule TrackingChun, Myung Suk
2021-04-22Long-range interactions in particulate suspensions [Invited Keynote]Chun, Myung Suk
2007-04-01Microfluidic Study of Electrophoresis-On-a-Chip in Micro-TAS for Protein Analysis: Effect of Buffer Solution EnvironmentsChun, Myung Suk
2002-04-01Molecular Dynamics를 기반으로 한 분자시뮬레이션과 Polyelectrolyte Complex Fluid의 미세구조특성 연구Chun, Myung Suk
2004-10-01Nano-Scale Measurements of Long-Range Interactions in Microfluidic Channel Using AFM with Colloidal Particle ProbeChun, Myung Suk
2004-10-01Newtonian Fluid Slip during Electrokinetic Flows in Surface-Modified Microfluidic DevicesChun, Myung Suk
1997-01-01Numerical Study on the Hindered Diffusion of Colliods Within Narrow Spaces of Membrane PoresChun, Myung Suk
2006-06-01Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) 마이크로채널 벽면의 계면동전기 유동에서 전단속도에 따른 Newtonian Boundary Slip 현상Chun, Myung Suk
2002-05-01Polyelectrolyte Chain의 Brownian Dynamics 시뮬레이션에 따른 한정된 Slit 공간에서의 정적 및 동적 거동 연구Chun, Myung Suk
2000-10-01Properties and characterization of nanosphere dispersionsChun, Myung Suk
2013-05-15Secondary Microflows in Electrokinetic Transport with Hydrodynamic Slippage EffectChun, Myung Suk