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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-Chain Conformation of Charged Polyelectrolyte in Solvents by Employing Efficient Hybrid Simulations of Molecular Dynamics and Monte Carlo SchemeChun, Myung-Suk; Hyun Su Lee
2008Conformation and diffusion of a single polyelectrolyte chain in confined spaces of nano/microchannels: Simulation and experimentChun, Myung-Suk; Lee, Duck-Eui; Kim, Chongyoup
2009-05Conformation and translational diffusion of a xanthan polyelectrolyte chain: Brownian dynamics simulation and single molecule trackingChun, Myung-Suk; Kim, Chongyoup; Lee, Duck E.
2012-11Conformational dynamics of sub-micron sized wormlike polyelectrolyte polymer in flow fieldsLee, Jeong Yong; Chun, Myung-Suk; Jung, Hyun Wook; Hyun, Jae Chun
2012-09Conformational transition of polyelectrolyte chains extending over the de Gennes regime in slitlike nanochannelsChun, Myung-Suk
2013-01Continuous synthesis of lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) nanoparticles in supercritical water: Effect of mixing teeHong, Seung-Ah; Kim, Su Jin; Chung, Kyung Yoon; Chun, Myung-Suk; Lee, Byung Gwon; Kim, Jaehoon
2011-10Curvature-induced secondary microflow motion in steady electro-osmotic transport with hydrodynamic slippage effectLim, Jin-Myoung; Chun, Myung-Suk
2013-12-20Debye Screening Effect on Scaling Behavior of Longest Relaxation Time of Biological Polyelectrolyte ChainLee, Jeong Yong; Sung, Jung Mun; Yoon, Kyu; Chun, Myung-Suk; Jung, Hyun Wook
2016-02Determination of draw resonance onsets in tension-controlled viscoelastic spinning process using transient frequency response methodKwon, Ilyoung; Chun, Myung-Suk; Jung, Hyun Wook; Hyun, Jae Chun
2020-05Determination of velocity profiles of Bird-Carreau fluids in curvilinear microchannels using random sample consensusYoon, Kyu; Jung, Hyun Wook; Chun, Myung-Suk
2019-05-29Effects of channel aspect ratio on microfluidic-chip design of hydrodynamic filtration for particle sortingChun, Byoungjin; Chun, Myung-Suk
2015-07Effects of membrane characteristics on performances of pressure retarded osmosis power systemHong, Sung Soo; Ryoo, Won; Chun, Myung-Suk; Chung, Gui-Yung
2015-12Efficient detection of Escherichia coli O157:H7 using a reusable microfluidic chip embedded with antimicrobial peptide-labeled beadsChang, Mi-Sook; Yoo, Jeong Ha; Woo, Deck Ha; Chun, Myung-Suk
2018-04Efficient Microfluidic Power Generator Based on Interaction between DI Water and Hydrophobic-Channel SurfaceChoi, Yong Whan; Jang, Segeun; Chun, Myung-Suk; Kim, Sang Moon; Choi, Mansoo
2008-06Electrokinetic flows in highly charged micro/nanochannel with Newtonian boundary slip conditionChun, Myung-Suk; Yun, Jang Ho; Kim, Tae Ha
2022-11-21Electrokinetic microflow of non-Newtonian polyelectrolyte solutions in brush-grafted channelsChun, Myung-Suk
2011-03-22Electrokinetic secondary-flow behavior in a curved microchannel under dissimilar surface conditionsChun, Myung-Suk
2006-11-07Electrokinetic transport with stokes flow in microfluidic-chip under asymmetric conditions of channel surfaceChun, Myung-Suk; Lee, Tae Seok; Kim, Il Tae
2008-05Enhanced photocurrent and efficiency of poly(3-hexylthiophene)/fullerene photovoltaic devices by the incorporation of gold nanoparticlesPark, Mira; Chin, Byung Doo; Yu, Jae-Woong; Chun, Myung-Suk; Han, Sung-Hwan
2022-08Impaired migration of autologous induced neural stem cells from patients with schizophrenia and implications for genetic risk for psychosisLee, Junhee; Song, Sehyeon; Lee, Juhee; Kang, Jisoo; Choe, Eun Kyung; Lee, Tae Young; Chon, Myong-Wuk; Kim, Minah; Kim, Seong Who; Chun, Myung-Suk; Chang, Mi-Sook; Kwon, Jun Soo
2008-07Improvement of microchannel geometry subject to electrokinesis and dielectrophoresis using numerical simulationsKwon, Jae-Sung; Maeng, Joo-Sung; Chun, Myung-Suk; Song, Simon
2023-04-27[Invited Award Lecture] Secondary flow behavior of Electrolytic Generalized Newtonian Fluids in charged curved microchannelsChun, Myung-Suk
2022-04-21[Invited Keynote] Insights on microflow science and microfluidics technology: Pathways to smart healthcareChun, Myung-Suk
2011-01Lateral Displacement and Conformation of DNA Chains in Abrupt 90 degrees MicrobendsLee, Jeong Yong; Jung, Hyun Wook; Hyun, Jae Chun; Chun, Myung-Suk
2014-02Microfluidic based biosensing for Escherichia con detection by embedding antimicrobial peptide-labeled beadsYoo, Jeong Ha; Woo, Deok Ha; Chang, Mi-Sook; Chun, Myung-Suk
2009-03Modulus-switching viscoelasticity of electrorheological networksChin, Byung D.; Chun, Myung-Suk; Winter, H. Henning
2008-12Nonhydrodynamic Translational Diffusion of a Coarse-Grained Wormlike Polyelectrolyte Chain Confined in Nanochannels by Using Brownian Dynamics SimulationsChun, Myung-Suk
2014-10-15Numerical studies on the pressure-retarded osmosis (PRO) system with the spiral wound module for power generationHong, Sung-Soo; Ryoo, Won; Chun, Myung-Suk; Lee, Seung Oh; Chung, Gui-Yung
2006-05-15Organosilane-functionalized Fe3O4 composite particles as effective magnetic assisted adsorbentsWu, Zhijian; Wu, Jihuai; Xiang, Hong; Chun, Myung-Suk; Lee, Kangtaek
2018-03Particle migration in planar Couette-Poiseuille flows of concentrated suspensionsKwon, Ilyoung; Jung, Hyun Wook; Hyun, Jae Chun; Chun, Myung-Suk; Chun, Byoungjin